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Heather Responds to SwissIndo on American Kabuki

The reference material is on American Kabuki blogspot:

Ron van Dyke made a video entitled "31-01-2014  WILL EARTH BE DIVIDED IN TWO FOR THE 5D PEOPLE" responding to Heather's replies to SwissIndo on 31 January 2014. Here is Ron's description on the video.  This gives you an idea of the video's content:
Published on Jan 30, 2014.  I read Heather's response to SwissIndo as posted on American Kabuki [link above]. From what I was able to comprehend with the initial reading, it seems to me she is rejecting any bridge from where we have been to where we are going in our journey of spiritual evolution. To me, this means that the ONLY solution would be the dissolution of the physical world we have known, with not one stone left standing on another, and starting over from scratch. I think we've done this in our past as human races/species of sentient beings in physical form, though that can only be supposition on my part. From my perception, I reject this non-solution, choosing to experience continuity between the old and the new so that wisdom would have meaning in physical experience and not be relegated to only the ethereal, non-physical realm. That would negate, as I see it, any reason for ever embodying anything in physical form, making physical creation a mockery of my senses. Will Earth be divided to accommodate the 5D dream of a disconnected world?  - Ron.  

Ron's video may be withdrawn at some stage... It was this video that prompted me to make further comment on this matter. The community grows when many perspectives are forwarded for people to think upon...
"I'm sorry to hear that you are still in 2013 Ron. You have so many questions and demands. The ONLY solution is the one you find Within YourSelf. Go within. All answers lie there. Your solution is not to be found in any Other... only In YOU. Create what you want to create Ron. All of those "other people" you talk about is You. Just You. I have no agreement with what you've said here at all. I think you've missed the point. Move on... It's now 2014. Santos Bonacci and Kate of Gaia are two names new to me, that I think you will also benefit from tapping into. 
"There is NO SOLUTION to be found in money... Heather is absolutely correct on this point. Here's a facebook Group I Administer and associated blog. This is where we ARE heading... See:   I hope this helps.

"The SOLE JOB of the OPPT in the grand "scheme" of Cosmic Consciousness (imo) was to bring THE ONE PEOPLE together. Their secondary "job" was to educate people into becoming Sovereign. That's ALL they needed to do... And they've done BOTH of those things beautifully. Everything else is simply distraction.

"We ARE "The One People". This we now KNOW. But: Are we Sovereigns yet ?? ...Standing in our Own Power? Or do we STILL look to another to SAVE us ?? If it is the latter, we need to re-attune. The ONLY one who can SAVE me from anything up ahead is "ME" !!! This IS taking Sovereign Responsibility !! Anything less is simply remaining in the Slave Mind. Looking to Heather, SwissIndo or anyone else IS remaining in Slave Mind. If you are still in Slave Mind, you did NOT get the OPPT/ TOP message at all :-/

"Yes. I am putting it bluntly, because this message needs to be heard clearly: 
"I AM Sovereign. I AM 100% responsible for creating all of my experiences." I Am "it". The "buck" stops with ME."  

"I AM Creator. No-one else is creating this experience here on planet Earth, except for ME !! (It's a quantum field 'thing').  Do you get it now ?? I AM.  I AM "It".  I AM That.  I AM Creator Manifesting all that I see.

"What do you see ?? Well then... you might have to change your program."    <3

This is a letter I received just this morning from a Friend on Facebook concerning this video:
I'm standing on the fence on this, but I can see where Ron is Coming from, all this legal talk goes straight over my head, more of a practical D I Y man myself... so I'm just waiting to see what develops out of OPPT... maybe when the big financial crash comes we will get something worthwhile out of this.

Here is my (albeit somewhat frustrated) reply to my fb Friend:
"This talk of yours is no better than Ron's. You both miss the point. The ONLY one who can SAVE me from anything up ahead is "ME" !!! 
"Please start listening to Santos Bonacci and Kate of Gaia on "Paradigm Shift Radio". I've only just discovered these two recently as well. This is where the NEW information is now coming out from, as an extension of, but not a part of the OPPT. Listen to their shows and you'll see what I mean.

"You'll find references to their most current information all over my timeline, for Santos and Kate. I've made recommendation on Ron's video to do the same.... and to walk away from 2013 into our deepening understanding in 2014. Just let it go... 
Bronny NZ Facebook
"There's no fence to stand/ sit on. There is only the Truth. And that needs no judgement. And it needs no followers. And it needs no antagonists. It just is. 
Please align yourself to KNOWING that it ALL is perfect. Everything is going to "plan". This I know."

Critical Mass Radio

Please go to mark 7:00 on this "Critical Mass Radio" show dated 31 January 2014 in reference to "leaders" and "followers" ~

Episode 82 link
The link here was my introduction to "Paradigm Shift Radio" just a few days ago.  This is a wonderful edition of this show and I think a great introduction for anyone.  The date of this video is 27 January 2014. I think this was a "special" broadcast following the arrest of Santos Bonacci since the 27th was a Thursday. This is unclear. I see no other dates for this Edition 82. PSR usually broadcast on Sundays, from what their promos say...   (on YouTube)

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