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5 April FAQ - Courtesy Notices

Courtesy Notice FAQ

Frequently asked Questions about Courtesy Notices

This document answers the most frequently asked questions 
addressed to foropaq@gmail - concerning the Courtesy Notice that points to 
The Declaration of Facts 
UCC filed by the One People Public Trust OPPT

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This document is for information purposes only and should not be relied on as legal advice. No claims, promises, or guarantees are made about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of any information given in this document.

By utilising this information, you: 
(i) assume full responsibility for any loss, damage, or liability resulting; and 
(ii) you release the authors, their contributors, agents, licensees, successors and assigns from any and all known or unknown claims, demands or causes of action that may arise, at any time, out of or relating to your use of any of the information provided herein.



What is the OPPT - Iʼm new to this?

In brief: The One Peopleʼs Public Trust put it to the worldʼs banks and Corporate Governments that nothing stood between the Creator and each of the Creators creations, and gave due opportunity to rebut that statement. They could not and did not. To do so would have admitted that they operated slavery systems. Default notice was filed, The worlds banks were foreclosed and all co-operate government charters were cancelled. Slavery systems were abolished. Please read all 12 pages of this most important document. 

The freeman and straw-men movements were made redundant, most web and blog sites dealing with those topics rendered historical and of no further value. Most banks and alleged government have not got the memo yet and so continue their fraudulent operations. Currently we arepassing through a transition period unlike anything in world history. Please study all the information in the links at the bottom of this document until you grasp the fullness of OPPT and use of Courtesy Notices. See also ....  "I have grave concerns about OPPT" later in this document.

What is a Courtesy Notice? - Iʼm new to this?

A Courtesy Notice (CN) is an offer to contract, sent by you to an individual in a bank or government. It is sent in response to aletter of demand, a threat of action, a summons, or other unlawful demand, detention or arrest - some tangible thing that is causing you harm. The Courtesy Notice first alerts that person to the foreclosure of their bank or government, resulting from filings by the OPPT. Secondly it informs that person that they act in full personal liability henceforth. Third, it offers that individual a choice; to do nothing, or to continue the action as though nothing had changed. Please understand that this choice is not offered to the foreclosed bank of government, but solely to the individual who still believes that entity (his/her employer) has the authority to continue the harmful action agains you. That individual is named as “the Respondent” on the CN, which is addressed by that individuals name c/- of the [alleged] Corporate Name, [alleged] Bank or [alleged] Company. You are identified as the “Proponent”. The Courtesy Notice IS NOT A NOTICE OF DEMAND.  To do so would be the equivalent of YOU operating a “Slavery System” - which is exactly what the courtesy notice exposes as “foreclosed”. The CN does “order” that the action against you (by the entity) be CEASED AND DESISTED, but also offers terms and conditions that will apply if the action is continued by the Respondent (individual). Accordingly the CN is an offer of contract - based on your terms and conditions. The respondent may choose to accept or decline.

What does a Courtesy Notice mean to you?

It means that you agree for the harm to continue in exchange for payment of sums of silver. It is very important the you understand that.

The respondent (individual) is offered a commercial contract, to knowingly and willfully accept or reject. The terms of acceptance are the continuation of the harm by the respondent. Because the respondent is responsible to advise any others involved, any notification that the action is continuing, or is to continue, even by another, is acceptance of your contract. You have a“customer” and can issue an invoice immediately, just like any other contract or payment for a product or service. This will be followed by a reminder notice and final notice, if not paid, while any new advice you receive that the harm continues or will continue, even differently, triggers a new invoice. This process may go on for weeks.

Do not expect payment. Stopping the harm is success.


Using a CN means you first accept full responsibility and liability. You are accountable for you. Understand who you are first, feel the energy in the notice, send it with love. CNʼs are not to be used lightly.

Where do I stand?  One question must be answered - Did the OPPT Foreclose all banks and all corporate governments world wide or not?

The Powers That Were (PTW) have not got the memo yet and still exercise considerable force. They will not hesitate to use it presently. OPPT foreclosed those Corporations and rendered them Null and Void. The CN points to that fact, but will the PTW accept that? Most likely not, so you will have a fight on your hands. They know their method works because it has worked for themover and over, across the world for centuries.

Until you are 100% convinced that OPPT foreclosed the banks and corporations, and you are prepared to accept full responsibility and liability for your actions, please DO NOT use a Courtesy Notice.

What am I committing to by using a courtesy notice?

You are committing to much more than first appears - best answered by 3 questions:

1.  How much do you fear the ATO (IRS), your bank or the judicial system, and especially the potential prospect of being jailed?
2.  What is at stake? If the Courtesy Notice does not achieve your goals, what have you got to lose and how much will this loss mean to you?
3.  Do you have the time and ability to learn about OPPT and administer the CN process - even up to 5 - 10 hours per week?

The Courtesy Notice process is an all or nothing commitment, no excep-tions! Should you cave in under pressure the result will likely be worse than had you not begun. It is your full responsibility to read the CN document and study the guidelines. DO NOT use a Courtesy Notice unless you are 100% confident of your ability to stand firm and accept all consequences that might arise. 

What are the 5 new CNʼs?

The 5 new CN's refers to the fact that there are 5 different CNʼs to choose from. Read the Guidelines and choose the CN that best suits your needs.

Which of the 5 CNʼs should I use?

This question is far too common and almost invariably indicates that documents issued by the OPPT, and/ or the guidelines for the CN have not been studied and understood. Using a Courtesy Notice is NOT a hand holding process. You must make the effort - there are no shortcuts. This is very serious business for which YOU accept full responsibility and liability.

Please Read the Guidelines and the remainder of this document. Then choose the CN that best suits your needs. If you still have difficulty deciding, then the CN is clearly not for you.

How many times do I send a Courtesy Notice?

Once ONLY - to each “Respondent”. There seems some confusion. ONLY UCC notices get sent 3 times with 72 hour intervals.  Courtesy Notices get sent ONCE ONLY - followed by invoices, reminder notice, and then  Final Notice.  Please read the guidelines, including the diagram on the last page.


Emails of this kind are common unfortunately. Often newcomers to OPPT have sent messages describing that persons current circumstances involving a court, mortgage, bank or foreclosure - and the message pleads for help. Though our sympathies go out to these folk it must be emphasized that CNʼs are very serious and are not to be used lightly. They require close study, and that people do due their own diligence. Questions that ask how and when CNʼs should be used almost invariably indicate that more study is needed. It is for that reason that links are provided at the bottom of this document. CNʼs are not a quick fix solution and most often the more urgent the issues the more likely they will have to be faced in the usual manner, whether liked or not. A CN is not always a solution and used hastily may even aggravate matters. Please do due diligence and deal with your issue. Answers to questions from others, printed below, will help you better understand your circumstances. If you have difficulty with using a CN the answers are here or in the guidelines.

What about my Attorneys - what about the Courts - HELP

Many questioners ask, "I've ..... so should I send a notice to my attorney", or "Iʼve ..... so should I go to court?" It is very important to understand that lawyers, debt collectors, attorneys, courts, banks and governments will go to great lengths to get you to play in their sandbox, meaning by their rules. The moment you acknowledge their authority, even unwittingly, you approve their position. You give them power - That is why the CN is always addressed to an individual at an ALLEGED entity. The CN refuses point-blank to acknowledge that the corporate entity even exists. Thus if a question arises in your mind about whether you should send a Courtesy Notice to a lawyer, attorney, magistrate, CEO, CFO etc, then remember that the CN allows no such credit or entitlement. There is no lawyer, there is only Joe Blow. There is no CEO, there is only John Citizen. There is no Bank, there is only Mary Contrary who goes to a building each day with the word BANK written over the door. There is no “Your Honor”, there is only an individual that goes by the name his or her mother gave her. If you attend court you attest its validity and its authority. If you send a CN to an individual who attends that place you do not give it validity. You must decide what you will do. There are no detours from that necessity!

Whose sand box will you play in? You cannot play in both, and the moment your tongue slips over the line into their sandbox is the moment you sacrifice your position in full. There is a maxim of law that states, “First to leave the battlefield loses”. Once you grasp this idea fully, and understand that the job of the courtesy notice is to arrest harm to you, you will know exactly whom to send it to, at the (alleged) corporate entity, or their home address. Please do not give energy or power to that which no longer exists.

Can I send a courtesy notice to a court?

Yes, but to whom at the court? CNʼs are one to one, so you must choose one individual. Youʼre not likely to know in advance of a hearing who the judge might be, so thatʼs a dead end. Best then is the registrar or clerk of the court. But clerks are clerks. They do not deal with your case other than to shuffle paperwork. Recommend you address your action at the point where it is actioned; solicitor, lawyer or attorney.

How does the Courtesy Notice (CN) affect the Foreclosure of Banks and Government?

This question is perhaps most frequent. The UCC filings mean that the LEGAL charters have been foreclosed (but not the front door). The Corporate entities never existed as lawful entities but believe they are legal entities (there is a difference). The CN informs banks and corporate ʻgovernmentsʼ they just got foreclosed, which means YOU can now only deal with one individual from the ALLEGED entity, and only on a one to one basis. That is what the CN (memo) tells the individual you name -as “Respondent” in the CN. This “respondent”, to whom you send the CN, and who still thinks he/she works for a legal entity may still try to exercise (what they still believe is) their legal authority. That is their individual choice, but if that person (Respondent) does so, that Respondent will get an invoice from you. In short, when he/she sends you further demands, threats or invoices, (or deputises another to do so), then by so doing, he or she has agreed to trade the harm he or she wishes to inflict, in exchange for your invoice. It's a simple one on one contract between the respondent and you - no corporate entity is involved - theyʼve been foreclosed remember.

Thus any new correspondence after you sent the CN is handled on your terms - in strict accordance with the contract. Respondent has willingly entered into by their own free will choice. They can choose not to. You have not DEMANDED they cease, you've simply informed them that further dealings are on your terms, Proponent to Respondent. How can it be any other way when the corporate structure no longer exists?

How do I find a name (Respondent) to send my CN to?

Good question because governments, lawyers, banks and debt collectors are the worst offenders at hiding behind anonymity. Some suggested strategies ....

1.  If you have a first name (eg: Vincent) but no surname, try ringing and asking to speak to Vincent Clark in Accounts (any surname will do). The switch will probably say "I can put you through to Vincent Norris". Hang up while you're being transferred because now you have a name in the accounts department.

2.  Try ringing and asking to speak to Vincent Clark in Accounts (any name will do). The switch will probably say "we don't have anyone by that name, but I can put you though to Alan". You say "Great, put me through to Alan Clark then", to which th switch will probably reply "No, itʼs Alan Norris".  Hang up - now you have a name in the accounts department.

3.  Ring and say "I want to send an invitation to the manager of the accounts department. What name should I put on the envelope?" Usually they will give it. (And the CN really is an invitation). If they ask what company you're from say "O-P-P-T -we're internationally based and Iʼm calling from [Some town/city not local]". That will usually soften the switch operator.

4.  Ring and when switch answers, ask to speak to the computer. "Huh?".  Explain you have some computer generated correspondence to reply to from “Accounts” (or other department) but you can't find a name on it so youʼd like to speak to the computer directly. By this time they're usually laughing their head off and their guard is down. Expect theyʼll say ill put youthrough to Beverly. “Thatʼs a cool name for a computer!” They'lll respond: “No, silly, its Beverly Smith”. Now youʼve got your name. NB. Use the word “correspondence” during your phone conversation.  Donʼt use the word Bill, Invoice or Demand.

5.  Go to the company website. Search annual reports, contact addresses, new staff appointments, Board of Directors, Stock exchange reports - websites and links have masses of information. Search news website for reports from that company. The report will usually have a name. This should be your last resort. You really want a name in the office or department from which notices or demands are issued. Be creative. Put these ideas in front of friends and family and you'll soon have some more options to try.

Can I use my free-man name and assert myself as not being a straw man?

World famous novelist/ philosopher Ayn Rand who wrote the novel "Atlas Shrugged", made a very fundamental point many years ago. She said, "The search for something is proof of its lack". To use ʻfree manʼ ideas (words or phrases) in your Courtesy Notice that have been trotted out for years portends the idea that your free status must continue to be asserted. (This applies to Divine Province also, though differently).  Using freeman phraseology testifies that you are searching still trying to prove your point. It says you still want to play in their corporate sandbox, admitting their rules are valid just by the fact that you challenge them. By so doing, foreclosed entities are re-empowered because youʼve admitted them ultimate authority - CONTRARY to everything the free man movement and OPPT have worked so hard for. You must decide.

Did OPPT foreclose on all the corporate charters, or not? If yes, did this action re-claim your status as being one with your creator. If yes, must you still fight for your freedom, or simply point to a (UCC) document that guards your freedom?

That is what the CN does. Game over. The free-man movement is now out of business - but some still want to fight on. They've become so addicted to fighting for freedom they're a bit miffed there is no wind left in their sails. So they continue to put tools in the hands of their corporate oppressors ... all because they've not understood what Rand told them 50 years back. Please do not use "Freeman" or “Straw man” phraseology or claims, in a Courtesy Notice!

How would I best approach getting liens and abstracts of judgement, that are already recorded against my house, removed from the county/state records?

If you're not receiving demands, you've really nothing tangible to address .... yet. You might consider precipitating some action.  Write to the records office and ask that "they remove any liens and abstracts of judgement, already recorded against your house."  If you have particular details then reference them in your letter. Request that you be notified in 7 (or 14) days in writing under a hand written wet ink signature that your requested actions have been irrevocably completed. You just might take a trick.... send your request with love. If instead you get a letter in return stating that your request is refused, then now you will have a person to whom you can send a courtesy notice, citing their refusal as the action prompting your CN.

How do Invoices work - whom can I invoice?

Only send invoices to the individual you named as the respondent in your CN. Only send invoices AFTER you have received confirmation that the respondent is persisting in that action, or you receive notice from another indicating that the action is continuing. If the respondent had taken steps to stop the action, you would not receive information it was continuing.  Identify which (1 or more) items of schedule apply in your circumstance:

  • Send an overdue notice for the first invoice.
  • Send a final notice for the first invoice.
  • Send a new invoice for each notice you receive that the action is continuing. 

Your letter (CN) is baseless as though theyʼre 'buying' a new product off the shelf.  This process can extend for weeks and months - Refer also to “I am not getting results”.


Can I invoice multiple individuals?

Yes. The principles for invoicing multiple people from the same alleged organization are quite simple.

1.  You send a Courtesy Notice to One individual. S/he is Respondent (R1)
2.  You receive something advising harm will continue. Action = You send an invoice to R1
3. You receive something advising harm will continue from another person P2. Action = invoice R1 and P2 (Choose to send a CN to P2 if you wish).

R1 gets an invoice for every action that follows. P2 gets an invoice for every action s/he initiates until s/he is sent a CN and becomes R2. Then the process begins again for R2. For every new action thereafter, every previous Respondent is invoiced. All have chosen to contract with you. R1 acts with full responsibility and liability and is obligated by the CN to inform all colleagues, eg: P2.  It is 'reasonably' expected R1 would have fully disclosed the obligations to P2. P2 will likely approach R1 when invoiced and question why they were not informed. This happens at their end and helps to spread the word.

Please explain multiple invoices and Statements.

Here is an example of the invoicing process:

1.  Send CN to Respondent
2.  Advice received that matter is/ will continue
3.  Send Invoice #1
4.  Send 'Reminder Notice' - same invoice (#1) stamped "OVERDUE"
5.  Send 'Final Notice' - same invoice (#1) stamped "FINAL NOTICE"

It may happen that your Respondent passes the matter to someone else and they send new advice that the matter will continue.

Because your Respondent is obligated to inform "colleagues", then for each of these notices (received from one or more others) you will issue a new invoice to your Respondent each time. Thus you can get to a situation like this:

Invoice 1.  Sent - Overdue - Final
$1000 (ie: Invoice 1 has been sent 3 times)

Invoice 2.  Sent - Overdue - Final
$1500 (ie: Invoice 2 has been sent 3 times)

Invoice 3.  Sent - Overdue -
$2500 (ie: Invoice 3 has been sent twice)

Invoice 4.  Sending today
$2000 (ie: Invoice 1 is being sent)

By this time you might like to send your respondent a "STATEMENT" showing the status of all invoices:

Total Invoices
"Final status"
$ 2500 (ie: Invoices 1 and 2)

Total Invoices
"Overdue status"
$ 2500 (ie: Invoice 3)

$ 5000
Invoice 4 (Attached)
$ 2000 (ie: Invoice 4)

$ 7000

If you had sent a CN to each of the new “Respondents”, their invoices might begin accumulating in the same manner.

How does the harm Iʼm suffering relate to the invoices?

You send the CN to an individual (Respondent) to advise of the harm that entity has done (attempted to do) under their now foreclosed corporate banner, (eg: enforce a parking ticket, foreclose on your house, issue a demand, etc.)

You offer the Respondent terms and conditions that will apply, IF Respondent CONTINUES to send demands or threats in the name of the foreclosed entity. The instant they do, you invoice them in accordance with your terms and conditions, according which one (or more) of your terms (in Schedule A) that person engaged. The entity was committing harm before you sent the CN.  Your invoice (requesting payment in silver) is for continuing [to pursue] it. You accept the harm in exchange - like any other commercial contract. The Respondent is attempting as an individual to perpetuate the harm or treason previously committed by the (now foreclosed) entity. Because the Respondent, (by foreclosed cancellation of corporate charter) cannot act on that entity's behalf, the Respondent voluntarily enters into contract with you on a one to one basis.This voluntary action attempts to perpetuate the original treasonous or harmful action but in so doing, the respondent has agreed toaccept your invoice. Now we are talking trade: his/ her paperwork for your invoice.  The original harm or treason is largely historical in nature. Unpaid invoices are now a breach of contract.

Iʼm getting phone calls after I sent a CN - what should I do?

Most phone calls are recorded (for training purposes ... Yeah right?) and may be used as confirmation of you entering a “verbal contract”.  If you ask the caller for a name youʼll be given first name only. If you press for a surname they will offer you their Service Representative number. If you press further the caller will refuse and do everything to engage you in discussing your matter. They are trained to do this and are relentless. STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS! Say something like, “Thank you for your call and entering into the contract I offered. Have awonderful day and good bye.”  Hang up even if they continue talking. Then invoice your Respondent according to Schedule A of your Terms and Conditions for

a) contacting you by phone, and
b) advising the matter is continuing.

Please read the CN Guidelines that explains invoicing for phone calls.

My electricity and water are scheduled to be turned off. Can a CN be sent to avoid this action?

What notice advised you of this/ these?
Send your CN to whomever advised you. Usually this will be one CN sent to the Sparks utility.... and one CN to the Water utility.....

Invoice immediately for any response (including for telephone advice) - other than written notification adv ising that action is ceased, withdrawn or cancelled.

And you might consider sending the General Harm notice to the (government) Health Department (no heating, lighting or sanitation is personal harm.)

Remember this entity is foreclosed also ... but youʼve got a notice you can use to prompt the CN. Just remember, the CN is NOT A DEMAND.  It is an invitation to contract, whereby you accept no lights and no water in exchange for particular payments of Silver. Not a comforting thought ... but would they have done it anyway?

Iʼm in dire straits - pension, ill health, minimal income, and am very concerned about adverse effects on my entitlements.

Suggest if the risk to you is too high for direct action, you may consider other ways to inform those politicians, bankers etc. of what is happening. (The Foreclosure Flyer is perfect for this purpose). There are more and more articles coming out regarding OPPT... people are sending this off to politicians and bankers in 'Open Letters' simply to inform them of what is happening. There is a commitment to make in sending out a Courtesy Notice... it can be a long road.  Given the document was only written afew weeks back, it has not had much time to have an effect. Please learn as much as you can, researching more to find documents that incriminate the banks etc... and share this information to help others. Your support is immeasurable, thank you so much!

I am not getting results - Whatʼs happening?

You want one of two results from sending a CN.

1.   A letter or notice stating that all actions concerning your matter have been irrevocably closed, terminated, withdrawn orcancelled.
2.  Stone cold silence. You want one result from sending an invoice.  A letter that irrevocably accepts the waiver in your invoice and certifies that all action in the matter is irrevocably closed, terminated, withdrawn or cancelled. NO payment by the Respondent is necessary - your waiver has been accepted.  DO NOT expect your invoices to be paid.  Do expect more notices or letters.  Understand that banks / finance houses must exhaust every possibility (demands, phone calls, debt collectors, lawyers court hearings and so on), so that eventually, when they can prove "No Result" , they can lodge an insurance claim. Only then will all go silent as a rule.

It may happen sooner. Debt collectors run for their lives, usually, just on getting a CN. But it's seldom over then. Itʼs usually back to the bank at that point and likely youʼll next hear from a lawyer. btw.Youʼve a new Customer. Send an invoice to the first Respondent for referring it on.

What are some examples of reactions that folk are getting from sending CN's?

The Courtesy notice is having an effect, however, they vary widely as you might expect - from silence (being the desired result), right through to intimidation, demands and threats. Understand that a CN is not a quick fix. It is just the start of a process that might drag on for weeks or months with seemingly no ending. Those who begin this journey should batten down for the ride: CN - Invoice - Reminder Notice - new Invoice - new Reminder - new Invoice - etc, etc... Statement of past Invoices, and on it goes. Do that for 5 people and you've likely got a full time job.

I have grave concerns about OPPT

Answer from Heather of the OPPT: 

Many concerns are reflections of many of those who have received manipulated data from others and not taken the moment to review the raw data themselves and absorb what IS... and I thank you for bringing those concerns and manipulations into focus... I DO return the energy in kind... by bringing into focus the raw data and what IS... 

All are created by First Source (my choice of words for the eternal/ absolute Source that all is created from) AND Trusts of Creation were manifested upon each and every creation... OPPT inclusive... which is just a tool for this past moment of NOW...  If you and I BE and DO, with full responsibility and liability, what purpose is there for OPPT or any collective Trust of Creation? They only existed to correct the free will choice of some, who committed deceptive acts and practices to bring all unknowingly, unwillingly and intentionally under a slavery system through tools of enslavement and harvesting for the benefit of those few.... Commercial Registry was one of them... unlawful and illegal throughout Source's Universe.

All created by First Source, are the sole custodian, trustee, operator, and creator of that which is domicil (deposited) within them, with your full responsibility and liability for all that you DO with that BE'ing and value... the main goal of the principals of the enslavement systems was to prevent you and all of us from knowing this and how they commandeered it all.

Every BE'ing in Source's Universe, inclusive of all the people on this planet, had it all in plain sight...

Randall, Caleb and I consciously chose to be responsibile for what we BE and DO... now is the moment for you and all other BE'ings in Source's Universe to make the same choice. Caleb, Randall and I are not Trustees over your BE'ing and DO'ing or the value within you or anyone other than our self... a more correct perception of what we have done as Trustees of OPPT... we were glorified secretaries who REGISTERED in the enslavement system what IS... thereby collapsing what IS NOT.

YOU ARE NOT BONDED INTO ANY RELATIONSHIP... OPPT collapsed all unlawful and illegal bonding it is readying to be retired as it's purpose of guarding the space for you to know that... you BE and you DO what you BE... that IS all there IS... by your free will choice to BE and DO as you choose... that purpose of OPPT is almost satisfied. Perhaps the trust that you and others may feel has been betrayed was each of us not BE'ing and DO'ing with full responsibilty... as sole trustee, custodian, operator, etc., of our own respective BE'ings with full responsibility and liability for the value domicil within each of us by Source.

DO.  BE.

By your free will choice as you choose...
With absolute gratitude, grace, love and peace.
~ Heather Ann Tucci-JarrafTrustee

What about the future?

Great question and increasing numbers of people are asking. 

Before long many of the topics discussed in this document will be of historical value only. It is to be hoped that the CN will have done its job and become redundant. Weʼre not there yet. Much remains to be done. Time spent patching the old system is time better spend building the new. Please keep in touch with OPPT Information channels, blogs and websites. 

Great times are coming and your energy is having a very measurable impact. 

Blessings from all OPPT helpers from around the globe. 

What is UCC?

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the ʻbibleʼ of commerce and used world wide, but sometimes in disguise. UCC is not taught in law schools; it is taught at high level in banking and government corporations primarily on a need to know basis. Accordingly most lawyers, solicitors and magistrates know nothing about UCC. Enquiries to the Courts in Western Australia drew a blank. No one had heard of it. Expect therefore to get a letter from a legal person saying that your CN has no basis in law. What else might you expect from someone who has not been taught?

Does UCC apply in all countries?

Article 9 of the UCC is used in Australia, New Zealand and Canada under PPSA or PPSR legislation. Different countries use different titles and acronyms. Remember that it is used at the upper echelons of banking and commerce. Recent documents uncovered in Australia tie the 4 major banks to the federal reserve in New York in four (4) UCC documents registered in the same Washington DC office as the OPPT documents. That wonʼt stop lawyers and attorneys at court level asserting that UCC does not apply - they've not been taught.


Understanding The One Peoples Public Trust

How can I say in touch?

Knowledge is growing world-wide at a rapid pace.  It is exciting to be at the leading edge. The following web-links offer other links within, which will assist in you staying abreast of these history-making changes, unlike anything before on our planet. You can subscribe for email updates at some of these websites or get an RSS feed.

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