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The "Strawman" Accounts Are Closed. The Pope's "Crowns" Bear Witness.

Bron: When I say "his Value" i'm meaning, "currency drawn against his own Berth Certificate personally".

AA: If you look up 'accepted for value' on youtube and google there is tons of info. I studied it for awhile and could not find any credible evidence of its success.....that Doesn't mean it does not exist....just that I have not been able to connect the dots yet. I have high hopes for the OPPT and hope to see success stories soon from using Courtesy Notices and from Accessing our Value....but so far have not seen any solid evidence. I am not trying to be negative but rather asking for help from all of you that may know more than I do to point me to solid info that I can use myself and share with my friends and family. THANKS

JC: ... In regard to the Cestui Que Vie accounts. In fact we have 3 not one. These accounts were actually closed in I think August 2011 going off memory. No-one knows why. These accounts are secret and no-one is ever allowed to look at them, I think they are held in the Vatican vaults. 
To completely digress to another subject......Well folks, we'll be in there soon because 'that house of cards' is also coming down. Look up a guy call Kevin Annett, who is campaigning against child abuse, trafficking, his work is incredible. I would love to work with him. To me he is a true hero and EVERYONE must give him support.

Look up Canon Law, it's all in there.

JB:  In Trust Law which I understand is the Highest form of Law, Government [Trustees of the Trust], have a Duty to take Orders from the Administrators of that Trust for the benefit of the Beneficiary. They the government took the position of Administrators because none of the Beneficiaries claimed that position to settle and close the accounts. I'm talking about the Bankruptcy here, the National Debt.

So you see how my logic works? Assume the position of Administrator and order the government (Public Trustee) in their capacity to issue whatever piece of Fiction, Bond, Promissory Note, Print Currency which as you may know are all in the accrual.

If you are a Canadian then you must know about The Consolidated Revenue Fund (CFR) which operated like a slush fund for the government and all those who have access to it, like the Crown. The Consolidated Revenue Fund is where all the hard assets are that have been generated since 1871, if I am remembering that date correctly. I'd rather have a Bill of Exchange [currency] created from my share of the CRF than use a Promissory Note that I will have to Set-Off eventually.... 

Plan B is simple: Order the Public Trustee to create a Positive Value on the Public side of my Bank account. In their system only the Courts and the Banks can go between the Public and the Private. So the Trustee In EXPRESSED WILLED has the capacity to go into the CRF and draw out and place into my bank account, the Funds

JC: The straw man accounts are closed [the C'est Que Vie]. Only the Vatican has access to them. The Vatican bank. No-one can claim on them. To quote Canon Law:
"Let it be known also that all Cestui Que Vie Trusts (refer to the section on banking for further insights into this trust) have now been collapsed, as of 15th August 2011, via Ritus Probatum Regnum and Ritus Mandamus, Public Document number 983210-341748-240014"
So, if you think about it, it is the straw man account that is really our 'corporate person', which we became at the signing of our birth certificates. This 'person' is the one they prosecute and rule you by. The real you is a human being (as you were when you were born). So, if the straw man accounts have been closed, does this make us 'free' again and not accountable to any law? I understand your law is similar to ours. [British cf. Canadian]. We have a Statute law in Black's Law dictionary which states. "Statute law is only enforceable in a court of law by the consent of the governed." So we are "the governed". 

When did I ever give my consent to this law? Never. Where is the evidence that I ever consented to your laws? There isn't any, because you never have.  However, your Drivers Licence is a consent to being ruled under traffic laws because you consented to it by filing an application form, etc.  So just hand the licence back and say I do not consent. We know lots of people who refuse to pay taxes, etc. by saying show me the paper that says I have consented.

That being:  The dissolution of the Trust and Office known as Aeterni Regis, also known as the Eternal Crown or "The Crown" and all derivatives thereof and terminate all settlement certificates !! ie: all Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Bonds and claims including the "Termination of the Authority of the Bank for International Settlements", thus ending the system of debt slavery of the world. and full accounting, acknowledgement and surrender of all claims shall be provided within 42 days by the [Public] Trustees and Administrators; and, As the Divine Creator, all saints, spirits and scripture be our witness you are to remit to the facts and conditions herein, or let all Heaven, Earth, Hell and History be your judge. End of.

You actually have three Cestui Que Vie accounts. The first is your Birth (Berth) Certificate (used to be known as a Settlement Certificate). The second is when they take your 'Berth Certificate' (as you are actually labelled as cargo), to the bank to open the account to claim money from your fund and the third is your Christening. 

Look at old photos of the pope he wears three crowns to represent the three accounts. Look at recent photos and now it's gone. Don't take me word for it, check it out. (see the end of this post for more images)

                          Pope John XXIII   
      Pope Innocent III (1160-1216)                                 John XXIII Pontifex Maximus
                                                                                  Ordained in Rome August 10, 1904

JC: For years they turned us into money/ labour slaves that generated money to line their own pockets and sit on golden thrones. They have been robbing us blind, trading us as cargo, loaned money against us, then declared us dead because we didn't make a claim on our accounts within 7 years. Then when you grow up, they persecute you for stupid nonsense, put you in jail on a whim, poison you and your children, inject them with mercury bad 'flu' injections', snatch your kids and use them for child trafficking. Loan you money that they don't have, charge you extortionate interest for it, then come and take your house when you can't pay because you've lost your job through illness and you can't afford the medical bills. That's money laundering. They have been doing this since I think 1933. It started years before but 1933 was significant because the country was bankrupt and they had to raise money so they used the people ( it actually states 'with arms and legs' on the document) as collateral. They listen to your phone calls, intercept your mail, programme your children to become mindless robots through TV or vile xbox games. Kill thousands of innocent men, women and children in another country for no reason..just because they can. Lock you up or threaten you if you speak out. How can you suggest trusting them ever again with the new accounts. This list is endless of what they have been doing. Now please ask yourself the question again. What is the solution...we are not sure. How do we get the money to us bypassing these evil people. I wish someone would come up with an answer soon.

Not to mention companies masquerading as governments. Look it up on Dunn and Bradstreet, it's there, real evidence. Obama is just the CEO of the corporation. Ask yourself; how can an organisation have LAWS? Organisations can only have policies, not LAWS. Only the people who work for an organisation are tied to it's policies. Where do laws come from? It's their polices and they have called them LAWS to fool you into thinking they are in charge and of course to control you. It's just the same as McDonalds employing security guards to grab people who drop litter in the car park then take you into a back room and extract money from you. In the end it all boils down to money. We are money machines, that's all.

Bron:  JC has the ear of thousands of people in this post. Well done J.

Therefore:  The Canadian Government is Foreclosed. The big stick has been taken out of its hand for good. It's no good appealing to them any longer. The knowledge-dissemination is being done amongst The People. If ALL PEOPLE GLOBALLY STOP paying their rents and mortgages for 2 weeks... It would all fall over. But it needs PUBLIC WILL... And before Public Will, there needs to be dissemination of the information that all of these systems are a fiction that WE ALLOW to be REAL !! They are NOT REAL. They are bits of paper. WE give them power simply by being complicit and continuing to play the game on their terms. Those terms have VERY MUCH CHANGED since December 26 2012. It's a new rule book. It's a new field and a WHOLE new game. Isn't it exciting ?? The Day is NOW !! Seize it !!

ps.  May I post the content of these Comments to my blog?You were in a wonderful flow... You can 'feel' it in someone's writing when they're "in the zone". It may need a little editing and i'm happy to either give initials or no acknowledgements at all... Thank you You've just made a whole lot of this stuff a whole lot more clearer to me. Much appreciated

At today’s weekly general audience the Holy Father received a new tiara made for him, May 25th, 2011  (image on the right below)

     papal tiara 1

Pope John XXIII's coronation 4 Nov 1958. He was crowned wearing the 1877 Palatine Tiara.      
Benedict on May 25th, 2011 -  a new papal tiara.

Here is the pineal gland 'cone' tiara resembling the pine cone in The Vatican.

Pope Boniface VIII

This seems to be as posh as Francis I gets:




The last time the Papal Tiara was seen being worn was in 1963 at the Coronation of Pope Paul VI.  You will not that there are a number of Papal Tiaras.  I wonder how many in total ??   Wikipedia thinks there's 22.


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