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First Press Release - 25 December 2012

First Press Release: First impressions

To be honest, the Press Release looked to me like a mish-mash of New Age optimism mingled in with indecipherable legalese. I put it away in the corner of my mind until after Christmas/ New Year, dismissing it as yet "another" well-intended attempt at rattling the Powers That Be, the "Contol System", as David Icke calls it... You know those guys... the guys that pull the strings of our puppet politicians and play games rigged in their own favours at the Stock Exchange gambling hall.

A month or two went by... I returned to the American Kabuki site and found that rather than a diminished interest in this odd public announcement, that discussions were well under way. Several sites had sprung up in fact, dedicated to the topic. I noticed that many of these sites are basically cataloguing material as it is released. This is a GREAT public service. I realised however, that for a new-comer to the material, it was difficult to know where to start.

The questions that immediately sprung to mind were:
  • how can this be ? 
  • how did they do it ? 
  • when did they do it ? 
  • what did they do ? 
  • can these actions be verified ? 
  • what impacts will these actions have ? 
  • why am I seeing no impact currently ? 
  • can I believe what the Trust are saying ? 
  • what am I meant to be doing now ? 

These questions will be the focus of our first discussions. As I say, I am no insider, just a regular semi-employed person living on the cheap like many of you out there. I have some research skills and some time on my hands. I offer these resources freely in service, to help people come to an understanding of what's going on. I hope this website will be of help to you.

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