Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Swissindo Hi-jack. Reflecting on 2013...

Now that 2013 is done, we are in a position to get some hindsight. From where i'm standing, I think the "purposes" of the OPPT in the grand scheme of things, were just two: 

(1) to bring the disparate activist groups and individuals together as "The One People" and 

(2) to make millions of people aware that they (me/we) have not been standing in Personal Sovereignty in our Truth as "Eternal Essence Embodied".  We didn't know to do this, generally, before 2013. Both of these primary goals have been achieved through the OPPT.

We have been undertaking HUGE Downloads, each one of us, trying to wrap our heads around a broad spectrum of information. We should all be congratulated for taking this HUGE step of awakening.  The money, the billions, the CVACs, "The Value", the I-OPEEN and even Project XIII were all extraneous to these two core purposes. We now ARE The One People... and I AM Sovereign. This is where this most interesting year of 2013 has taken me. And I know this is the Truth for millions of you out there as well. The goals have been perfectly achieved.

Many people have still not awakened to their "Slave Mind". This is an ongoing process. Many more of The People will awaken... Many will come into greater understanding and realise that they still Stand as Victims, with a Slave Mind that abdicates personal responsibility, thinking that their future needs will be met through some external agent, or through some centralised entity. Of course, this is the only model we have all known. It takes some imagination to see the alternatives and the possibilities of entering a New Society with each other, where EACH ONE retains the Integrity of our FULL PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY... And I DO feel that THIS IS where we are heading.

The OPPT vehicle was attractive to many groups and individuals who sought to forward their own agendas... by using the various OPPT vehicles and finding favor with The People. The listernership of "The One People" radio show was colossal mid-2013... 15 million... 20 million... Already established was the vehicle of the UCC filings... along with the vehicle that could very quickly mobilise The People, being "The One People" radio show. By mid-2013, The People were still looking for a saviour... They had NOT learned the lesson of moving into FULL SOVEREIGNTY, and were still looking for someone to wing in on the deus ex-machina and save the day. 

At one point, that very person was co-created by us all... At that time, all of us had our attention on "The Value". By June 2013 a young New Zealand woman shot like a comet and lit up the night sky for us all. It was hot, hot, hot energy... It was a magnesium-bright flame that burned brightly and was just as quickly snuffed out. This young woman did not work independently. There were others in behind her who were forwarding THEIR agenda through her. This is not an isolated example, but is probably the example that most of us can relate to, and is close to home for me.

Swissindo was but one of these that saw the advantages of jumping on the OPPT bandwagon... and who like a trap-door spider lay in wait until the time to strike had arrived. When Swissindo DID strike, many of those chosen as representatives were people in OPPT/TOP who had already built up a following, and egoically, had a lot to lose if they entered into dealings with Swissindo... and then withdrew. 

Once drawn into this web of deceit, it would be difficult to get away. Shame is an unbearable thing if one is standing openly in the public light. Pride stops us from acknowledging a lack of judgement and insight. No-one likes to feel a fool.  The position will be fought by some of these remaining within that dark nest, no matter what, purely to save face... 

All the while, the creators of this well-crafted lair sit off at the sidelines, much amused by the players as they hit volley after volley of "service" and "match points" at each other, while they themselves using this spectacle as distraction, continue to inch ever more forward to their goal.

All of the agendas during 2013 have used these tactics. Whichever organisations and individuals 'hitched their wagons to this star', ALL followed this same pattern. It's just that NOW, there is such a serious problem up ahead, especially now that the UN seems to be embracing Swissindo, that we have all forgotten to stand back and simply observe the patterns. Instead, we zoomed in to nit-pick at the details and the personalities. This is indeed a great waste of time and effort. Please, simply stand back, and look for the patterns... Just BE "the observer" and i'm sure this will make way for change.  In other words...  Button up. Don't be part of the "distraction". And just listen to those points of view who have lived this.... all through 2013.  It's not OUR story to tell.  It is theirs. 

I am trying to take a broad perspective here.... and I sure don't have all the answers... and I don't pretend to have them. I am just trying to cut a track for any who like me, wants to come and take a birds-eye view of the situation, and to look at the repeating patternings that have attended one "interest" group after another over 2013.

Swissindo imo, is no more than one of these. Swissindo came towards The People little by little, using the good OPPT actions, intentions, wisdom, knowledge, filings, processes and following, to gain advantage for its own agenda. And it has captured the hearts, aspirations, and imaginations of all who now follow obediently, subservently, the wishes of "Mr Sino". It will not be an easy task for any of these followers to cut loose the dream that has been pitched to them... and it will be even MORE difficult for any of these followers to step down, and admit in the harsh glare of the public gaze, that they had been mesmirized and beguiled.

So with good grace, NOW might be a good time for WE, the spectators of this game to quietly step back, and "give space" to any of these stalwart agents of the Swissindo Dream, to remove themselves and quietly step away. And may we have the good grace to allow them to do that, without any finger pointing, without harrassments, without being the butt of our jokes, derision and scorn. Now is the time to behave in a "very grown up manner" and allow any who want to walk away, to do so, without any loss of face. Such is the nature of being drawn into a deception.... We never see it fully until we stand at the cliff's edge... and then we realise that we have no choice but to jump.... or lose face 

So let's be kind. And let's step back a little... And graciously allow those of The One People who are in the centre of this game currently, to back out a little, so that they may clearly see too the game that is being played...  which is AGAINST the Good of The People, who are still learning to Stand in their Personal Sovereignty.

I think that's all I wanted to say. Thank you to those who made it to the end of this post. Kindness is a Great Gift we can give to each other. I hope we can all exercise kindness... and "give space". Thank you, Bron.

In summary:

I feel OPPT simply presented itself as a vehicle back on 25 December 2012. I feel it was an immature humanity that wanted OPPT to be the "Knight in Shining Armor"  ... And I think Heather Tucci-Jaraff tried to do her best in integrity of heart to accommodate that 'need' in The People .... realising that most of us were still pretty 'young' and confused. We've grown up a LOT since then.


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