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Ann Bressington Asks The Question............

This is from Pieta Morgan's Facebook timeline.  Only my own statements appear here...  as well as Ann's initial question...

"Ann Bressington asked these questions in the thread above... Perhaps David responded. I would also like to add my response here.... Here is Ann's comment made earlier in this thread ~
Ann: So then David... how do you dismantle the slavery system, care for the sick, vulnerable and starving people of the world, repair the war torn countries and allow those people to heal if there is no structure in place to administer that. How do people receive their "inheritance" if there is no system to distribute that and how do we keep hospitals, services for the disable etc., running."

The following are my "early morning" ideas in response to these questions....

"Everthing stated in this question draws on the presumption that The People live in Slave Mind. Slave Mind says: "I can't do for myself... I need 'nanny state' to come and look after me."  Really ??  IS this humanity ?? Not from where i'm sitting, here in Aotearoa... and NOT what I can see of Aussie, either... nor Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Fiji, Argentina, ICELAND, HUNGARY.... 

The Scales have fallen off the eyes of the people. It is only the elder generation and the "institutionalised" people, ie: those who wholeheartedly embrace the 'nanny state' mentality, those who are CONDITIONED into subservience by the overlords who pose as benefactors, who are NOT prepared to Stand Up and BE in Community. "Community" is the Natural Order of things. In a word... Michael Tellinger calls this "Ubuntu".

To answer your points Ann, you dismantle the Slave System by TELLING the people they are NO MORE THAN CHATTEL/ CATTLE brought and sold on the STOCK Exchange... and kept SLAVES through BONDS that still BIND them to the Corporate Slave Masters, who are the FICTIONAL ENTITIES we currently call our "GOVERNMENTS". We all now KNOW that these entities are simply "Corporations" ... or as I like to spell it... because i'm very good at "spelling" (casting spells) through the vibrational field, "Corpse-Orations"... because I know that whoever align themselves with these "Corpse-Orations" are all Dead Men speaking Dead Men's Words... which is why their words lack Life and Vitality. They thud into my head like the footfall of impotent Zombies who I can take out with my baseball bat all day with ease. And the stench of these Dead Men Walking fouls up the nostrils as soon as they come near. The People "know" it instinctively... they can SMELL the STENCH... (smell a rat, and so on) but they just need to have their suspicions confirmed... Because they have been DUPED for so long and been told that they can not see what is CLEARLY VISIBLE in front of them. This KNOW-LEDGE puts them up on the shelf where they can look down and SEE the Truth of what they Always KNEW... but couldn't see... until they could access the KNOW-LEDGE.

PEOPLE  care for the sick. You take the poison out of the food, then you get the sickness out of the people. Many, many of us out here are GIFTED HEALERS. People would RAPIDLY become well again.

People are only VULNERABLE because they have been TAUGHT to be vulnerable.... because their 'vulnerability' served the purposes of the few. "Vulnerability" MAKES MONEY !!!

The STARVING PEOPLE get fed. Simple. Initially, you give the military budget that the US gives to the State of Israel each week to feed the starving masses of the African, Asian and South American continent, and you have solved those problems for starters. You tear down the Commodities Trading racket and stock-piling of wheat, soy and rice, and you have solved the WHOLE problem. ie: You dismantle entirely the STOCK and COMMODITIES TRADING systems... what a SCOURGE on humanity. "They" collapsed these systems themselves back in 1929. It won't be a problem therefore, for these to be collapsed again.... except THIS TIME... ALL RESOURCES will be available for The People. There will be NO pad-locked empty factories this time around !!! And all "commodities" will be RELEASED to The People.... because they are ALL paid for anyway... by the sweat of our brow and the blood of our bodies... Bought and paid for... So they shall be RELEASED !!! ALL COMMODITIES. For The People.... Including ALL of the oil the commodities traders have stock-piled and now drip-feed to governments at premium prices. All of that will be made available for FREE as the NEW energy systems come online.... to be FREELY gifted to ALL people.... along with WATER and the basic necessities of life.... seeds, education, protection.

The "war torn" countries of the world will quickly heal once the United States Corporation (1871) military occupiers all go home and plant a garden to feed their families nourishing food. US Armies... I NOW DECLARE... Get out of the Northern Territory... Get out of Alice Springs. We don't want your underground city up there so close to us all in the South Pacific and near Asia. Get out of South Auckland.... NOW !!! Get out of the Middle East Countries.... Get out of Africa !! Piss off. Go home. And all you mercenaries who are paid off with American taxpayer money to go and play the part of "the rebels" against the "Assad regime" .... you can piss off too. Piss off. Go home and find a wife... settle down... plant a vineyard, have some children and live out your days in peace. 

NOTHING to "administer" Ann. Those days are ALL GONE. EACH human being KNOWS right from wrong. Each will find his or her way. The MAJOR cock up in all of this is that STUPID HUMANS are lured by money and the POWER that it brings.... which of course is an illusion.... one that is ENDING NOW.... because The People HAVE WOKEN UP !!!!

So stop treating us like little children who don't know how to wipe their own bums.... Your statements are a MOCKERY to humanity. Be Little, Be Little, Be Little. NO !!!! We are NOT small. We are VERY BIG, and VERY INTELLIGENT and VERY RESOURCEFUL !!! We KNOW the paths we need to take to re-build VIBRANT LOVING Communities with each other again.... With local, leadership who will NOT be paid a brass razoo.... because this time of money is GONE, GONE, GONE. The worlds of humanity and of metals will never cross paths again. That time IS OVER !!! ENDED !!! KAPUT !!!! FINITO !!!! DONE AND DUSTED. We SPIT the final sand of it from our mouths and say "good riddance". What a balls up that was. And we NOW FORGET that we were ever tied up in the tight cords of our own enslavement.... to the money system. Very SOON.... all of that will be a DARK AND DISTANT memory.... the subject of HORROR STORIES we reminisce with our be-puzzled teenagers who gather around the log-fires in the evenings with their elders.... sharing wisdom. 

Have NO FEAR for the future of humanity Ann. We are STRONG..... And we are READY to KNOCK the walls of the citadels of our ENSLAVEMENT down.... It happens minute by minute. SOON.... It will all be gone.... And humanity will sigh a large collective sigh of relief on that day..... and we KNOW that we ARE FREE.

This happens right NOW.... The DOMINOS have STARTED FALLING.... !!!!! The END of The Crown Corporation City of London Banksters, Masons/ Templars, The "Stock" Market, the Court and Prison Systems... The Churches of the Black Magicians... They ALL COME DOWN RIGHT NOW !!!! Babylon the Great HAS FALLEN.... HAS FALLEN.... I hear the ANGEL crying from heaven... the wing-beats are in my ears. The TIME for this THING to be OVER is HERE. The Beast and the Dragon are NOW SLAIN and are thrown into the bottomless pit. It is ALL finished. It is ALL finished. It is finished.

Please see:


(13:50) "I am The Witness of the above name fraud being perpetrated here. I have the prima facie evidence in my hand (holding up the Birth Certificate).  On and for the record, is it now your intent to entice me into slavery?" - Kate of Gaia, on this video:

Outside The Box With Kate Of Gaia - Santos Bonacci - Manifesting Y

After making this statement and doing this action, in 3 cases in Crown Courts around the world from 3-13 January 2014, the court judgea have had to bow down to "The Witness".... The LIVING Witness !!!  
It's high time you got your teeth into this food dear people. The world is about to EXPLODE.... !!!! Catch the wave with Kate and Santos EVERY DAY on "Critical Mass Radio". 

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