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What Is the World Harmony Network ??


World Harmony Network is made up of individuals of a new conscious awareness who are working towards establishing an exciting, positive, parallel new society that lives and works in harmony with nature. Every person of this new consciousness is automatically part of this network – by definition – just as all human beings are part of humanity. Therefore, no one joins World Harmony Network; if they are part of this new consciousness then they are part of World Harmony Network - automatically!

World Harmony Foundation will have five primary roles:
1. To act as an Umbrella Organisation.
2. To oversee the establishment and operation of the new society prototype.
3. To accept donated funds and/or resources from the old society for the new prototype society.
4. To distribute funds and/or resources to individuals and/or groups that wish to help develop the new society.
5. To establish and fund organisations that are needed to create this new society but don’t yet exist.

Many people have tried to create new communities based on love, sustainability, natural environment, etc. and have either failed or functioned improperly because they have not had these Principles and/or a suitable new support structure including new technologies that allow these Principles to be effectively used. ALL are needed if a New Paradigm Society is to be successfully established.

These Principles have been written from the perspective that “we are all spiritual beings having a human experience”, not the other way around. Much of the information contained herein originated from other realms including our collective "World Spirit" consciousness. They are in accord with the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other Masters and may be what they were trying to show us so long ago.


The following vision of tomorrow’s world is based on current research, observation, insight and experience derived from many diverse sources. It includes knowledge of some of the most up-to-date and practical new technologies and methodologies that will permit us to transform the way we live in very beneficial ways, in quite a short time.

The Vision:
  • The time period is our near future.
  • The world we live in bears little resemblance to the world we knew in times before the 21st century... 
  • The stresses of daily life have been relieved...
  • Everyone does the things that excite them the most, with integrity, love and trust... Everyone supports the whole, and, the whole supports them. Everyone recognises their personal value and how they always “fit in”
  • This new energy is known as Zero Point Energy (ZPE)....
  • A by-product of this energy is commonly known as “anti-gravity”...
  • All waste products are either recycled or used for other productive purposes... 
  • .... Nuclear power is no longer used and all radioactive wastes have been neutralised or otherwise made safe by technologies that were developed for this purpose.

Everyone has a state of personal health and fitness that could only be dreamed of in the past. This resulted primarily from practices that focus on health creation rather than disease suppression.

Crime is largely a thing of the past. This has come about primarily because of the positive changes in personal and collective attitudes. Additionally, because of the mutual support system, no one has to “go without” as there are no scarcities. Therefore, why would anyone want to steal something if they have the right to use it at any time?

The military has been transformed into Earth Repair and Rescue Units...

Now back to present time!

"Harmony Centres" World Wide... Made in New Zealand and Australia.



People all over NZ have been talking to Trevor (ex-pat NZ'er living in Perth) since his guest appearance on the last "One People's" radio show on 24/25 June 2013. His interview is from 65:15. I spoke to Trevor yesterday evening for an hour via Skype. Trevor is currently compiling a 'contact list' to connect NZ'ers to each other who are ready to MOVE onto Land !! 

I've linked Trevor's websites here so you can read more information on the ethos and aims for the "Harmony Centres" that he is helping to facilitate in Australia and New Zealand. Trevor is a great guy who has written 2 books over the last 30 years as he 'received' information about the New Society (that's us) that will emerge in this New Earth. It is VERY MUCH in harmony with the OPPT principles and 'energy signature' : )

                                                                below  - - -

You can contact Trevor on his e-mail: which is an address that he gave out publicly on the radio show this week. Alternatively, feel free to talk to me about this "2nd Phase", as has been talked about on "The Collective Imagination" and "The One People" radio shows, a few times in the last couple of weeks. You can find me on Facebook or just leave me a message at the end of this Post.

It seems that the "2nd Phase" of "The One People" movement is for groups of people to find each other, form communities, and completely unplug from the current system. By unplugging, tptw can no longer harvest us. We draw from The Moment and BE and DO in that moment, as we are inspired by Eternal Essence, Atua, our Wairua. In law, we have been returned to our original status as Sovereign BEings through the OPPT UCC filings. By returning to Mother Earth who is the Source for providing ALL the needs of our physical selves, we deprive tptw their control over us as self-styled intermediaries. We are provided everything FREELY by Papatuanuku. Return to Her... She is our Mother. There is safety and comfort in her arms.        


The following chart is designed to help facilitate the differentiation between old and new paradigm characteristics, habits, attitudes, beliefs, etc.

Winners and Losers
No Losers – Everyone benefits(Win-Win)
Competing and/or Opposing Forces – Conflicts
Co-operation and inter-co-operation – Peace
Solutions that create more Problems
Solutions that create more Solutions
Rigid Ideas, Beliefs, Structures
Flexible Ideas, Beliefs, Structures
Rewards and Penalties
Mutual Benefits
Rules and Regulations
Guidance and Assistance
The Unconscious Creation of one’s own Reality
The Conscious Creation of one’s own Reality
Domination/Victimhood, Disempowerment
Self-Empowerment, Mutual Empowerment
Boundaries and Barriers, Restrictions
Freedom, Autonomy, Self-Determination
Parasitism (take and no give)
Symbiosis (Mutual give and receive)
Struggle, sorrow and Pain
Joy, Effortlessness, Play, Ecstasy and Fun
Dependence and Co-Dependence
Independence and Inter-Dependence
Self-Perpetuating Conflicts
Co-Operation, Agreements and Sharing
Closed, Dishonest, Dysfunctional Relationships
Open, Honest, Functional, Fulfilling Relationships
Scarcities and Surpluses
Abundance for All (sharing)
Path of Obligations – Pain and Suffering
Path of Excitement – Joy and Fulfilment
Dis-Integration, Separation
Integration, Connection, Unification
Living in the Past and Fear of the Future
Living in the “Now Moment” with an Eye to the Future
Conditional Love
Unconditional Love
Disharmony - Conquering (destroying) Nature
Harmony – Living in Unison with Nature

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A Literal Translation of "Cestui Que Vie"

"Cestui Que Vie" Act (1666)

I have been thinking about the literal translation and the 'hidden layers' of meaning in the phrase, "Cestui Que Vie". It looks like French basically... So this needs a bit more digging given that it was 'a type of French' being used on English shores in LAW !!  Let's follow a little more research...

Hypothesis # 1:  That this phrase draws mainly on the French
From French:   c'est = this is        tu = you     que = that       vie = living/ lives

Could this little phrase mean:
"Is this you that lives?" (posed as a question) or "Is it that you are living?"
"This is you that is living" or "This is you that lives" (posed as a statement).

Is the name of this Act intimating that it actually KNOWS you are DEAD in law (a fictional entity), but that it forces you to claim that you are living.  This is one of the first things you will be asked in court:  "Is this you?"

The judge asks:
"Is this ('name') who you are?" 

We don't REALLY know what he's asking, so we say, "Yes".  From now on, we all need to say,

"NO" !!

That NAME is NOT who you are...
Please continue.

Hypothesis #2

Here's what Google Search turned up: The Norman Conquest and Middle English (1100-1500) ... The new overlords spoke a dialect of Old French known as Anglo-Norman.  Could this explain the word, 'estui' ??

1. Old French estui = prison, from estuier = to guard, from Vulgar Latin *estudire = to treat carefully, from Latin studium = study.

2. stew /stjuː/n brit - a fishpond or fishtank, an artificial oyster bed. Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French estui, from estoier to shut up, confine, ultimately from Latin studium study.

3. Also: Synonyms = worry, suffer, be anxious, obsess, brood, fret, agonize, feel uneasy, go through the mill, be in anguish

Hypothesis #3 - And I think, probably the most correct meaning of the phrase, but not discounting the above Hypotheses:

Cestui que /ˈsɛstwi ˈk/, also cestuy que, is a shortened version of "cestui a que use le feoffment fuit fait", literally, "The person for whose use the feoffment was made."

For further study:

"...In feudal England a feoffment could only be made of a fee (or "fief"), which is an estate in land, that is to say an ownership of rights over land, rather than ownership of the land itself, the only true owner of which was the monarch under his allodial title."

"... Allodial title is related to the concept of land held "in allodium", or land ownership by occupancy and defense of the land. Historically, much of land was uninhabited and could therefore be held "in allodium".[1]"

"... Property which was occupied and held by force against others was held in "allodium". Basically, that means "without any restriction, of any kind or nature, whatsoever". People would come across unoccupied, vacant land and would simply make it theirs. There was no one around, no one to say that they could have it, no one to grant permission, no one to sign a deed. In this regard, "might was right". If you had the property, and could defend it against others, then it was yours in "allodium". Since there was no place to register your title, it was simply acknowledged that you held allodial title. That simply meant that you had no deed.// To a certain extent, the concept of "allodial title" is just a legal fiction. It doesn't really exist in the legal system. It is simply a method of comparing it to other properties and helping to understand the differences between it and "fee simple"."

It appears Cestui is Anglo-Norman - an Old French-based language. Could it be that this phrase is actually a 'word game' ??  I would not be at all surprised if it were considered a 'witty' and clever bit of repartee on the part of the law-makers... To blend the C'est (it is) with the 'estui' (prison), encapsulating their intent for humanity... which WAS undoubtedly to IMPRISON the whole person within his/ her OWN body. Very clever.

You'll remember that this was the time of William Shakespeare - the great pun-maker, whose last play 'The Tempest' (c.1625), was said to be an analogy of the turbulent social & political times. Shakespeare was heartily enjoyed by the people for his double entendre and proliferation of puns throughout his plays. Could it be that these law-makers were writing laws in a manner reflecting these social and literary preferences to be 'very clever'. "Cestui" when seen in this way, is a very witty, almost charming turn of phrase. Very clever indeed. And better still, the common person had no idea whatsoever the meaning was... as this lovely bit of C 21st contemporary poetry points out, author's name not known:

In 1665 Britain was infected with the deadly plague -
In 1666 a great fire then did rage -
But while London was burning down, yes let me repeat that; WHILE LONDON WAS BURNING DOWN -
The parliment of the day decided to hold a special sessions, where they all sat down -
For the right time had come for them to now set in motion -
There would never be a better chance, time, opportunity, amongst all that commotion -
And what they did truly amazed me, you won’t believe what they did you see…

They pasted through the “Cestui Que Vie Act” of 1666 -
Which today STILL EXISTS -
So please, have no doubt, for what this Act is all about -
Is because of the great plague and fire, now hear me:


So they passed it through first in Latin -
So the commoners couldn’t read it -
So they knew not what was happening;
Then they decided to print it in French…
As if that’s going to make any sense?!

For the only ones who could read it were the well off you see -
Who had the right bloodline or ancestry -
So, believe you me, until you tell them you are actually ALIVE, we are all DEAD!!!
Go let your brain cells now figure that out; inside your unique head.

These guys knew what they were writing into law. The common people did NOT use Anglo-Norman in common language, NOR Latin (the language of the church) by the 1600 AD. The People used Chaucerian (actual) English in daily life by 1500 AD, and Shakespearian English by the end of the 1600 AD ... which WE still understand in our modern times.

On an 'energetic' or spiritual level:
The Judge, through his energetic ancestral line back to the Temple Bar draws that energy into the court room that ties us up as a fictional tradeable entity, nothing more than a commodity of the courts. They draw on the energy of the Bar of old, and there we are tied, whipped, beaten, disemboweled and beheaded... under that same Spirit as occurred at the Temple Bar.

In parallel: Those "officials" in the legal system have also deconstructed 'me', dehumanised, made me an unattached head to a "strawman" and tell me that "I" no longer exist.Then this gives THEM the "right" to claim all that I have including my own person. The third link here is of the greatest interest.

I don't want to believe the extent of the EVIL that those 'law makers' knowingly committed against the uneducated masses.  And I think this is what they did !! So in using the Anglo-Norman 'estui' = a prison, with the verb contraction C'est = it is..  This certainly comes across as quite a 'sophisticated' little joke !! ... for ALL except to whom it applied.

Does the name of this law in literal translation really say, "That is a living prison' ?? - referring to the human body as "that".  I would not be at all surprised if this is a part of the meaning of this phrase...  pointing to a most clever prison, indeed  : (

In 1725, Hogarth began a number of engravings that would act as illustrations for a new edition of the seventeenth-century poet Samuel Butler's Hudibras. This was an epic poem in three parts that satirised seventeenth-century Puritans against the backdrop of the English Civil War. Burning Ye Rumps at Temple Bar is the eleventh plate of this series. The image refers to the protests against the 'rump parliament' by inhabitants of the Temple Bar area. The 'rump parliament' was originally created in December 1648, with the aim of removing those members of the Long Parliament who were in favour of a negotiation with Charles I. Thus, the term 'rump' referred to the remnants of the legitimate parliament. 

The engraving is based on an historic event in which factions of the London populace poured into the streets in protest of the reinstatement of a 'rump parliament' that followed the death of Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, in 1659. Members of the mob roasted rumps of beef in the street, as they voiced their displeasure with the chant, "No More Rump." Hogarth's illustration, taking place on Butcher's Row, a street just north of the Strand that was lined with butchers' shops, is dominated by a tumultuous crowd. In the foreground, protestors carry a plum effigy of a Member of Parliament through the crowd, and layered behind are representations of members of the 'rump,' burning and hanging from the buildings, and the skyline is dotted with the heads of traitors fixed on spikes. Bonfires are scattered across the image, with rioters burning the rumps of meat that symbolised their dislike of the 'rump parliament,' and acted as an assertion of masculinity and plebeian anarchy. The bustling crowd scene is juxtaposed with the linear facades of the buildings. The rhythmic layering of these buildings ultimately leads the viewer's eye to the central landmark of the image, the arch of Temple Bar, which is apocryphal in this context, as construction did not begin on this structure until 1669. Even before the arch was erected, Temple Bar marked the barrier from the Western point of the City of London to Westminster and was representative of two different urban spaces. Traditionally, the monarch would stop at Temple Bar before entering the City to be greeted by the Lord Mayor, a ceremonial act that marked the symbolic union of monarch and city. Though the arch demarcates two contrasting spaces, these spaces are symbolically brought together through the crowd that has joined forces in protest of the 'rump parliament.' 

-Francesca Mainman

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Who IS "The Crown" Anyway ?? How We Got Conned !!

The Crown is owned and operated by the Roman Cult, and has been since 1213. Note: The papal crown has not been worn since 1962. The papal crown worn by pedophile Joseph Ratzinger in this image has been photoshopped in. The message is the same...  "The Crown" IS the rule of Rome. We are still living under the trick of these Babylonian magicians. The magic trick has been revealed.

The Crown is owned and operated by the Roman Cult, and has been since 1213

Published on Mar 9, 2016

The Definitive Treaty of Peace of 1783 says that King George III was the Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and the United States of America. This video goes through how the Roman Cult orchestrated the slave trade, then the War of Independence, then the War of 1812, then the Civil War, then WW1, WW2, and now they are building up to WW3.

All warfare is commerce, and all commerce is warfare.
All fictitious entities operate under Roman Law.

London c.1650 AD, prior to the Great Fire of London 1666

A Conventional History of London

The "modern" world of so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire. The underpinnings of that Empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is now an 800-year old corporation that controls finance and philosophy for an entity called "The Crown".

Who or What Constitutes "The Crown"

This article was originally posted on the following website. It has now been removed:  Published on June 24, 2012


This entity is the creator and controller of the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. They also control the World Bank, the IMF and associated cartels. "The Crown" identity is kept most secret. The Crown's agent, The Bank of England assumed control of the United States during the Roosevelt administration (1901-1909) when its agent J.P. Morgan took over 25% of American business. Read Here

The area marked in red is the City of London within greater Metropolitan London.

The Crown has never been the King or Queen of England since the establishment of this corporate body. The Crown is the directorate of the Corporation. The island of Britain is a financial oligarchy run by "The Crown" which refers to the "City of London" not the Queen. The City is run by the Bank of England, a "private" corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. It became a Sovereign State in 1694 when king William the third of Orange privatised and turned the Bank of England over to the banksters. Considered the "Vatican of the financial world," the City is not subject to British law.

It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag and its own police force, separate from metropolitan London. City (Crown/Corporation) police drive red patrol cars and their uniforms are slightly different from the Metropolitan Police. Read Here

It houses the privatised* Bank of England, Lloyds of London, the London stock exchange, all British banks, the branch offices of 385 foreign banks and 70 US banks as well as Fleet Street's newspaper and publishing monopolies. It is also the headquarters for British Freemasonry.

* In 1945, The Bank of England was nationalized by the Labour government. It is allegedly no longer private. The bank is suposedly publically owned through the Secretary to the Treasury. Who or what pulls the strings behind the scenes is anyone's guess.


The City of London has its own Lord Mayor who represents The Crown - his name is Roger Gifford - the head of the Corporation of London. Read Here It has a council of 12 members who rule the Corporation under the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor and his 12 member council serves as proxies or representatives who sit-in for some of the worlds wealthiest, most powerful banking families. 

When the Queen wishes to conduct business within the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar where she requests permission to enter this private, sovereign state. She then proceeds into the City walking several paces behind the Mayor. Her entourage may not be clothed in anything other than service uniforms. The Queen bows to the Mayor only in the city. Outside of the city of London he bows to her. 

Source   Note the golden coach.

The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker's chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City's rights and privileges are protected.

In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, "six or seven men can plunge the nation into war without consulting Parliament at all." Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919 blamed the Corporation/ City for the wars of the world.

The British Empire was an extension of bankers' financial interests. Indeed, all the colonies were "Crown Colonies". They belonged to The City and were not subject to British law although Englishmen were expected to conquer and pay for them.

Western colonization is widely taught in school history courses, so it need not be repeated here. One key aspect of the colonial period is generally omitted or skimmed over from the more basic history courses. This is the fact that all the "Crown colonies" were established on a corporate model with financial ties to the City of London - not the nation of England or Britain.


The island of Britain is a Crown Colony.
The City of London is not. 

The directorate of The Crown, whoever they were, had NO loyalty to any nation - They were and are, devoted entirely to their philosophy which seeks absolute power over an earthly realm. For more than 250 years, the servants of The Crown brought untold wealth back from the colonies to the British Isles - for themselves: the population of the United Kingdom (English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh peoples) received very little wealth even though they provided the tax base and cannon fodder.
The people were invaluable assets of the Crown, but they knew not what they served - and still don't. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free". Historian Jeffrey Steinberg could be referring to the US, Canada and Australia when he writes, "England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, are today little more than slave plantations and social engineering laboratories, serving the needs of the Crown/City of London.

According to the "American Almanac," the crown bankers are part of a network with an estimated $10 trillion in assets. It lords over such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials.

The Crown/ City of London dominates the world's speculative markets. A tightly interlocking group of corporations, involved in raw materials extraction, finance, insurance, transportation, and food production, controls the lion's share of the world market, and exerts virtual "choke point'' control over world industry. Read Here


If one wants to know the genuine motives for particular actions in history they are told to "follow the money." But that is only half of it - one must also follow the philosophy - the religious beliefs of those in control.

For purposes of clarity, let The Crown always refer to a stealthy circle of power brokers who all believe in the Masonic philosophy - the brotherhood of man ruled by philosopher kings (or adepts) in league with the God of Masonry. One need only wade through the cumbersome histories of Masonry and also read Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma to see precisely that this power-philosophy encompasses virtually all the religious notions ever conjured up by man.

Ordinary members of Masonic lodges, are to these adepts and their goals what the people of the Western civilizations are to the directors of the Crown - useful fools. This secretive cabal is represented by the dominant political, economic and cultural institutions across the world. Western society has been subverted and western culture is bankrupt. Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media and education are forms of indoctrination.


Up until 1946 when it was nationalised the Bank of England was a private run bank that lent money it created out of nothing to the English government and was paid back with interest. A famous story related to the bank and the Rothschilds is the Battle of Waterloo in which Nathan Rothschild used his inside knowledge of the outcome to play the market by selling his English bonds and giving the impression that the French had won therefore causing a rush by other brokers to sell quickly which drove the price down to 5% of their original worth. Once the bottom had dropped out the market he then re-bought as much as he could and in doing so he multiplied his wealth twenty times in 3 days of trading.

At the same time of being immensely wealthy he also became the single largest debtor to the English government which ultimately gave him control over the bank of England. English bonds were a debt guaranteed by future tax revenue of the English government, therefore the taxes the citizens paid were going to pay the 8% interest that the English government had to pay to borrow the money. As Nathan now controlled the majority of the English bonds he could determine the price and therefore the supply of the English currency which gave him great power over the countries finances.
"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply." – Nathan Rothschild

The bank of England was nationalised in 1946 but because the government was broke after the second world war they had no money to buy out the shareholders so instead they were issued with government stocks and although the government now earned money from the profits they had to pay interest on any new stock they issued to pay for the shares. In 1977, the Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Bank Of England Nominees Limited, a private limited company with 2 of its 100 £1 shares issued. The objectives of the company are:
"To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them…."

This company is very special as its protected by the official secrets act, its Royal Charter status and is exempt from the normal disclosure requirements that other companies have to comply with to meet section 27 of the Companies Act 1976. The reason being is that the major players in the world of finance including the Queen of England and other Royal families use this company to purchase shares and remain anonymous.

However even though (on the surface at least) the Bank of England is now state owned its important to note that up to 97% of the UK's money supply is privately controlled being in the form of interest bearing loans created by the big commercial banks. The bank holds very little government stock and the Bank's profits primarily come from the issuing of coins and notes for use by high street banks.

Therefore it seems the Bank Of England has reduced in size and importance over the years and is now mainly a regulatory body that oversees the existing banking system. Referred to as "the lender of last resort" one of its main functions as the bankers bank is to support banks that get into difficulty such as during the recent financial melt down.

Further interest on this subject can be found in the book The Empire Of The City and in the documentaries The Ring Of Power and The Corporation

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The Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) - People Owned Under Old English Law

What is the Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) and why should you care?

Here is the Act itself - unrepealed.

In 1666 in London, during the black plague and on the three days the Great Fire of London burned, English Parliament enacted an act, behind closed doors, called Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. The Great Fire was one of the biggest smokescreens in history - literally!

Video: Cest.mpeg

Published on Jul 1, 2012
A video about how the gov stole everything from the people.

Alive Yet Dead And Lost At Sea: The Cestui Que Vie Trust

Published on Jul 28, 2015
From the moment we come into this world our birth certificate is signed by our parents and a bond is formed to the federal reserve. It is even printed on bond paper. Most are unaware that once the certificate is signed we are viewed as dead soulless beings and this has an integral role to play in the courts as well as in understanding the corruption of the cestui que vie trust. Sources are on this YouTube video description.

All men and women were declared dead, 
lost at sea/beyond the sea. 

The State thenceforth took custody of everybody and their property into a Trust, the State became the Trustee/ Husband holding all titles to the people and property, until a living man [or woman] comes back to reclaim those titles and can also claim damages. (Reclaim using UCC 1 and PPSA)

The use of CAPITAL LETTERS used in a NAME: When CAPITAL letters are used anywhere in a NAME this always refers to a LEGAL ENTITY/FICTION, COMPANY or CORPORATION no exceptions. e.g. John DOE or Doe, JANE (PASSPORT, DRIVER LICENSE, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE and BIRTH CERTIFICATE)

CEST TUI QUE TRUST: This is a commonly known trust cited in NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA or STRAWMAN common term, in USA or CANADA is a LEGAL ENTITY/ FICTION created and owned by the GOVERNMENT whom created it. I repeat owned by the GOVERNMENT.

Legally, we are considered to be a FICTION, a concept or idea expressed 
as a NAME, a symbol. That LEGAL PERSON has no consciousness; it is a juristic PERSON, EN LEGIS, a NAME/ word written on a piece of paper.

This traces back to 1666.
London is a state, just like Vatican is a state, just like Washington DC is a state. 

The Crown is an unincorporated association. 

Why unincorporated??  Because it's private.  The "Temple Bar" is in London.  Every lawyer called to "The Bar" swears allegiance to the Temple Bar. You can't get called without swearing this allegiance

The Crown already owns North America and everything in it.

Please also see the article: Who IS "The Crown" Anyway? How We Got Conned!

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"Welcome Brazil" to this Blog

Thank you so much for all the beautiful work you are DOing for the world...

You show what a sham this system is...                                                                                                                                                                                         

Thank you so much   xx                        

Brian's Blog: The Sahara Experience

Brian Kelly's report:  "A Journey Into the Sahara..."

                                     (This is actually what the desert looked like)

A Journey Into the Sahara...
June 20, 2013

As I sit here at my computer, I find myself staring blindly at the screen, as if the words I'm looking for will start to scroll across the border, like a ticker tape broadcasting the latest news brief. I imagine putting words to this experience must be like trying to articulate what it feels like watching your baby being born, falling in love, or having a near death experience. Not the easiest thing to do, but I owe it to my readers to do the best I can. All I can offer is the journey through my own personal experience. As I saw it through my eyes (which also changed color while in the desert, but I'll discuss more of that later). That being said, the experience I had and that of AK's, Lisa's, D's, Bob's, or any of the group for that matter, could be entirely different. Equally as profound, I'm sure, as many of us have had discussions since we've been back, but vastly different in perception, as personal experiences tend to be. 

Prior to embarking on this journey, I had a deep inner knowing this was not to be the typical, get your family in the car and head cross country, type of vacation. Morocco is hardly Wally World. (National Lampoons reference lol) This was to be an adventure of epic proportions. To me it felt like the culmination of all the work we have done since December. On a much deeper level, it was more like the culmination of all the work I/We have done over many lifetimes, all leading up to this moment. From the instant Heather made reference to how strongly she was feeling the call to get all of our energetic signatures together in Africa, I knew I was going. I didn't know how, as cash is very limited until the I U/V launches, I just knew. I set the intention to manifest the means to do so and a few days later, to show gratitude for all the work I had done to help get the OPPT message out, Heather offered to cover the costs of the trip. And so it was set....

From the moment my plane landed in Marrakech, I already felt many changes happening within. The journey, by any stretch of the imagination, was not an easy one. From delayed flights, to bad weather conditions, to not having an address of where I was staying and getting hassled at customs, all things that would normally stress someone out, through all of it, I felt incredibly guided. Then to find I had made it to Marrakech, but my luggage decided to have a siesta in New York without me. All I now have is the clothes on my back and my backpack containing, a couple books, an airplane pillow and a sweatshirt, and my wallet and passport. Typical response to a situation like this is usually, what? Freak out, yell at someone, go into panic mode, get angry, or usually a combination of all four. Nope. My first thought was, "well I guess the Universe wanted me to travel light." Didn't care whatsoever. I knew my bag would make it there sooner or later. Such a liberating feeling, actually. I began to wonder if I would even be upset if the airline lost my luggage entirely. Probably not, at least in that moment :)

After a few hours in Marrakech waiting for Heather to pick Katrina and I up at the airport, something told me I needed to find a wifi connection and check my Skype. My phone there was useless. When all the locals typically only speak Arabic and French, not the easiest thing to do, but I was able to sweet talk a guy who was selling phone cards at a little airport kiosk to let me use his. Not five minutes before I made the connection, AK sent me a message from Heather saying she couldn't make it down to Marrakech (about a 4 hour drive from Tangiers) that we needed to take a cab to the train station and take the overnight train, due to depart in an hour. Departing at 9pm and arrives in Tangiers at 7am. Had I checked Skype any later we would have missed the last train and had to stay the night at the airport. The travel journey continues. 

On the train I gave up staying in a sleeper car (something that I've always wanted to do) to staying in the little six man car with Katrina, because she didn't feel safe in there alone in a foreign land. Nothing like being woken up every 30 minutes or so by a guy shining a flashlight in your face to see how many available seats there are in your cab, but I was glad to do it. 

The next morning we got off at the Tangiers stop only to find out about an hour later that it was not the main terminal. So, we found someone that could speak English to tell a cab driver where we needed to go. Only to find out later that Heather went to the terminal we were supposed to be at and when we weren't there she decided to go to the one we had just come from, as we were heading to where she had just been, at the main terminal. Comical, I know. After a few hours of waiting at the main terminal, I was able to walk to a McDonald's to use their free wifi, which was closed but fortunately I could connect with the signal outside, and got in touch with Chris, who was the only one online at the time. He could pass a message along to Heather and the crew of where we were. 

Shortly thereafter, Youssef, Heather's husband picked us up and we arrived safely, after 48 hours of continuous travel with the rest of the crew at the complex where Heather lives and we would be staying for the next few weeks. I tell this travel story, not because it's the most exciting story in the world. I know it's not lol. But because through all that chaos, I maintained total and complete composure and peace of mind. A stranger in a strange land, no phone or internet, lost luggage, don't speak the language, and no light at the end of the tunnel....and through all that not one ounce of Fear or worry. THAT in itself is a testament to the changes I was already experiencing. A complete faith in the higher guidance, there present in every moment, illuminating the way. Albeit the long way lol. 

As the car pulled up into the driveway, there was Lisa, Heather, Sue, Muxi and Vera sitting out on Heather's porch chatting it up, with their pint sized cups of coffee. A tradition I would soon learn is quite common at pretty much any time of the day. The only variables that changed were, who was in the group and the porch of congregation. Oh, and sometimes D prefers Coke to coffee ;)

All kidding aside, everything that happened up to this point was a build up to this exact moment. Which would ultimately transmute to a series of moments culminating on the group heading into the desert. Heather was the first one to welcome me with a huge, motherly sized, hear-to-heart connection, big bear hug. The kind of hug that says, "it's so great to see you again!" As opposed to what it could have been which is, "nice to finally meet you." I got that sense, not only with Heather, but with everyone that I hugged that morning. D said it in the post she put up last week, it was more like a Family Reunion than anything else. I truly got the sense that I've known these people for many lifetimes. Actually, it wasn't a sense at all, it was a Knowing. This was the first time in my life I felt this way with a whole group of people all in the same physical space and all at the same time. Right away it was magic. 

Over the next few days, D said it best here again, the conversation was like picking up where we left off. You can only imagine the kinds of discussions we had out there. Looking back on it now we only wish we could have recorded it all to share, but logistically and technically that was not in the cards. However, much of the time it was like what you might find between takes on a movie set. Little pockets of discussion here and there, combined with people doing their own thing. On any given day, it might look something like this: Caleb working on Project XIII, Mark mysteriously popping in and out from time to time on his computer, Vera running from unit to unit with her little healing wand, Lisa and D drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and laughing their asses off over who knows what, Bill fixing this or that around the complex to make life easier, Muxi taking trippy pictures of the sky, Heather bouncing from unit to unit like a ping pong ball telling fascinating stories, Katrina doing her awesome toning thing that she does so well, Sue in a trance reading the energetic patterns, all the while kids running around playing in the streets, leaving me wandering and giggling at everyone and everything, wondering if this whole scene I was experiencing was real, or all just a dream. This world was not the same world I had lived in before. It felt different in every way imaginable. There was an excitement in the air, painted with strokes of wonder, fueled by an abundance of imagination and anticipation.

The night before Bob got in, Bill (AK) had a dream of a tall Arabic man who came to him and said, referring to Bob, "you're the energy we've been waiting for." 

The whole group knew there was something about Bob getting there that was very significant. When he finally did, we realized it was absolutely true. The energy shifted again when Bob arrived. Something in the field felt complete. Many people don't yet know it but Bob has a fascinating life story. We all do, but Bob's life could be made into a blockbuster movie and turn millions at the box office. From being the poster child for the JW's (Jehovah's Witnesses) to getting kicked out for being gay and his fight to prove to the church the Bible doesn't preach hate and judgment against gay people. Its all false interpretations of various mistranslated scriptures to support a cock eyed genda. This is an amazing story in and amongst itself. I listened to Bob for an hour plead the same case that he did at the time he was doing it before the priesthood. One of the best fact based, well planned, strategized and supported arguments on the subject, or any subject for that matter, I have EVER heard. Bob is brilliant. Only to still be told that the church doesn't think that they are wrong and he still has to go. 

This is a long story so I am doing my best to keep it relatively short, as it is relevant to the journey we were about to take into the desert. Shortly thereafter leaving the church, Bob was approached by a group who turned up to be some chapter of the Illuminati, who wanted to recruit him based on some skills and abilities he came into this world blessed with and their desire to exploit them. After turning them down and a concern for his own personal safety, a series of events led to him leaving the country. Bob spent quite a few years in Germany. He now speaks German fluently. However, it wasn't until he got to Spain that whoever was looking for Bob appeared to have caught up with him. 

It was an illness he contracted which led to a suggested vaccination, which he willingly accepted that ultimately led to his paralysis from the waist down. The doctors told him to call his family to say that he wouldn't make it through the night. He refused to buy into the phony story that he was going to die and with every ounce of life he had left in him he struggled through the next few days and miraculously made it back home to the states. The trip nearly killed him. He said it was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. This was four years ago and the trip to Morocco was his first time on a plane and a bus since then. It scared the shit out of him but he knew he had to be there. So did we. Later we would discover that Heather was in the same part of Spain at the time of the attack, which could have been in an attempt to keep them from connecting with one another at the time. 

Morocco is not built for wheel chairs. I and many of the others quickly morphed into Team Bob to assist in moving his driving wheel chair in and out of the house, in and out of taxis, busses, etc. Many have already heard the story about what transpired with Bob's walking, but for any of those here who are new, I'll share a few of the details. When he first arrived, he could barely shuffle 5-10 short steps from the couch to his chair, and that's with his arms around people on both sides. Everyday at the condo, Vera would work on his legs with her little EMF miracle wand that she brought with her on the trip. Bob's intention was to walk out of Morocco from the very beginning. An intention we all very much supported. 

It was only a few days after Bob's arrival that the desert started swinging into focus in Heather's and many of our conscious. It's important to note here how very unplanned, unpredictable and uncertain this entire trip was. Before I left, the only thing I knew for certain was that we were going to be staying in Heather's complex for a while. Although, I didn't know for how long, I didn't have an address or phone number, or where we were going from there, or what we were going to be doing. Here's the funny part, I thought when I got there, all those questions would be answered! HAHA! Yeah, right! On any give day, we had no idea what we were gonna do, or where we would go. No one ever knew what day or what time it was. It was very common we would lose a bunch of hours. It seemed like the only thing that anchored us into any calendar was the Monday and Tuesday radio shows! You might think this total lack of structure might make someone feel extremely unorganized and scattered. Actually, it was exactly the opposite! We didn't plan anything when we were there, but somehow a plan always seemed to come together...and it was always perfect. A total surrender to what IS in each moment. It was a unified sense we all had, one that says "to heck with the next moment! This is what's happening now." I'll talk more later about this being one of the biggest take a ways from the entire experience. A lesson I have chosen to now be a signpost for how I intend to live my life. Uncertainty is Bliss. 

So, the decision has been made we are going to the desert. This part was pretty funny actually. It was as if, right when we made the final decision every possible obstacle was thrown at us to try and divert this trip from happening. Youssef's sister couldn't come watch the kids, so he didn't want Heather to go. Nick (D's husband) didn't want us to go b/c it's a sketchy part of the country and he didn't feel comfortable with Youssef not there as our guide, so he didn't want D to go, but someone had to stay and watch their kids. This is just two of so many things that came up. Interesting thing is, we all knew it exactly for what it was. The so-called Divines were throwing in the kitchen sink to try and stop us because they knew what would happen if they didn't. Fact of the matter was, there was no stopping us. We were going no matter what anyone said. Train tickets purchased. Bags packed. It is Done. 

That night Youssef, took us to the train station and it turned out we mistakenly bought bus passes and the route we were taking was going to put us in a very seedy part of the country in the middle of the night with an eight hour layover. It was about a 16 hour trip, give or take, from Tangiers to Erfoud. Luckily we were able to find a much better route leaving the next day at 3pm, so we went back to the complex. Now realizing how dangerous it would be for all of us to be down there, with no experience in that area, trying to find our way around (which I'm sure we would have figured it out), Youssef arranged for a guide to be with us the entire time we were in the desert. Turns out Youssef had done a lot of business in the past in this particular area, so he has many contacts down there. 

The next day we left, arriving in Erfoud the following morning. The long bus ride felt like driving in slow motion through an extremely long portal. Between all of us, the energy on the bus was palpable. Before we left, we all set our own intentions and expectations of what we wanted to manifest in the desert. So, you can only imagine what we all must have been thinking, feeling and experiencing as we got closer and closer to our destination. When we arrived, our guide Abdula was there to greet us. It was about 6am and the sun was just coming up. Considering we didn't make any accommodations ahead of time for where we would be staying, we learned we would have to wait a couple hours for a hotel to open up. So, we grabbed some breakfast while Bob rested his legs in Abdula's car. The long bus trip was a huge challenge for him, but he made it. At this point we were all pretty much beat tired and ready to catch up on some sleep. 


This was the hotel Abdula took us to for the first night we were there. Quite the desert oasis. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I was surprised, because I half expected to be sleeping in a tent in the sand dunes somewhere, but at the time I was unaware that would come a day or two later ;)

Walking up to this place was a surreal feeling for all of us. Not a whole lot of talking at this point. There was some serious processing going on. It was a feeling of *long sigh "....we finally made it." See that wheel chair ramp? Yeah, Bob and I were both pretty stoked! I'm pretty sure this was the only establishment that was wheel chair friendly. 

This was the lobby. So much attention to detail. Every little facet of this place was beyond spectacular. Although, I found out later that secretly on the inside we all held visions of being off the grid, in the rawest elements imaginable, breaking bread with Nomadic desert people...which would also come later ;)


This was their version of a Las Vegas style cabana. Albeit, much more quaint and without air conditioning and bottle service. Much more apropos to the Sahara desert, for sure.

Abdula shared with us that desert people are very creative because they have become experts at the art of imagination. If something breaks, they find highly creative ways to fix it. Usually, incredibly quickly. They are also highly creative builders and designers. Here we are at this beautiful hotel and the whole cabana is being held up by a big stick. We did quite a bit of lounging in this little area. Later on in this tent we would learn that our guide, Abdula, knows all the surrounding towns like the back of his hand, with many connections to the tribes in the desert. It seemed all the things we were looking to do and people we were intending to connect with, he had direct access to. For me personally, this is where I got the sense that I was sucked into a scene from the Celestine Prophecy. Anybody who's ever read the book, the whole theme revolves around following the synchronicity's, which act as an energetic trail, leading you where you need to be in every moment. It was only 48 hours before that we decided to go to the desert. Here we were now right in the middle of it, with a guide who was going to take us everywhere we need to go.

We took the time to make sure Abdula knew why we were there; which was mostly Heather's doing. With Heather and her incredible ability to cut to the core essence of just about anything, it didn't take long for him to realize we were not your typical tourists, looking for anything but the average tourist experience. As far as adding further clarification to the whole "why we were there part," I think deep down we all knew why, but not a single one of us had any kind of ability to put it into words. The simplest way I could possibly attempt to try and explain something that is so complex, yet on another level, entirely simple in all its complexity, is this: the experiment of duality was designed with an expiration date. That date, isn't necessarily a date, more so than it is a moment. A grand cosmic moment, where we all as Humanity, and every other BEing throughout the cosmos wakes up to the Truth of All That IS. This event goes by many names; the end of the illusion, the awakening of the soul, omniscience, the end of the Finale, becoming fully conscious BEings, an all knowing, Ascension (although I don't see it this way anymore), the return to a conscious knowing of each of us as Eternal Essence Embodied, absent limits. Not just saying it, but feeling it and knowing it. This event, as I understand it, is an internal shift that effects the way we perceive our external reality. It can be thought of as unlocking all the things within us that have been bound shut and locked down by the illusion of lack, limitation, duality, etc. From a scientific perspective, some people may see it as getting instant access to 100%, as opposed to the existing 10 %, of our brains. Or, evolving from a 2 strand to a 12 strand DNA, or even unlocking what scientists call "junk DNA" (its hardly junk! lol).

Every moment has been a build up to this moment. First it happens energetically, then it happens visually. My understanding of our trip to the desert was to play a role in making sure that everything was accomplished from an energetic standpoint, paving the way to all things becoming visible. The reality is EVERYONE, all of you reading this and everyone else in the entire world have been contributing to this mission energetically. The only difference is some are conscious of it and others are not. The end result is that once it's visible, EVERYONE will be conscious of EVERYTHING. THAT was/is our mission...


This is a cool story. I was with Lisa exploring the hotel grounds when we found this tent. All of a sudden, out of nowhere and with great conviction I hear her say, "there you are!" It turns out her cat Lulu passed away a couple years back and she told her she would be back to see her again soon before she left. She's seen many black cats since then and never had the sense that it was Lulu until this moment. It was the exact same size and color. It had crystal green eyes, just like Lulu and allegedly a mirror image of its personality. She was moved to tears by how much it felt like Lulu and what's awesome was the cat loved Lisa, it was the craziest thing! At one point later that afternoon after we returned from town the cat was hanging out nearby and I called her by Lulu and she came running as if it was her name. It was wild because cats in Africa are very timid and don't usually let you pet them. Not Lulu, she was a lover. Something about this experience seemed to say, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!" ;)

This was pretty trippy. The numbers nine and five kept popping up for all of us the entire trip. I realized in the middle of the lobby there were all these carpets. So, I began counting them thinking there might be nine. Turns out there were only eight. Then I realized the center piece in the middle made nine. On top of that, there were four lanterns, combined with the one in the middle makes five. Had a very Fifth Element feel to it. When I later pointed out to Heather that I felt at some point we would be gathering in a circle with one of us being in the middle for some type of ceremony, I had assumed it would be Heather in the middle. She gave me this half baked look, like I had figured something out and responded, "actually, that's not for a couple more days," and turned and walked away. Later I would learn that it wasn't Heather but Bob in the middle of the circle :)


Looks like (in this very blurry picture) that's Heather, D, Lisa, Bob and AK. 

Mark and Vera, our friends from down under. Love them both. Hilarious. So much fun to be around. 

                                Heather: "look the portal is opening right there" LOL


Downtown at the Suk, which is the local trading market. People come from all over the country come here to trade goods. The first shopping group was made up of Abdula, Heather, Lisa, AK, Mark, Vera and myself. D, Bob and Katrina stayed back at a little restaurant/hotel area nearby to stay out of the heat and get some rest. Forgot to mention, there was only about an hour of downtime from when we checked into the hotel to when we left for the market. When we got back, we returned to a very excited D, Bob and Katrina. It turns out while we were gone, they met a member of the Taureg tribe. They're the ones that dress in all blue, who much to their surprise, proceeded to share with them why we were all there in the desert and what we were there to do. This is significant because before we left Tangiers we received an email from an intuitive contact of ours who sent us a vision of what we would be doing in the desert. This vision acted as a guide to steer our expectations/intentions of how we all envisioned the journey would unfold. One of the components of this vision was that, upon our arrival we would meet a Taureg tribesman, who would help to guide us on our journey. Another very synchronistic, Celestine Prophecy'esque moment indeed. 

Another thing the vision said is that we would find a woman wearing an all black robe with silver lining. Out of hundreds of people coming and going, sure enough there was a woman in a black robe with silver lining. Lisa said it felt a bit like the white rabbit from The Matrix, so we decided to follow her and funnily enough she led Lisa to a little shop (one of only ones in the entire place it seemed) that sold tobacco. LOL

A nice big green orb wrapped nicely around Heather in this picture...hmmm. She may kill me for posting this! I've been trying to get ahold of her on Skype to get her permission but she hasn't gotten back to me. Sorry Heather, but nothing you can do about it now!     ; )


Here's another one with the orbs around Heather :)

Heather getting her turban fitted. She looks like she's reading that dudes mind haha. Wouldn't surprise me in the least bit with her, if she was. She had this thing where she would walk up to you, and she did it to all of us. She would start responding to what we were thinking, or things we were about to say but hadn't said yet. It was awesome and funny at first, which quickly turned to annoying and invasive. Who wants to have to watch their thoughts to make sure they're pure ALL that time. Lol! Just kidding Heather, I love you! 

A quick stop at the mosque (so it must have been Friday) so Abdula could pray. It was extremely HOT on this day. 


Inside of the mosque. Very green, lush and beautiful. It had an incredible energy about the place, even considering the blistering heat. 

Mark busted out a bag of apricots and got mauled by all the kids. I was worried we were going to have to scrape him up off the sidewalk :)


On the second day in the desert, now that Abdula was aware of our intentions, we ventured through a town called Merkez and started heading out into the Sahara. On our way driving out there all we could do was really sit in silence and soak up the wonder of it all. This is the kind of place that if you don't know what you're doing the elements can kill you in next to no time. I think this was the moment where my thirst for adventure fully kicked into high gear. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it, that trigger for me was like turning on a faucet that can't be turned off. I began to really question what life is all about. All of a sudden the experience of it all, is the very thing that began to carve out its meaning. Then the question came, if indeed its all about the experience, doesn't it make sense to make each moment an adventure? More on this later...   ; )

This is the first sight of dunes that we saw on our drive into the desert. 


I told Abdula he looked tired, so I had him ride in Bob's chair. lol

This was the courtyard of the second hotel we stopped at. At first glance, we were all singing hallelujah in our heads, but turns out there is a big step from the bedroom to the bathroom in all the rooms, so it wasn't going to work out with Bob's chair. So, while Heather, D and Abdula left to go scout for another venue the rest of the crew hung out here in the tent behind the pool. Unfortunately, I didn't pack swim shorts...but that didn't stop me from jumping in! No, I didn't go in my birthday suit! Get your heads outta the gutter! lol. Boxer briefs did the trick just fine though    : )


This was the spectacular view from the roof. Sand dunes right across the street. I took some great video from up there too, but haven't had a chance to load to YouTube yet. 

Needed proof I was actually there lol


About an hour later D, Heather and Abdula got back with big sh** eating grins on their faces. Once we got to the hotel we realized why. I know from this picture it's hard to tell, but the place is surrounded in sand dunes. I know it looks really nice and it most definitely was, but looks aside when we walked into this place and felt the energy we knew it was exactly where we were supposed to be.

This is about where Heather explained to us the whole idea of, as it is bound, so shall it be unbound. Prior to the creation of all the debt slavery and corporate governance systems, and well before the dawn of any major civilizations life was much simpler. Very little complexity. The indigenous people felt connected to the Earth and each other, in a way that is very difficult for many of us to understand today from all the generations of programming and conditioning. Essentially, over time and many years of evolution humanity, as a mirror of all of Creation's Universe, bound itself in the illusion of the matrix. So much so, the majority of the world's population aren't even aware of it. This had to be so, in order to lay the foundation for or all to be un-bound, or brought back to Prime. Prime being a state of pure creation. Infinite possibilities. Absent limits.

Our largely westernized places of origin, spanning cities from all across the world, represents a culture and way of life that has become quite bound. So, as we ventured farther and farther from civilization, with each stop going deeper and deeper into the desert, we were consciously shifting the energies of the grid from a state of bound to a state of unbound. As we got farther into our journey, we all knew it was just beginning...

More proof I was there :) More for myself to look back on than for anyone else lol. This is from the roof of the hotel. Since I was born, I've always been an ocean man. I've never wanted to venture far from the ocean. Even where I live now it's less than half a mile away. Something about looking out into the ocean, gives me a similar feeling of looking up into the sky on a starry night, as if looking out to sea is akin to gazing into the infinite vastness of the Universe. I had no idea I would get that exact same feeling when looking out in the dunes of the Western Sahara. An overwhelming sense of connectedness to everyone and everything rushed over me. It was one of those, there is no where in the Universe I would rather be than right here, right now moments. Looking at this picture I can still feel it now.


Before I went to Morocco I was trying to imagine what the food would be like. In my mind's eye I imagined that scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where Indiana eats a meal in the little village in Calcutta before getting to the temple. It had flies all over it, he ate it with his hands and choked it down simply to not insult the natives. In all honesty, I'll eat anything, so I was fully prepared for that experience. However, I could have not been more off the mark in my assumptions. The food was delicious! Every meal came with some variation of big salad with fresh vegetables, as much fresh baked bread as you could possibly eat, some kind of a chicken or protein dish and every meal was capped with a melon plate, watermelon and cantaloupe mostly. D claims to be so allergic to cantaloupe that she can't eat the watermelon even if it touched the cantaloupe just a little bit. I call shenanigans on that! Heather would joke that if she got out of line we would rub a piece of it on her lips while she slept lol. I'm pretty sure she was joking but I was ready to go! Love ya D! lol

See what I mean? Majestic...


Sunset from the roof. I know it doesn't look real but I assure you it is! We all hung out on the roof this night and watched the sunset. Dare I drop a cliché here....the picture is worth 1,000 words...and 10 billion Federal Reserve Notes ;)

The power of the sun in the palm of my hand. Don't ask me how I did it, it's magic. Thanks for the idea though KP!


Where can you stay in the states where the locals will come and give you a private concert. These guys were awesome! 

It got a little messy when they had all of us come in and lay down some beats, but it was definitely fun! I'm pretty sure this is about the time when D almost through Lisa in the pool lol. I was tempted to walk up and push them both in but I knew the potential repercussions of such a stunt might cancel out the great joy I would most assuredly find in the act of such a great DOing   : )

Bob breaking it down! We stood him up and he even did a bit of dancing too! Paralyzed from the waist down and still a better dancer than Vera! Haha just kidding Vera I love you!


Has anybody seen my baseball? LOL. I know it's hard to tell here but he wrapped the end of his turban around my head. Sharing is caring ;)

I'm told I look like Igor from that Frankenstein movie with Gene Wilder...I just don't see it lol


Sunrise the next morning #1

Sunrise #2


Sunrise #3

Sunrise #4. Speechless. Magic.


The next day we went on a trek into the desert in a couple SUV's. One of the benefits for the local people to live in this part of the desert, is that there's a huge under ground river that flows right through the middle of it. What you see in this picture above is the waterway they built to access it, which provides all their water for drinking and irrigation. The whole system works off gravity. No pumps. When I asked how long it had been there, Abdula said it was there when the settlers first came in, they just reinforced it with stone. So, it sounds as if it's been there for many years. That water is WAY more valuable than gold in the desert. 


A little village out in the desert. 

And another one. Five families live in this village. They don't come out during the day because it's too hot.



Believe it or not, this is a bakery. Inside there's a mud oven they use to break bread. Step aside Krispy Kream! 

We stopped here because this is the site where the Austrians came to film, back in the 50's. What they did was put a red filter on their footage and claimed they had landed on Mars to the rest of the world. I'm sure real Martians weren't too happy about the disinfo campaign lol


The desert is also a hot bed for meteorites. Abdula gave us all a little piece of one before we left the desert. These things actually vibrate in your hand when you hold them. At first we thought it was the feeling of our own hearts beating, so we took another rock and held it open palm in one hand and held the meteorite in the other and sure enough those things beat to the pulse of the Universe. Pretty wild.

Our first true experience with a full blown nomadic family. If they have buildings they're referred to as semi-nomads. This was just a quick stop by. It made D and a few others feel a bit uncomfortable, because it seemed a bit like we were stopping at a tourist attraction. The family inside the tent seemed very sweet and were very welcoming but I could see where she was coming from. They weren't expecting us so it didn't sit right. 


This is an abandoned city. It was like a desert version of what you might see in the old West in the states. When the French left Morocco is when the villagers left this site. Which wasn't all that long ago, so it was a bit strange that all the roofs had blown off of all the buildings. 

They just had the sunroof installed. It's nice. Beautiful views from the family room too. I'd be a bit concerned about security with the whole no door thing at night though lol


Abdula and I. He's never been photographed before so he's not too happy about it lol

Ali (the hotel manager) and I. This guy was awesome! The deal was we would stay at his hotel but he had to smile that big million dollar smile the whole time we were there...which he gladly did of course. Beautiful Spirit   : )


After we got back from the SUV tour in the dunes Abdula and Heather seemed to disappear for a while. When she got back she gathered us all together to let us know she had found our final destination. This was to be where it all would end. More accurately, where it all would begin. 

When we arrived, they "just happened" to have a push wheel chair for Bob, which is perfect because the battery in his chair was about to die and even if it were charged the terrain was a bit too rough for the chair to handle. Only problem was it was missing the foot rests. No worries, we'll just pull the thing around that way his feet could drag along the ground. Problem solved.

As we walked up to the camp we were greeted to the entrancing sound of drum beats. Coming through the entrance was one of the most powerful experiences. The tribesman all in a row, there to greet us with the soothing sound of drums and warm glasses of hot tea. We were later told we received a King's greeting. Another moment where words would simply fail miserably in attempting to articulate the sheer magnificence of this moment. Tears welled up in all of our eyes. Emotions came bubbling to the surface, like a bottle of champagne about to pop. This was it. We were home. We made it. 

There were around 15 or so tents made of thick burlap material. Each one with two mattresses side by side. A big blanket to cover the door at night to stop heaps of sand blowing in during sand storms. I found out the first night the sand somehow mysteriously makes its way in anyways. It's an interesting sensation waking up in a sandbox. But the best part, I DID NOT CARE. This was heaven. There was absolutely zero to complain about. Where we were now is what all of our hearts had been yearning for. No more air conditioning. No more swimming pools. Only the necessities. And the best part; only steps outside the door were the most unbelievably majestic dunes for as far as the eye could see. I don't know what it was exactly about this place but we all got the sense we had been here together many times over a myriad of lifetimes past. Now back, together again, for this one Final DOing.


Silent processing filled the air and space of the camp. All of us wondering how we got here. Teetering between the worlds of dream and reality. Was there even a difference? The divider lines became incredibly blurry. Minds shutting down. Hearts powering up. Clarity of purpose beginning to unfold. Many moments of past, present and future all preparation for this one moment NOW.

Behind us is the community tent with long couches and tables. We arrived in the afternoon so the sun is getting ready to set. I believe Abdula was sharing with us the history of the tribe. 


Another breathtaking sunset staring west over the camp and into the desert. The sand was so fine in this area that it felt like silk to the touch. Still warm a few inches below the surface from the daytime sun. For this particular sunset most of us scattered about the dunes to sit and soak up the vastness of this place on our own. I remember sitting there and taking it all in, silently affirming to the Universe, THIS is the feeling, THIS is the sensation I choose and intend to manifest more of in my life. No cares. No worries. No fears. Unwavering inner peace. A sense of total connectedness to the cosmos, I had never experienced quite like this before. I could feel the electromagnetic signals firing off in my brain. Switches being turned on. Old switches being shut off. It was as if I had front row seats to my own consciousness evolution as it was happening in real time. A silent spectator to a glorious symphony of a total rewiring and re purposing of my heart and mind. Changed forever. 

My witness: the setting sun. 


Captured moment: Total Bliss

D: "how are you feeling?" Lisa: "Incredible. How are you feeling?" D: "amazing. Mark, what's happening here?" Mark: "....." deer in headlights  ; )  love you Mark!

That night the tribe played us some mystical music around a big blazing camp fire. We danced and drank tea. Had a delicious dinner together and called it a night. The next day we were scheduled to go back to Tangiers but we all knew, without a doubt, that what we came there to do had not yet been done. The decision was quickly made we would stay another night.


Self sustaining the desert. Thanks to the underground river. The fresh veggies and all the food served here was absolutely incredible.

The next day we gathered in the community tent and we talked for what felt like hours. Heather explained from her perspective many of the elements that brought us together as a group at this time. She shared many very personal stories about her past and events that transpired in her life. Events that helped her to understand why she is here and what she is here to do. She also shared what it was about each of us that helped her to identify our energetic signatures. Fascinating stories that many people would likely find very difficult to believe. It matters not what people believe or disbelieve. What does matter is holding a space of openness that will allow our beliefs to evolve as more data is introduced into the equation. Limited data equals limited understanding.

Those of us in the desert were all there under a common bond. A bond that dates back many lifetimes of experiences. We have all witnessed enough, not to share the same beliefs, but to KNOW TRUTH when we see it. It's important everyone understands Heather is a human BEing just like the rest of us. She may remember more, at the moment, of who she is as Eternal Essence than some others, but she is not here to save the world or anyone in it. Her mission is to help everyone else remember who they are. To embrace the power that we all already have within each of us. She's not here to save us. She's here to help us save ourselves. Heather increases her empowerment through empowering others to embrace their own. As a tuning fork is tuned, so too shall all other tuning forks vibrate to the same frequency. That frequency is LOVE. The highest vibration and frequency in all of creation. As I type these words this frequency is permeating through the cosmos. No embodiment left behind.

After our discussion, I gathered everyone in a circle for a Soul Gazing exercise. For anyone who is not familiar with Soul Gazing, its where you stand Soul to Soul and stare deep into the eyes of the other. The sane goes, the eyes are the windows to the Soul. This is very true, in my experience. When two people have a soul to soul connection, all judgments, identities and any emotional attachments to past experiences seem to fade away. Many people are very uncomfortable holding extended eye contact. This exercise seems to break down those walls. Staring into the pupils of another Soul seems to take you to a place beyond the confounds of this world. A place of Oneness. Where I am you, you are me, and we are One. This seemed like the perfect time, the perfect place and the perfect group to do this. So we did.

I started with Bill, then went from Bill to Katrina and then Katrina to Mark. When I got to Mark, Bill moved to Katrina, and so on until no one is left standing. Here is yet again another moment I couldn't possibly explain with words. It would also take way too much time to express what I saw in each person's eyes. What I saw in the eye's of everyone was a connection. The same connection I felt from the moment we all met...but much deeper now. This was my family. My Soul's recognition of itself in the others, and the others in me. I will say that looking into Heather's eyes was like looking into a sea of unconditional love. Not like the unconditional love a mother holds for her child, per se. More so like the kind of unconditional love creation has for everything in existence. Unwavering. Absolute. When all was said and done, there were only nine of us, we Soul gazed for nearly two hours. Many tears were shed, long hugs given and received. The chanting and toning we added to the mix seemed to hold a perfect space for the entire experience. Two words: Pure Ecstasy.

When it was all said and done Heather had this look of total excitement on her face like she had something amazing to share. While Soul gazing Heather appeared to have had a revelation about a portal which we were to help open in the desert. There was something about dunes, where no dunes should be, that triggered this awareness in her consciousness. You see, the Sahara desert is a vast oasis of sand dunes, but in this particular part of the outskirts of the Sahara there was one relatively small set of dunes (it was actually very big but small compared to the rest of the Sahara) which was like an anomaly. I asked D what the legend was behind these dunes and here is what she responded. D: The story of the Berbers was that a heavily pregnant woman came to a village and asked for help- she had nothing and no money and no one to help her- the villagers turned her away. the next morning they woke to the island of sand dunes in the middle of nowhere. the dunes represented their dead hearts.

Heather appeared to have connected some dots that led to a revelation. Another interesting point is, Hillary Clinton owned some property not too far from where we were staying. Which begs the question, why would Hillary Clinton own property in this particular area out in the middle of the desert? Could it have something to do with this portal perhaps? Possibly. I don't know much about portals, but Heather's excitement about this new development got the rest of us excited pretty quickly. So, it was set. We would go out into the dunes at sundown, when the sand isn't so hot. At this point I don't think any of us knew what we would do out there. But considering the system we had developed by this point, quite successfully might I add, of following the energetic trail, that was irrelevant. We were going.


As the sun started to set the reality kicked in that we were going to have to figure out how to get Bob's chair out into the dunes. This is where the average group might start throwing around the word "impossible." Bullshit! We'll pull his chair backwards through the dunes. Getting outside of the camp was not a problem. It was the whole 220+ pound, 6 foot 4 inch man in a wheel chair that sunk four inches in the fine sand thing that was the challenge. Mark pulled, I pushed and D, Heather and Lisa traded off in shifts pulling on the handles from each side...and off into the unknown we went. We crept along through the warm sand maybe 20-30 feet at a time, looking for the harder packed sand so the wheels would roll a bit. Stopping for very brief moments to change grips and have a drink of water. As we pushed on, it became more and more difficult. This mission became the benchmark example of sheer determination. Mind over matter. We had no interest of just going far enough into the dunes to form a circle. If we were going to do this, we were going all the way. Typically, in a group of this size, varying differences of opinion of how things should go combined with different personalities would usually make this type of scene utter chaos. There was no arguing. There was no fussing or bickering. This was bigger than any one of us. We would stop at nothing. So, panting and sweating, muscles burning and aching, we pressed on. At about 250-300 yards in we found our spot. First thing I did was fall onto my back to avoid passing out and/or throwing up. But we made it.

The spot above is where Bob rolled out of his chair to assume his position in the sand. A few minutes later the eight of us gathered around him. (Remember the eight carpets with the center piece in the middle from the first hotel in the story above?). Yep, that time had come precisely as predicted. After many moments of silence Heather began to speak. If only we could have recorded her words, it would be such a treat to share them here now. Trying to recall what she said that night, would be akin to trying to recite the UCC filings from memory. I would say impossible, but Heather would jump all over me for that lol. As expected from Heather, many beautiful and heart felt words, thoughts expressions and invocations were shared and expressed. Words which appeared to come through her rather than from her. After about ten minutes or so Heather began to bury Bob's legs in the sand. A few of us, who were positioned toward the bottom half of his body, chipped in to help. Shortly thereafter Bob was buried all the way up to his waist line in Sahara sand. His legs now encased in a warm sand oven.

It was around this moment I started to notice the trance everyone appeared to be in. D was leaning back with her hands dug into the sand behind her, eyes closed, staring up into the sky. Lisa was hunched over, as if she had fallen asleep with her head in her own lap. Katrina appeared as if she was in a deep meditative trance, gone to some far away land. The same goes for everyone else for that matter. All present yet gone at the same time. So tuned in they appeared Out to Lunch, if that makes any sense. A few moments later, I can't remember if Heather beckoned us to all touch Bob. Or, if we all intuitively knew it was time to do so. I dug my fingers into the sand to connect with his legs, as did everyone else at varying places around his body and like a tidal wave in came the healing energy, pouring from Bob out, and from all of us in. Sometime in the middle of all this the sound of drums began to beat back in the village. As if the tribesman knew what we were up to and were coming in to support us. It was surreal.

Once again, I can't explain what happened here in this series of moments, I can only share what it felt like in my own personal experience. What I felt was that this was the most important moment of my life. I got the sense that there was a great many more than nine of us there that night. BEings from many embodiments spanning across many dimensions across all of Creation's Universe, all supporting what was happening in this moment. Every single one of you reading this, were there. THIS moment is why we were here. This is what we came to DO. This is why I incarnated in this body at this time; to be a part of this purpose. A feeling of expansiveness flushed over me. Time ceased to exist. Past, present and future transmuted into only this moment. It is done. 

The intention had now been set. From sun down to sun up the new frequencies of what we channeled in would go to work and in the morning it would all be done.

By the time we were finished, the night sky was out in all her glory. No lights anywhere nearby meant stars so bright, we could almost reach out and touch them. We all dropped to our backs and gazed out into the Universe. Only a few moments passed before certain "stars" started to move around in the night sky. Zipping from here to there. It was a back and forth, "look, there's one!" spectacle. Vera and I, with our limited vision, made out about half of what the rest of the group did. But all in all there must have been about 20 UFO's flying around. I've never seen so many before all at one time. To us, this was confirmation our work had been supported from beyond this planet.

What was even more incredible was the trek back in the dark pulling Bob's chair was a piece of cake compared to getting him out there. At one point, leaning on Mark and I for support, he even hopped up a dune, as it was too steep to pull his chair up with him in it. It seemed we were pulling/pushing half the weight. We all felt it. Not a care in the world.

That night, only God knows what transpired in the energetic grid that surrounded our camp and permeated out into the cosmos. I slept deeper than I've ever slept, and in a bed full of sand no less. The next morning before breakfast, Bob was eager to get up and try out his new legs. It seemed like everyone stopped what they were doing around the camp with all attention going on Bob. I grabbed his chair and sat in it to give it some weight. He grabbed onto the handles and up he stood. Remember from earlier on, prior to this morning he was able to shuffle a few steps but only with arms around people on each side. Even then he seemed to have great difficulty in picking his left foot up off the ground, as his toe would always get stuck. As he took his first few steps I think we probably all held our breath a bit, fighting off concerns there would be no improvement. No sooner than he took his first two steps, unsupported...another one came, and another one, and another one. Step after step with no breaks he pushed me in that chair across uneven terrain with grace, while at the same time as if his life depended on it. While Vera filmed Bob take on this Cosmic trek, all of our jaws dropped down into the sand, tears came flowing once again. What we witnessed that day was nothing short of a miracle. 35-40 feet later he stopped, I popped up and flipped the chair around so he could sit down and rest. All he could do at that point was put his head into his hands and cry in astonishment of his own DOing. A few of us joined him :)

When Bob came to the desert his eyes were brown. The fact that his eyes turned blue while we were out in the Sahara defies logic. What's really wild is that all of ours changed in color, as well. Mine have since returned somewhat back to normal. Whereas, Bob's and Lisa's and a few others have retained some of the changes upon returning home. There may be some kind of explanation for that out there, if anyone finds it please let me know   : )

AK's eyes became very light blue around his pupil which also expanded farther out toward the edge of his eyes.

My eyes did the same thing AK's did, but I didn't take this shot until after we left and they started to revert back. My right eye did grow a little brown spot which is still there now. 

Lisa's eyes grew a little brown spot as well and also turned much greener. 


More accurately...

So, there you have it. The adventure of a lifetime. Now for the hardest part; trying to explain how it changed me and how I feel now, as a result. I could (and most likely will someday) write a book about all the changes, but for the sake of this already very long blog post, I will try to keep it brief.

For starters, I feel more awake and aware now than I have ever before. I believe that when my eyes changed color, it signified my new ability to view the world through a new set of lenses; a new filter, one that has caused me to rethink my views, beliefs and perspectives in many areas of my life; relationships, jobs/careers, money, success, purpose, all of these things and so many more have gone through a vast metamorphosis and taken on new meaning. One that allows me to feel free from all attachments and limitations. A feeling that has me wondering how I could ever possibly worry about anything ever again. A new level of Awakening. I believe in the Absolute Plan and for me that means KNOWING that EVERYTHING that happens within it has a purpose. Even if it means pain and suffering for myself or another along the way, I judge it not. For everything in life is about the experience of it. Some hard, some easy. Neither right nor wrong. They just are. Growth and understanding is ALWAYS the end result. THIS is true FREEDOM. Despite whatever systems are perceived to control us. I DO NOT CONSENT to control on ANY level any longer. I AM FREE.

Bashar says, follow your highest excitement. Something that always sounded good to me, but I don't think I quite fully understood, until now. Life was designed to be exciting. We just get in our own way, when we limit ourselves with what we can do, putting way too much attention on the "how" aspect of the equation. I say, to heck with how! Set an intention and follow the energetic trail. It will always lead me to where I'm supposed to be in every moment. Release all attachments as to how and in what way it will manifest and surrender the rest to the Universe. I've found that MY highest excitement comes when I step into the adventure of the unknown. I truly enjoy not knowing what my next move will be. As I said before, uncertainty for me now, is Bliss. I know that my work with the Bridge Crew, as well as many of you reading this, is only just beginning. There is much to be done still.

Do I believe we opened up a portal in the desert and created a space for a major breakthrough energetically? Absolutely. With every fiber of my being. Are there still many pieces which remain to become visible? Most definitely. Either way, we are smack dab in the middle of one of the most amazing times in the history of the Universe and in the evolution of Humanity. We are all here now, because we chose to be. I care not what date marks the official end of financial tyranny. It is ending NOW, whether you are able to recognize it yet, or not. I will not allow the idea that it still exists to limit me any longer. My mission has now become to further my own conscious development and new found understanding of my personal I M powerment and share that with as many Souls from all around the world as I possibly can. We must BE the change we wish to see in the world. How that looks, or what exactly I will be DOing is not important. What IS important is that whatever I DO, I DO in the best interest and highest good of all that IS. I AM the Master of my Universe. I can DO anything in this world that I so choose. I choose Eternal Essence, absent limits.

Side Note: I am absolutely shaking right now in excitement and anticipation. It means that I am right on the money as far as where I'm supposed to be. Nothing about these personal revelations lack excitement. I hope that if you have made it this far, in the longest blog post I have ever written, you are right there with me too. I'm ready to DO and I'm ready to DO NOW! Who's coming with me!?!?

To everyone who took the time to read this, from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU. I'm so grateful for all of your love, light and support. It means the absolute world to me in so many ways. If you're in a position to be able to support my work, I just setup a paypal link on the right side of the blog and I would be very grateful for any kind of donation. As AK said, even $5 goes a long way from enough people. I'm a bit short this month on expenses so every little bit helps. I also offer Reiki Distance Healing as well. I know I will manifest everything I need, one way or another. No fears. No doubts. No worries. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! <3

In Absolute Gratitude, Love & Light,