Friday, 5 April 2013

YOU are NEEDED to serve this Courtesy Notice on your National Party MP

Here's a Post that was recently put on my Facebook wall:

How we can STOP the sale of Mighty River Power!

Pick out all the info in this Mighty River Power prospectus - which you believe to be 'misleading' - and send it back to me.

Mighty River Power prospectus:

My responses:

  • Bronny NZ    To answer your first question... This is how !!!

    "The One Peopleʼs Public Trust put it to the worldʼs banks and Corporate Governments that nothing stood between the Creator and each of the Creators creations, and gave due opportunity to rebut that statement. They could not and did not. To do so would have admitted that they operated slavery systems. Default notice was filed, The worlds banks were foreclosed and all co-operate government charters were cancelled. Slavery systems were abolished. Please read all 12 pages of this most important document..."

  • Bronny NZ    "... A Courtesy Notice (CN) is an offer to contract, sent by you to an individual in a bank or government. It is sent in response to a letter of demand, a threat of action, a summons, or other unlawful demand, detention or arrest - some tangible thing that is causing you harm. The Courtesy Notice first alerts that person to the foreclosure of their bank or government, resulting from filings by the OPPT. Secondly it informs that person that they act in full personal liability henceforth. Third, it offers that individual a choice; to do nothing, or to continue the action as though nothing had changed. Please understand that this choice is not offered to the foreclosed bank or government, but solely to the individual who still believes that entity (his/ her employer) has the authority to continue the harmful action agains you..."

  • Bronny NZ   I intend to serve David Bennett personally. I think New Zealanders will be in a very POWERFUL position if each of the National Party ministers are served OPPT Courtesy Notices. The individual person "David Bennett" (not the Legal Fiction of the Person, represented as eg: DAVID BENNETT, just like on YOUR driver's license which also represents a Legal Fiction) is thereby personally liable for any future actions that the individual personally chooses to take regarding the 'threat... unlawful demand', ie: the stealing for their own purposes, that which belongs to the people of NZ already.

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