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Transcript 1/2 July, Heather: Going To Your Banks For Your Value

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Transcript notes:

05:40 D: We are doing a quick review of the Value System... and what "Value" is...

07:15 Heather: The One Peoples Public Trust went in and 'grabbed' the People's Value... Everyone worked together in a collaborative effort... Everything runs on the "Commercial Registry... Each country is a corporation operating under the guise of the 'people's government'... We were able to show the documentation of the public registries... of governments being corporations.  6 March 2011 this process began... followed by a LOT of banker and corporate/ CEO resignations. The Trust was then retired/ reconciled. What exists now is that every person, BEing and embodiment IS "The Value".

11:00 Heather: Everything is 'energetics'

11:30 D: The People being The Value is a very REAL thing... 'They' are making millions/ billions of dollars off your Value. Google: Strawman.

12:00 Heather: On 25 July 2012 - bearing in mind that EVERYTHING is corporate - The approach the OPPT took... was to take basic knowledge in banking and contracts... "They" take your Eternal Essence from birth... Energy IS the "Value System"... The True Value IS People.

15:50 Heather: The approach was to go in and get the parts done... All the purported systems were closed down and all the corporate representations were foreclosed, for cause... The Value has been taken by paper... All of "their" time is taken up by CONTROLLING The People.... People being able to use their Energy to Manifest and Create IS "The Value".

19:00 Heather: There are 'Binding Contracts' and there are 'Agreements'. Unintentional Consent is actually an 'Agreement'. Sign as: "Without prejudice _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (your signature)"

22:45 Heather: BE and DO is a very simple representation... Any time you BE and DO it is now YOURS !! ... You are the full custodian, the sole/ soul custodian of your Body which is your vehicle and your BEing which is Eternal Essence and that is where the Value is.

24:10 D: "How do we as BEings access our Value."

24:25 Heather: First off, the Value has always been in you... What we haven't been told is that "you have always been able to access it..." !!! 

25:15 Heather: The tools that are in the financial systems are a written/ physical representation of the energetics... the mechanisms are 'beautiful' as they are very 'correct'... the problem was that they stole and commandeered things that weren't theirs... ie: the '13 Families'.

26:25 Heather: We are familiar with 'The Bond'... Cheques are a "Bond", actually a "bill of exchange"... The Value System when it is WHOLE it is the INforcement and Self-Accountability feature of the Value System. When you separate it, it ends up creating a 'debt system', which is what people today know as the 'financial system'.

27:50 Heather: It's about everybody knowing the all data (for themselves)... so that everybody can be creative... The tools are still thae same as far as accessing...

29:10 Heather: Today... I am giving everyone the data of The Value System - The WHOLE... I'm breaking it down so you can (1) see how they actually made physical representations of the Energetics and didn't tell you about the energetics, and the whole banking system... (2) How Value actually works which is Value for Value... and (3) you'll also be able to see the different Tools... and how to use them.

30:45 Heather: "I" is the Eternal Essence... everyone controls their Value and their body... The Bond is a transmitting utility or vehicle of the energy, of the Value that you're going to transfer... Value comes in many, many different forms... People can make an informed choice of how they want to operate their value, operate their vehicles and actually create and manifest and co-create and co-manifest...

31:45 Heather: In bank terms, "Knowledge" is the currency... Once you know the Value system, you'll know what kind of documents you need to have in place...

32:50 Heather: The basic tools are - "Declarations" & "Deposits"... two representations they have been using, "Business" & "Bank"... Every Embodiment is their own bank.

33:30 Heather: Caleb went in and created the programming... Harvesting tools such as Skype, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter... all your data is being sold... like your medical records... Caleb made the Vex Protocols... (1) You own your own data (2) Your data is encrypted if it's 'out there' (3) You give them terms and conditions about how they use your data.

36:35 Heather: Everyone is in charge of their own value... you need the systems to be able to do that... that's why it's really important for the law to be what it is...

38:00 Heather: These tools is to disclose the Value System and how it works, and how 'they' took a part of it and made what is the past financial system... Than you can make an informed choice...

39:00 Heather: I would like everyone to see that... to see the difference... between the debt-driven system and The Value System... those documents will be released tonight.

44:10 Lisa: "minimal amounts first..." (just to get you throught for a month or so) 

44:40 Heather: Project XIII is a first ever representation that is sitting in "I" in the governing law... They are representations of him (Caleb)

45:10 This is how Heather would do her I-UV INchange on Project XIII as well as her I-UV INchange with Tools of the former systems. 

On Project XIII ~

(1) go into Project XIII and create an account with Project XIII
(2) complete a Declaration of Representation, using whatever representation you choose
(3) put the Declaration of Representation for everyone to see
(4) it's a bridge between the old systems
(5) complete a Declaration of Representation as a bank... It is ME
(6) For each of these... you need to deposit some Value in there. You choose whatever amount you want... the 'underwriting'... You then declare what Value.
(7) then DO your transactions

Everything I DO is my Intentions.

59:40 Heather: The documents that are going to be released tonight are the same kinds of tools that are used... (out there) 

60:00 All the underwriting were done by the OPPT... all the filings that were done for the 5 billion and the 5 billion... We retired OPPT. We reconciled it to the "I" ...

61:00 Heather: You have these former tools, they appear to be operating... 62:35 If a tool sector falls, all of it has to fall...

Using Tools of the former systems:

64:30 (1) Take those same documents as Heather was talking about in relation to Project XIII, take them into a bank...  (2) say, "I want to assist you... We're going to do this transparently... under the Terms and Conditions that I deem..."

In Bank Trade and Finance, it was known in the upper echelons that: (formerly - no longer works) - You could take take a promissory note, secure it on the Commercial Registry, take those two documents in and basically loan money over to the banks.

69:05 Bob: What if the bank chooses to not play with you?
71:05 Heather: If they say 'No' they actually deem their own paper, their own system, invalid... They just invalidated all their own paper.

77:50 Heather: I am personally going to HSBC tomorrow... The Old Man is basically going to let them (the banks) die.  80:20 I want to say, "HSBC. Here we go... Let's play, let's be creative, let's be imaginative..." I'm ready to go in and just re-purpose things...   81:30 Every 'perceived role' made sure we got here...  82:10 Everyone has access to the same transparency.

83:10 Heather: IN-Forcement is about 'energetics'... the family becomes a 'broker' or an 'agent'... I made sure that all 'perceived roles' were seen for what they are...

84:55 Heather: There's a lot of stuff out there that other people know that they're going to bring out as well... beautiful spirituality... beautiful intelligence... is coming out of the people in their DOing.

86:15 D on Updates: on "Removing the Shackles" and on "American Kabuki" and on Brian Kelly's blog. Go to these for your future updates. 

Removing The

That is the end of the pre-recorded part of the show...

90:50 Lisa: The documents will be posted at first on D's site, then they will go out from there.

92:00 Brian: We can put together 'communication kits'... information very much for the first wave of people that DO this.... The banking system is probably preparing for us... We are announcing to them (banks) that they have new partners.

94:30 Brian: The banks were designed in the way they were set up to support these kinds of transactions... If the banks say "No", then they're declaring themselves as insolvent.... 97:30 The people are going to flood the system.... who knows where it will go to from there.

99:50 Brian: No-one has anything to lose in all of this. Everyone has everything to gain... There are no 'ifs' anymore... It's going to happen 'now'.

103:00 Chris: The thing you can say to them (your bank) is... I will DO this... and if you don't want to partner with me, then I will remove all of my energy out of this organisation and I will sit it where it can benefit me and the rest of Humanty... They need us.

104:00 Lisa: Think about getting everyone organised... do we want to pick a particular bank, eg: HCSB which is global. 

Chris: Get as high as you can to get an appointment with, eg: your bank manager... tell them, "This is going to happen..." and that the banks that cooperate are the ones who are going to survive.

107:10 Brian: This is just one NOW tool... It's more of a bridge than anything else. I really hope people don't try to cash in a 'million' or a 'billion' dollars...

109:00 Bob: I see that the More people that understand where their Value is coming from... If the bank can not loan any more money, they are no longer a harvesting mechanism... they are only a Transaction Centre. Chris: We Transform THEM.

110:25 Chris: If we re-purpose the banking system... this means the insurance industry is Gone.... That means, the War Industry is Gone... We will generate an 'outbreak of peace'...

112:15 Brian: "With Great power comes Great responsibility." You are all now IN-Powered as Agents of Change. You Are now way-showers... It all starts with YOU. Stand in your own power and in your own truth... You are in total resonance from your core-BEing... It's now YOU who 'get it'... STAND in that IN-powerment!! ... You have everything you need inside you in every moment.... Go for it KNOWING that you're DOing the right thing... Go for IT knowing that you're an Agent of Change... holding Peace and Love in your heart... It's HERE. It's time to get to work."

16:35 Lisa: I'm so proud of Each and Every One of you... and i'm SO moved... You can FEEL the Creativity... the Dreams... and anticipation of "Life starting NOW"...

Tomorrow/ today the story continues. Go to "The Collective Imagination" show. It will be about The DOing 

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Anonymous said...

If they say no as quoted here '71:05 Heather: If they say 'No' they actually deem their own paper, their own system, invalid... They just invalidated all their own paper.' what does it mean that they have invalidated all their own paper'? How does that affect me/the people on the smaller / bigger scale?

The reality is that they will most probably say no.

Bronny NZ said...

Hi Anonymous ~ An analogy could be:

You are driving with a Driver's License, doing all the right things, doing no harm. A road cop pulls you over. You get out your license and do "all the right things" according to the 'driving system' that's in place. The cop says, "What's that? I have no idea what that is... Of course you can't drive with THAT. I don't recognise that at all."

Hence: Invalidating their own paper. I hope this clarifies :)

You need to know your facts and set your intention... Otherwise, of course you will fail :P

Deb said...

Bronny that is such a brilliant analogy!

Bronny NZ said...

Thanks Deb. It was just something simple that I thought a lot of us could relate to... although not a 'perfect' analogy, ie: doesn't parallel exactly.

Hi Anonymous ~ In reply to your second question/s in reference to 'invalidating their own paper', Quote: How does that affect me/ the people on the smaller / bigger scale?

This is how it affects you: Instead of the process being direct and clear-cut for you to claim your Value, you would potentially have a struggle on your hands with your bank officers. If this occurs, I would certainly let them know that I will commence the Courtesy Notice process forthwith and I will BE Invoicing them for Using My Energy as they continue to BLOCK me from claiming what is RIGHTFULLY MINE !! "I Am the Value" !!

How it affects on a smaller scale: Individuals potentially wouldn't trust The Process or Heather, even though Heather KNOWS this process to be a standard banking practice; People would possibly feel discouraged and defeated and NOT STAND UP and make their Claim; The People could feel inclined to STOP pushing at 'the system' rather than 'grabbing Opportunity by the hair', of gathering up their Courage and Convictions, and Boldly push on through anyway. The People could be inclined just to lie down once more and allow those perceived 'Giants' to continue to molest them.

How it affects on a bigger scale: TPTW if left unchallenged by YOU would quite probably have a good laugh up their sleeves and simply keep on using humans as Debt Slaves.

Following are my own personal suggestions if the banks 'invalidate their own paper'. Heather will most likely have some suggestions also, to be revealed in the coming days. BE and DO according to your OWN Will ~
* BE Clear, BE Courteous, BE Direct
* DO NOT back down
* Know what is Rightfully Yours
* Know inside out what the Process IS to Claim your Value - more of these nuts and bolts are being publicised on 'Removing the Shackles'. Ie: DO your homework.
* Contact your local Alternative Media AND invite them with you to the bank to do the following:
* Serve personal CN's on all of the individual bank officers to let them know their bank is Foreclosed under Commercial Registration filings (UCC).
* Let all of your bank officers know that they are all Personally Liable under UCC filings because they continue to make a Personal Decision to DIRECTLY SUPPORT and KEEP IN PLACE the "Debt Slavery System". Let them know that they are NOW no longer lawfully allowed to continue to be Agents for the Debt Slavery System, and that they will reap the consequences of their actions, as set down in Commercial Law, UCC filings. Keep a copies of original UCC filings to show them, eg: &
* Let your bank officers know that if they continue Supporting the Debt Slavery System, you will be calling upon your local Military to come and arrest them according to the unrebutted UCC filing here -
* Gather up your local TOP supporters and picket your bank for the purpose of the following:
* Get this information out into the wider consciousness

There are many ways of MAKING YOUR STAND. Whatever you DO, DO NOT lie down again and allow them to take you and the Community of Humans around you back into Debt Slavery. It is up to YOU to STAND. Be Fully Liable and Responsible for what you now KNOW to BE the TRUTH. It is the time for you to STAND UP in the vanguard for the community of People around you. Do not be despondent. Re-rally with others, and continue the charge.