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Co-creating Our New Earth... This Is It !!!

I couldn't resist mirroring this beautiful piece written by Andy Whiteley on Wake Up World. This is it !!! This is Our New Earth !!! I agree totally with everything Andy writes here. Wonderful.

Article by Andy Whiteley:

How can the Trustees suggest that everything will just be provided for us? 
Surely someone has to work?

Let me tell you… 
  • I will be happy to contribute to an assistance network that genuinely facilitates my experience of life.
  • I will gladly support a system in which absolute transparency of process is mandated. And enacted.
  • I will gladly add the value of my Being to a framework that protects my free will and respects the earth, air, land, space and sea.
  • I will happily contribute what I love to DO and BE, so that other BEings can DO and BE too!
  • And I will gladly accept the support of the CVAC network in return for my contribution.
  • I will revel sharing in the beauty and abundance of our planet.
  • And I will knowingly and willingly accept my inherent responsibilities as a custodian of the earth, air, land, space and sea.

And I don’t think I’m the only one.

The enactment of the OPPT enables a new energy to shape our society… and it is manifesting quickly! In the past few weeks, I have seen more Beings DO'ing and BE'ing what they DO and BE than I’ve ever seen before! The energy around OPPT is escalating… and unprecedented. And the introduction of the first CVACs will only inject more energy into this rapidly growing shift.

To those who worry that Anarchy will prevail… please consider this for a moment:
  • The enactment of the OPPT does not create a lawless society. Common Law and Universal Law still apply. Police and military forces have not been dissolved by the OPPT, their mandates have been changed. A new framework of social governance has been enacted.

But it’s not just about the framework.
  • Under the pressure of extreme circumstances, human Beings consistently demonstrate the best of human nature. Give us a flood and we help others to mop up. Give us a hurricane and we help others rebuild. Give us a slavery system and we unify – and set ourselves free.
  • We are naturally a co-conscious community. THAT is human nature. But the potential of how this consciousness could manifest in social change is still a big challenge to many of us.

We were trained from birth to compete with each other for resources (ie. get a good job, earn more money than others, spend more money than others, consume more than others, repeat). We were taught to be guarded, and to keep our truest nature – and our bodies – “private” from other Beings. And we bombard ourselves with images of war, violence, fear, confrontation, destruction and loss – all under the guise of “The Evening News”. We teach our young to be afraid of real people (“strangers”) and idealize illusory media figures (“celebrities”). ‘Our cultures reinforced the virtues of security and predictability – the status quo – and we are wary of the new and unknown.

Of course, instability was built into the old system! 

The system was deliberately divisive.

But a shift in universal consciousness occurred in 2012 that woke many people up with a jolt: 

  • We became acutely aware of the difference between our conditioning and our true natures. 
  • We realize we don’t have to be afraid of each other and that, left to our own devices, Humans are wonderful love-seeking Beings. 
  • We are awake to the nature of our social and economic structures… and best of all... 
  • its perpetrators are scrambling for cover from a barrage of global scrutiny.

Without a system of silent control and expectation pressing down on us, we can finally breathe… reconnect with each other… re-assess our values… re-calibrate our direction… re-claim our Being.

  • In a system that protects both your free will and your right to equal enjoyment of the Earth’s abundance, the motivators of greed and war are nullified. 
  • When inclusiveness and natural justice inform our social policy, the mechanisms of governance start working for ALL of us. 
  • And when absolute truth and accountability are mandated, we finally start to see each other for what we are – not hidden behind closed doors and not shrouded in corporate protocols – as we are.

It is time to let our collective guard down and proudly start revealing – 
and experiencing – our true natures

Just BE and DO

  • There are already enough natural teachers among us to mentor the next generation. 
  • There are enough natural carers to take care of the old and ill. 
  • Enough farmers to farm. 
  • Enough handy Beings who love to build, paint and renovate. 

When left to our own devises 
we will simply contribute what we DO and BE best.

That’s unified consciousness at work!

In the old system, many “jobs” were designed solely to generate or collect funds; banking, gambling, collections and real estate industries come immediately to mind.  But... 

when OPPT was ratified, all corporate debt was erased and we 
each assumed lawful equity of the planet. 

Therefore the basis of these industries was altered in a way that must precipitate wide-spread industrial reform.
  • We have little need for a Collections industry since the cancellation of corporate debt. 
  • Our requirements of ‘banking systems’ are now transactional processing infrastructure. 
  • The Real Estate industry will become a mechanism of providing housing to all. 
  • And Gambling – a huge problem in many developed nations – is now a game of chance that can no longer cost a compulsive Being his home.
Nothing more.

Essential industries like Energy and 
Telecommunications will also be reformed to 
serve the One People.

By creation of the former ‘elite’, Energy companies do not aim to provide all Beings with access to sustainable energy resources, and the Telecommunications industries don’t aim to ensure all Beings have access to infrastructure. Instead – by systemic design – we have been made to compete for resources. Demand always exceeds supply, and the constant inflation of prices is the exclusionary result.
  • Strangely… the more necessary a function is to our society’s core operation, the worse the pay is for the Beings who perform it!
  • Now, instead of choosing from a pre-selected list of ‘jobs’ that were designed to make the slavery system operate better, your new role is to DO and BE.
  • BE who you are. Do what you love to do. 
  • We contribute our BE'ing to a network that supports us in return.


We are now unencumbered by the controlling and divisive constructs of the former system. Energetically speaking, we are back at the ‘zero’ point… ready to start over. We can BE as we are, the way the Creator intended.

Some sceptics are saying the OPPT is just a lovely philosophy, a ‘fantasy’ with no lawful standing.

It is not a pipedream. Pipe dreams are not typically “duly entered into Universal… [and] International Law Ordinance”. Pipe dreams are able to be rebutted. Pipe dreams don’t manifest this kind of energy. And they don’t mobilize a global community. This is something much bigger.

  • The OPPT lawfully enacts our birth right as sovereign Beings of Earth. It was always our right, but until now we were told otherwise…. and our lives were monetized accordingly.
  • Thankfully, the Trustees found the system’s ‘reset’ button and pushed it. 
  • The new model has started to manifest. 
  • The news is spreading. The energy is building. 
  • We have a lawful mandate to close down a rigged system. 
  • We have industries to reform and new support networks to devise and implement.

It’s time to reclaim our right to BE…. and that is 
exactly what we’re going to DO.

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About the author

Andy Whiteley is the co-founder of Wake Up World and a Being of the Creator.

  • Special thanks to Chris Hales for his passion and insight.
  • Thanks to Ken & Scott Bartle, Lisa Harrison and Ryan & Lea Mullins for their ongoing support.
  • Respect and gratitude to the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust.

Peace and love to the One People created by the Creator, and 
to every other entity in any and all existences.

“Why should I have to pay 
to live on the planet I was born on?”

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