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Bank Package #5: General. Why Do We Need a "Bank Package" ??

This was a very good question that was asked by an astute person yesterday evening....   So i'm going to back the truck up a bit and give a little background as to why I started this group of articles entitled "Bank Package".  Please listen to these excerpts from the linked radio interview before you read any further.  Start with Lisa at around 19:00 to get a bit of context. Chris Hales starts speaking at around 20:25. Thank you. 

A basic introduction to the excerpt:  Chris Hales' recommendation is that each country gets together a 'pack' that we can use in our appointments with our banks.  These 'packs' need to have information in them that is usable within our own countries, because each country has slightly different processes.  Therefore, we need to find out what our own country's "rules" are.

Radio Show link:

"The Collective Imagination" Show Co-hosts:
  Lisa Harrison - Australia                                                 Bob Wright - America


Transcript notes:

20:30  Chris Hales:  Chris quotes from "The Banking Act" (Australia)  defining 'currency'.  It's important that people in each country find the equivalent documents in their own corporate constitutions, and look into this information for themselves...  The idea is that in an ongoing conversation with the banks you can show them a sequence of documentation...  That those items are defined as Australian 'currency'... such as a "Letter of Credit" as Bob pointed out...

22:30  Chris: Well, we'll have to wait and see exactly what approach Heather took... It's a template that they've applied across the planet... That as we're having these conversations with bankers, we can show them that we know that in their system everything is in place for them to deal with these kinds of transactions... So that they can't sit across the table and assume we're ignorant and just say, "No. We're not doing it..."  

Chris:  ... This is to create a 'support pack' for people to go and have this conversation... But if they start trying to say "No, we don't do that...."  you can lay this stuff out on the table in front of them and say, "Actually, you do... So, let's not be silly, let's continue the conversation." They're going to use every possible means they have of deflecting the request, the offer in fact that we're going to make to them...  We want to draw them as much as possible down this path to where they have to acquiesce and say, "We could do it..." We can then ask:  "Well what's stopping you?" ... The next comment you make would be: "Well, you have a decision to make, whether you're going to act in honour... Do you want to be a part of this, or not ?? ...Because this is what's coming [anyway]."  This is a way of deflecting all throughout the conversation any denials that they don't do this kind of thing.  We know they do...  And here it is in their own legislation in their own terms.

Lisa:  Another example of conversations that are being held with banks found in:

26:05  Chris:  Ultimately, when the documentation is published by Heather, we'll know the actual technique that she's used...  And we'll align the pack of information with it, at that point in time.  So what we're doing here is some basic research. What we're asking you guys in the audience to do, is look at your own local legislation... wherever you're listening to this from... Just do searches on 'promissory notes', searches on 'currency' inside the relevant Acts that you can find, they'll pop up pretty quickly... And you'll be able to start assembling the makings of your own pack for your own country... What we're doing is preparing the "First Wave"... Once we find banks who are prepared to become our partners... this process will become absolutely routine... As we're doing this re-purposing work with the banks (for the first time), we need to do our homework in order to make this happen...

Bronny NZ:

With the perfect timing that we NOW sit in, regarding Caleb's creation of Project XIII and Heather's creation of the IN-Change facility, there is a slight hiatus in forward movement. This gives us a very nice opportunity to get some homework done and up-skill ourselves for when the "Declaration of Value" or the "Deposit of Value" (DOVe)  is released by Heather. This includes finding documentation already in public places known to us such as I-UV.com, "Removing the Shackles" and "American Kabuki" sites most particularly. The collecting up of this information is what you see here, so we can begin to educate ourselves and get our own personal packs printed up and started.  

Please be mindful of Heather's words: "Absolute Personal Responsibility and Liability", ie: don't expect anyone else to DO this ground work for you, of educating yourself.  No one can "spoon-feed" you on this. The only thing that other people can do is to put the resources in front of you, which is what I am doing on this blog... to at least get you started  : )

While i've got this week off work, I am happy to put my "holiday" on hold and commit the week to The People, to at least get us all 'kick-started' somewhat.  This is my gift to you.  I work like the rest of you out there in the world to get my rent paid and put some food in my fridge... Just like you guys...  the drudgery of the Debt Slavery system...  But since my skills include "writing" and "research",  I offer this freely to the community of The One People as my contribution of helping us all go forward together.

This 'research' also means that WE (as individuals taking responsibility for ourselves) need to be getting our heads down into our local legislation and whatever other banking or similar documents we can find, and come up with text and REFERENCES (most important) for anything we find online or elsewhere, that will be of use in our approach to the banks. This will include UCC filings made by other corporate entities as we may find in our travels, and anything else that will be useful.  I am quite happy to publish your findings on this site.  Please simply leave a comment here or contact me by leaving a message on Facebook.  Chris Hales is also collecting this information as you find it for your country.  I'm not sure how to contact Chris.  Perhaps you can Message Bob Wright or Lisa M. Harrison on Facebook in the meantime.

This is a VERY BIG JOB as you will all agree...  and requires EVERYONE'S participation.  Chris Hales and his team can't do it on their own; I can't do it on my own.  We ALL need to participate.  WE ARE the "way showers".  The contribution we make to this NOW means the quicker we will all have success globally. Freedom from Debt Slavery is on its way...  But it would appear that Eternal Consciousness has a few more lessons for us to learn yet, as we continue to join together as a collective of "Intentional Co-creators" - intending together our liberation from this Debt Slavery system.

Love to all.  It's wonderful to mix and mingle with so many people from all over the world on Facebook. Who knows....?? Maybe by this time next week we will be mixing and mingling on Project XIII  if Mark Hoza's blog is anything to go by.  I leave you with this good news...  as well as encouragement for each IN-bodiment of Eternal Essence who reads this post to start looking around for usable passages, excerpts, whole documents along with references, so that we can start publishing information to make up these "Bank Packages" the world over.

News from Mark Hoza re: Project XIII  15 July 2013:

Also I wish to add:  If you are not an English speaker but would like to publish your findings on this site in your language, I am very happy for that to happen also.  This site has a strong readership from the Russian Federation as well as many other non-English-speaking countries. If you would like to put something in your language into the Public Record on this blog, please feel free to ask me. 

Many thanks, Bronny NZ


Skycypher said...

Thank you, Bronny. Your helpful and clear purpose and intent is truly appreciated by me.

Tonight in the group The One People: Shifting Banking Discussion Group


It was asked "What is the value of a DOVe?"

In my group: We can Grow our Own Banks


The idea presented is that states begin to open their own banks in lieu of the concern of the continued demise of the US Dollar.

It was agreed that that notion would allow that type of bank to become a more approachable entity for what the bank packs are being created for.

This also evolved the idea that by definition, currency obtains its value by a consensus of agreement by a majority vote of a community or committee that elects the principle to create value in the said currency.


Bronny NZ said...

This looks like very DOing stuff Skycypher !! Congratulations :D I'm so glad there's people out there with the skills to draw these thread together. I'm just one of the info/comms. people ; ) This Shift needs all of our contributions. Thank you so much for yours as well SC <3