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It strikes me very strongly that the OPPTS movement is a result of Co-creation, via THOUGHT. Out of THOUGHT comes GREAT SOCIAL CHANGE. Carl Jung refers to 'Collective Consciousness' and the "100 Monkeys" study bears out what Jung speculated upon. WE ARE CONNECTED. All of our THOUGHTS that we think while doing the dishes, while in the shower, while making the bed and taking the dog for a walk, all join together in the atmosphere (etheric realm) and fall back down to the physical world, like rain into the minds of other people.  We are all moving forwards together.  Fast !!

So many people in this last decade have "woken up" through either innate (intuitive) or received (taught) knowledge, letting them know that this system is NOT what it seems to be. What it 'seems' to be is:  "business as usual".  This is the 'sell' that we get from our nightly news, from the economic news, from our politicians, the medical professions, from our bosses, our parents, our friends...  The perception of "everything is normal" is impregnated well into the fabric of society... and we believe that what all of these voices are telling us, is TRUE. We CHOOSE to believe the lies.  It's our responsibility to CHOOSE TO LOOK squarely at what this world is...  and how so much of what we think is real or 'normal' is simply, "smoke and mirrors".  What we see and believe is very often NOT REAL.

For many people, the police do not 'protect' but 'assault'; food manufacturers do not seek to nourish us but only 'enrich' themselves; the share market is failing globally; fluoridated water makes bones brittle, is linked to increasing Alzheimers, adds to reduced brain function and falling IQs in children; banks are stealing our money with policies of charging interest rates... that WE HAVE AGREED TO SIGN TO !!!  

Example: People are dying of cancer which is easily cured once people alkanise their bodies - with fresh organic fruit and veges, a meat-reduced diet, a teaspoon of baking soda in water each day, 1/2 a cup of juiced unheated fresh cannibis leaves each day (non-narcotic state). 6 months later, PRESTO !!  People are CURED !! More cancer research is NOT THE ANSWER !! The answers are already HERE !!  It's amazing that people still give to "cancer research". All people are doing is feeding the pharmaceuticals machine...  whose solutions are to pump your body with poison, nuke it, or cut you up.  And we think that all of this is 'normal'.  

We generally haven't up until now, questioned what 'The Powers That Be' have taught us... through TV/ media and social conditioning,  but we are NOW learning to ask the sensible questions... Questions to 'The Powers That Be' such as, "Who are you?" and "What are the benefits to you of treating me this way?" and "Why is it that YOU get to make the rules?"  and so on...   

This is why the One People's Public Trust will be EVERYTHING that is says it will be:

"Beliefs can control our entire reality because they (beliefs) can act like reality filters. If we believe something is possible or will happen, we open up a range of possibilities to allow particular realities to occur.  On the other hand, if we think that something is difficult or impossible to accomplish, we shut ourselves off from the possibilities, thus almost ensuring that an event will not occur."

The above statements are taken from a book by an American living in Perth Australia named Jon Gabriel. The book is called "The Gabriel Method".  The book is actually a discussion and a disclosure of why people don't lose weight.  Yes.  It's a weight-loss book.  I find it very interesting that Jon's study into body chemistry and psychology around weight loss applies SO WELL here to this subject of OPPT which is about 'social and political change'.  

So why is there not change ???  


There we go...  That's the blunt truth of it.  WE are the POWER behind change...  It's up to US by changing what we think.  

We ourselves hold the keys THROUGH OUR THOUGHTS to unlock the prison that we find ourselves in.  Change is here.  Ask the questions.  Create change by applying YOUR MIND, YOUR THOUGHTS to solutions...  particularly to the IMAGES of solutions that we think in our minds.  

"IMAGING" is very POWERFUL !!!  It's a little different to "imagining" in that there's a different energy and intention in behind 'imaging'.  When we image something, we see it as "Being So".  It is already done.  It's not a dream or a day-dream.  You have just created a new vision for the world that can indeed start to become manifest on earth.  

We Co-create Our Beautiful Future Together  : )

Thank you to us all.  Together we do this thing.




Unknown said...

Thank you for presenting the awareness you have Bronny NZ. The thought you have about the direct influence that thought has on reality is concise and worthy of full acknowledgement. Upon deep contemplation, I found that almost all of the moments that had been responded to were based off of somebody else's thought that I had agreed with. This acknowledgement made it difficult to find my first original "authentic" thought. I found a cycle that had been induced to respond within the context created by a previous response, which was based off of a prior thought. All of this thinking is what created my impetus for being. Not knowing where the origin of my first thought came from made me want to give up on that investigation. Then I noticed how that consideration was based off of a linear concept of time. So I threw the linear concept out and imagined that the circumstance always originates now. With that in mind, I can see that my thought of the moment does directly impact the effect being created. Evidence of this presumption being true has been overwhelming since then, so now I hold thought as the most sacred temple of creation that I have an impact with.

Bronny NZ said...

Hi Unknown ~ It sounds like you've given these ideas a few weeks' contemplation. I really love your opennes and willingness to experiment : ) I'm so glad that the little seed took root, that you watered the idea, and now I see a robust and vibrant tree growing up in front of me. How wonderful... It's so exciting to see this kind of organic, flowing growth. You do me such honour by reporting your findings in such detail... Thank you.

In my 3rd year at University/ College in Dunedin (1991), I spent a lot of time walking (yes... bitterly cold), but in these times, I would be rolling all kinds of thoughts over in my mind. I had been brought up in the church, so I was aware that I was probably 'speaking to God' : ) We seemed to have some very deep and enlightening conversations... I would have thoughts that i'd not really heard other people talk about directly before... but I was aware that other people such as Classical philosophers in past times, had possibly thought such things.

I've held on to my 'dreams', to the images in my head... Of a world where our children don't get "powered over" by any aspect of the culture, where people's MO is to 'contribute' and where everyone's basic needs are met, where there is no use for money... or even systems of exchange, where the air is bright and vibrant, the food is vital, people are happy and kind and animals feel safe and loved... not used as a commodity to make money - how tragic : ( I know a lot of my ideas took a crisper shape when I read "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series by Vladimir Megre. This was the next step into my Awakening. I connected with 'Death' in 2008 when my older sister passed on... through 'the veil'... I 'saw' that too. Quite amazing. 'Death' is an illusion : )

I think it's wonderful NOW that so many of my ideas (germs of thoughts) from 20+ years ago have taken root in so many humans. Were we all thinking such similar 'germs of thoughts' back in 1991? And have these grown up into fine trees today giving shelter and hope for the next generation?

Yes... It's fascinating : )

Apologies... I have waxed lyrical. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I hope you have some more to add as the days go by : )

Much love : )

Anonymous said...

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Bronny NZ said...

Thank you for your encouragement : ) thanks for sharing your link. On the subject of raspberries, the little plant I put in the ground 2 summers ago is now an amazing vibrant plant. It survived winter (May-August) and an autumn transplant to another location in my garden. It now has many leaves on it and it looks like new sapling growth will happen very soon. I look forward to eating lots of berries this year. Home-grown food is the best. The seeds and plants pick up your DNA as you are handling it or brushing past. Hold washed seed in your mouth for 9 minutes before planting it... to pick up your DNA in your saliva. Our food becomes medicine for us this way : ) Anastasia talks about this in the "Ringing Cedars" books. It makes such sense : )