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Bronny's October Rant

In regard to hostile take-over of my RIGHT to grow my own FOOD...

Bronny:  Yup. I've got my vege/ flower/ pottege gardens right in the front of my house... Just to make sure they don't miss them !! I'll be taking pics this season and standing on the Declaration of Human Rights if any bugger approaches me about it !! See Article 25 - bearing in mind that the UN as an agent of the G8 has been foreclosed on. However, the right to FOOD is obviously a right for humanity. It's funny how it's # 25 on the list. Even the Right to "Work" ie: debt slavery, made it to # 23. Apparently, it's FAR MORE IMPORTANT to "Work" than to access food !! I'm sure Billions of people in the world have this as their reality... 

And WHAT THE HELL is up with the milk prices ?? Are we now all paying for Fonterra's balls-up with the Infant Milk Powder in the Chinese market ?? Nice 1 mates !! NZ domestic milk products now exceeding x2 of what you pay anywhere else in the world !!! Is this signs of what we'll expect under the TPP ??? Hit the Locals hard out while discounting the overseas millions. What a pity all of the bureaucratic infrastructure and managers are STILL in NZ !!! See 12 October 2012 article... Sourced from the Dominion Post, Wellington


Milk prices jumped sharply, heading back to peaks last seen in 2011 when prices were frozen after consumer backlash.

Let's not be like all the Asleep Polish locals at the occupation of Warsaw 1939. "The People" back then just stood by while the "Law Makers" demanded 'blue star armbands' for Jews with which they complied, followed a few months later by evicting Jews from their city apartments, rounding them up into tiny ghetto appartments, humiliations in the street, shootings in the street... Back then, "The People" of Poland - both Jews and Gentiles alike - ALLOWED those things to happen. They were VERY VERY COMPLIANT !!! 

There were 1.3 million people living in Warsaw in 1935. 1 million Germans invaded the whole of Poland in 1939. The local population still hugely outnumbered the aggressors. Could you stand by and WATCH your neighbours be brutalised and murdered in front of your eyes by men with guns ?? What's your instinct... ?? FEAR or JUSTICE ?? My question in a phrase:



If enough people are mobilised towards Justice... ie: not the Ministry of Justice "justice" which is purely to act as Agents for Her Majesty's Crown Courts as a "debt collection" arm.... and whose 'home base' and origins is "The City of London square mile" - under Knights Templar jurisdiction since c.1300 AD and whose activities sit outside of the Laws that govern the rest of humanity. Note: The Knights Templar was dissolved by the Pope in 1312. They re-invented themselves (unofficially) as the Free Masons. Freemasonry is very much enjoyed in Germany to THIS DAY... which I find very ironic... given that the German war lords were the protectors of The Vatican (488 - 1803 AD) in the guise of "The Holy Roman Empire" and "The Holy Roman Emperor" (who was always German) !! The extent of the Empire at its peak went from Poland/ Prussia, to Spain and to all newly Spanish and Portuguese-colonised countries of the Americas. It is my personal belief that in 1813 when the Empire was "dissolved", which was at the same time that de Rothschild was accumulating MEGA-WEALTH off the Napoleonic Wars, that the "Holy Roman Empire" was relocated to North America. Why else would there need to be an "untouchable" district in America... being Washington, the District of Columbia which is NOT a state and DOES NOT come under any laws as pertain to the rest of The People of the United States. WE have let this happen. The Agent of The Vatican is allowed to EXIST and RUN The United States Corporation (1871) !! Unbelievable !! How can we all turn a blind eye ????


The Knights Templar remain fascinating to this day. And in London, you can still...See More
One only need to think of Tax Haven regions such as the Channel Islands (UK) to realise where huge wealth is being funnelled though... along with child paedophile activities to feed the appetites of the rich and depraved....

JUSTICE DENIED: Another Paedophile file goes Missing this time on Jersey google-law.blogspot.com

This is not going away!!! too many people are now alert to what has been going on and how the Establishment have blackmailed and bribed their way to power. These preditors are realizing their is nowhere to run now and it is only a matter of time before their house of cards is totally destroyed. Than...

And WE !!! have turned a blind eye and let these things continue !! 

A hard-hitting emotionally charged 60 min documentary by Bill Maloney (Award winning independent film director) who's family wer...

Are we going to just stand by open-mouthed and "horrified" that the New Zealand alleged government steps up to the plate to bat for their mates in the US - John Key ex-adviser (1999-2001) to Alan Greenspan, last chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank (the FED) which is neither Federal nor Reserve... but is a privately owned bank !!! Are we really going to let him sign us up for example, to the TPP ??

Are we going to stand up for each other in the 11th Hour or will we just stand by "deaf, dumb and blind" like 1.5 million people in Warsaw did in 1939-41 as they watched people be herded on to cattle wagons headed East further into the Polish hinterland ?? Are we going to WATCH or are we going to STAND UP for and with each other ?? It's time to decide !! 


On 17 October (tomorrow or Friday our time) we find out if the United States Corporation (1871) is declaring itself bankrupt. It's been bankrupt for some decades now but keeps getting itself bailed out by the IMF, et al. If it doesn't declare this week, it will declare next year... or the year after. It's all false money anyway.... Squeezing The People more and more. Soon, very soon (this decade) the USC (1871) will be "Received" by The Secretary of The Treasury.... In full title, The Secretary of The Treasury of Peurto Rico !!! Yes. Another tax haven district through which Washington DC funnels the taxes of hard-working American citizens to their 'masters' offshore. 


Owned by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION?www.youtube.com
The United States is not a land mass, it is a corporation. On January 22, 1783 C...See More

At what point does our education end ??? At what point do we Stand ??? Because it's all happening around us right now... and what are we doing about it ?? "Deaf, Dumb and Blind" we are. At what point do we mobilise ?? Frankly... I'm sick of this shit... And here we are as a nation.... Letting the Money Junkies still run the show. What are we doing about it ??? 

For more discussion along these lines, please go to:

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