Saturday, 6 April 2013

I Will Continue Protesting the Corporations !!!

New Zealand  -  A Practical Application for the OPPT Courtesy Notices...  

I DO NOT recognise this alleged "government" and I DO NOT recognise this petty "law" that this alleged government has decided to put in place with a shameful  "... increased powers of arrest with minimal process"  - Bill Hodge (Auckland University Professor in Law) 

April 3rd 2013

"New Zealand [alleged] Prime Minister has criminalised protest 
against corporations and forced through law that allows 
the [alleged] military to arrest citizens"

[just like Obama did in the US on the 24 Dec 2012] 
Corporate rights over citizen rights and passing laws that violate Constitutional Rights is not just being done by Harper !

"This amendment WILL NOT go through the normal channels of public consultation and it wont be vetted by the [alleged] Attorney-General for possible breaches of the Bill of Rights Act.

NZ [alleged] PM has given massive surveillance powers to the [alleged] Police, and appoints his childhood friend to the head of the [alleged] spy agency and the [alleged] military will be able to arrest protesters via this legislation that is being rammed through [the alleged] Parliament.

A law change to give the [alleged] Defence Force powers to arrest and detain anti-mining protesters in the deep seas and impose stiff penalties on those protesters will not be subjected to the usual processes of public input or a Bill of Rights Act vetting by the [alleged] Attorney-General.

Although there may be legitimate health and safety reasons for the law change, there was a general principle that the [alleged] military should not be given law enforcement powers.

NZ [alleged] Green Party said there was also concern about what constituted "interfered" with mining structures or vessels, a phrase which could be interpreted very broadly and open up relatively peaceful protesters to arrest.

He said this should happen only if offshore mining sites and vessels were in waters police lacked the ability to patrol.

The changes, announced by [alleged] Energy Minister Simon Bridges mean protesters who intentionally damage or interfere with mining sites or vessels which are outside New Zealand's 12-mile territorial limit risk up to a year in prison, or fines of up to $50,000 for a person or $100,000 for an organisation.  

[Send that man a Courtesy Notice reminding him that the alleged NZ Government was foreclosed on (along with all alleged governments world wide) on 22 October 2012]

The bill will also give [alleged] police and [alleged] Defence Force personnel power to board protesters' ships and arrest and detain them. 

[alleged] Defence personnel now have powers to arrest civilians only in limited circumstances, such as if it is required to suppress a riot.

The changes will be made as a late amendment to a Crown Minerals Bill so will not be considered by a select committee hearing where public submissions are made.  

[Note: I recognise no "Crown". I recognise OPPT and UCC filings (2012-13) and the 1835 Declaration of Independence, Te Tai Tokerau. I recognise no alleged "Crown" or "government" of NZ ]

[alleged] Green Party energy spokesman Gareth Hughes has objected to the lack of public scrutiny for such a significant change and Auckland University law professor Bill Hodge said it was far from ideal to increase powers of arrest with minimal process.


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Bronny NZ said...

Prime Minister John Key says he will no longer answer questions about his actions without warning, following controversy over his role in the appointment of spy boss Ian Fletcher.

During an interview on Radio Live, Key described those reporting on the story as ''knuckle heads'' and said he would change his approach to answering questions both in Parliament and to the media.

Denying accusations that he had lied by omission, he said he had only had ''15 seconds, with no warning, on a process that happened 18 months ago'' and he should have taken time to research the answer.

''What I should have done, and what I will be doing in the future, is saying, well, the member needs to put that down to me in writing, and I'll be doing that to the journalists as well,'' Key said.

This is not how democracy works. Democracy isn't just about free, fair and regular elections, but also ongoing accountability to the people. Scrutiny by the media is the basic means of that accountability. Refusing to accept that is the act of a dictator who believes himself unaccountable, not of an elected, accountable representative.