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Past Paradigm Ploys

The video below is a concise explanation revealing why the people of the world have been strung and quartered up until the "One People's Public Trust" came along. This is the paradigm from which, in law, we are NOW FREE. This is a shocking video. How can humans do this to other fellow human beings ???  They show no human soul. This is the Past Paradigm... so don't get hung up on it.  Just realize that this is what has BEEN (past tense).

We now have the vehicle/s through the UCC legal filings, done for ALL PEOPLE of the world by the One People's Public Trust... for US ALL to be liberated from the World Banking system. Our own countries now, following what Iceland did on 20 Feb 2012, can declare themselves completely DEBT FREE from the IMF...  and obviously we individuals can also completely claim PERSONAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM from any debt illegally put upon you by the corporate lending institutions...  Yes !!  YOUR BANK !!!  They're all tied into this scheme...  consciously or unconsciously, willingly or without any knowledge.  YOUR BANK is a party to these ploys.

                                                                                                                     December 2010 - Gerard O'Neill  "Turbulence Ahead"
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I haven't figured out yet what the process is to claim FREEDOM ~ but that's what we're here for: to look up these links and find out how to do this. I go to work too and "feed the machine" ...otherwise I would have found those solutions for you already. Please feel free to run ahead if you have the time to figure out what to do... And then you can post back and tell me/ us what to do by adding a comment anywhere on this site  ; )  Thank you.  Be prepared to be startled as you hear how agents for the Corporations and the World Banks went in willingly and knowingly to cripple whole nations.  John Perkins (former chief economist for Chas. T. Main Inc.) is quite up-front about how they did it     : (    Absolutely Shocking !!!

The truth behind the Greek Economic Crisis

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Greece is been subjected to Economic slavery.... the reason why... see video... and comment on. A slave in order to work must be feed and accommodated, an economic slave must do these things for him/her self. Taken from Zeitgeist Addendum documentary.

See the movie "Money as Debt" for the history and origins of this corrupt lending scheme.

Money as Debt [how our money system works] [HD Full Version]

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Bronny NZ said...

This is just one example of how they're poisoning us... then they let the "Health Service" mess with our bodies telling us THEY'RE the "professionals". There's big money to be made in the 'food' and 'health' sectors. We have just been dummies to it. Time to Wake Up.

This article is found on Ann Bressington's Facebook wall, dated 22 February 2013. It was posted by Peter Ruwette. It is unclear whether he is the writer of this article. I think it may be Peter's work:

A recent story aired by "Today Tonight" revealed we might be getting more than we bargained for when it comes to our favourite brand of frozen mixed berries.

Brands under the microscope: “Creative Gourmet”, “Woolworths Select”, "Nanna's" and "Coles Fresh Frozen" products.

The findings? The following brands were found to contain traces of a number of fungicides and pesticides, some of which are banned here in Australia for agricultural use due to their carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects on the human body.

* Creative Gourmet berries were found to contain Carbaryl - "Carbaryl is a cholinesterase inhibitor and is toxic to humans". It is classified as a likely human carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)

* Select Mixed berries were found to contain the chemical Pyraclostrobin- a suspected carcinogen. Select Raspberries were found to contain Iprodione which is considered a "likely" human carcinogen based on evidence of tumors in both sexes of mouse (liver) and in the male rat.

* Coles Raspberries were found to have traces of Difenoconazole - a suspected carcinogen and endocrine disruptor.

These fungicides are considered toxic to humans.

So how did these chemicals make their way into our food chain? Most of these berries are imported. As an example, Creative Gourmet import their berries from a variety of countries including Chile, Serbia, China and Poland. Why? The report interviewed an Australian farmer who said they just can't compete with the low costs from overseas.

In a separate report, a selection of peaches and berries that were imported from Chile were found to contain traces of DDT. DDT is one of the most dangerous pesticides that has ever been used on our food supply and as a result, has been banned in Australia for many years. DDT has been linked to the following:

- This chemical is likely to cause cancer
- Reproductive effects have been observed in animals, including early onset of puberty in females, infertility, and sex reversal (fish). High DDE levels in mothers’ blood may also increase the likelihood of preterm birth and low birth weight
- Changes in the normal levels of thyroid hormone
- Chronic effects on liver, kidney, and nervous system (in laboratory animals)
- Laboratory tests of animals have shown evidence of birth defects (abnormal tail development) and other developmental effects (impaired learning in maze tests)

- continued below

Bronny NZ said...

- continued from above

If you can find the spare coins, berries should always be organic varieties or pesticide free. Their soft permeable surface enables them to absorb high quantities of pesticides. If you can't afford organic, choose Australian producers in order to ensure you aren't ingesting any chemicals that are not permitted for use here in Australia.

In response to your questions:

Nanna's berries were not on the TT "black list" however, all of the berries sold by Nanna's are imported from China. DDT has been identified in a number of instances across China.

I have asked additional brands to come back to me with regards to their products and practices. I will post new information when it comes available.

In a separate post I have also listed some alternatives to the above brands. Don't forget a number of other delicious Australian summer fruits make for great smoothies.

At the time this story was released, Coles were conducting their own investigations.

Woolworth's have since commented below stating they withdrew the berries from sale and have since established a new source.

Patties, owners of Creative Gourmet and Nanna's berries have since emailed me and advised that they have "significantly increased independent testing to ensure their products continue to comply with all Australian Food Standards". Patties also offer 'Creative Gourmet Organic Berries' for concerned customers, see my alternative post for more information.

Just a quick note. All brands (including Creative Gourmet, Nanna's, Sara Lee, McCain's, Coles and Woolworths) are still importing from various locations including that of Chile and China (check your product packaging for more information). They have not indicated that they will be switching to Australian producers. These company statements mention that they have increased their testing to ensure the product meets what is considered Australian standards. These products, unless certified organic are still sprayed with pesticides. As per the information released by the EWG, berries rank in the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables available for purchase. Eating clean, organic berries are always recommended.

- Peter Ruwette
22 Feb 2013