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Who IS NZ's Prime Minister John Key REALLY ??

This episode of current affairs show Close Up offers a fascinating portrait of 80s job du jour: foreign exchange dealer. The intrepid reporter heads into "the pit" (trading room) and chronicles the working life of a senior 'forex' dealer, 25-year-old squash-playing accountancy graduate, John Key. The "smiling assassin" (and future Prime Minister) is a now-familiar calm and earnest presence amongst the young cowboys playing for fortunes and Porsches in the heady pre-sharemarket crash world: "they're like addicts who eat, breathe and sleep foreign exchange dealing"  - TVNZ On Screen


John Key in 1987:


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A montage of news items explaining how John Key's brain works:
make money - lie - make money - lie - make money - lie


John Key and Gerry Brownlee are traitors to the NZ people...

Want to know all about john key's life?

And about John Key's plans to mine in NZ:

Here's a flyer you can print and hand out to people before the next election:


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my news montage.

Basically, John Key is killing whales and dolphins, and potentially ruining the seafood (crabs, crayfish etc) industry in the area's which this seismic survey technology is used.  The Media has not told you ANY of this...

The main environmental concern for marine surveys is the potential of seismic sources to disturb animal life, especially cetaceans such as whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Surveys involves towing an array of 15-45 pneumatic air guns below the ocean surface behind the survey vessel and emit sound pulses of a "predominantly low frequency (10--300 Hz), high intensity (215-250 dB). 

Seismic surveying can damage the reproductive processes, auditory functions and other damaging effects to highly lucrative marine species (lobster, crab) and it poses potentially fatal effects to marine mammals. Seismic testing is not fully responsible for whales running ashore or becoming stranded, but there is evidence that it plays a major role. Studies of seismic effects on several whale species such as Gray, Bowhead, Blue, Humpback and Sperm whales indicated substantial effects in behavior, breathing, feeding and diving patterns.

Beachings and Seismic Tests

On November 28, 2004, Reuters reported that during a three day span, 169 whales and dolphins beached themselves in Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of mainland Australia. The cause for these beachings is not known, but Bob Brown, a senator in the Australian parliament, said "sound bombing" or seismic tests of ocean floors to test for oil and gas had been recently carried out near the sites of the Tasmanian beachings.

According to Jim Cummings of the Acoustic Ecology Institute, seismic surveys utilising airguns have been taking place in mineral-rich areas of the world's oceans since 1968. Among the areas that have experienced the most intense survey activity are the North Sea, the Beaufort Sea (off Alaska's North Slope), and the Gulf of Mexico; areas around Australia and South America are also current hotspots of activity. The impulses created by the release of air from arrays of up to 24 airguns create low frequency sound waves powerful enough to penetrate up to 40km below the seafloor. The "source level" of these sound waves is generally over 200dB (and often 230dB or more), roughly comparable to a sound of at least 140-170dB in air.

According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, these 200dB -- 230dB shots from the airguns are fired every 10 seconds or so, from 10 metres below the surface, 24 hours a day, for 2 week periods of time, weather permitting. These types of tests are known to affect whales and dolphins, whose acute hearing and use of sonar is very sensitive.

On December 24 2004, there was a magnitude 8.1 earthquake more than 800 kilometres south east of Tasmania near New Zealand, with a subsequent aftershock 6.1 a little later in the morning that same day.

Then on December 26 2004,  the magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck leading to the devastating tsunami that killed more than 300,000 people.

On December 27 2004, 20 whales beached themselves 180 kilometres west of Hobart on the southern island state of Tasmania.

As part of Budget 2009 a total of $20 million over three years will be allocated to the seismic data acquisition programme run by Crown Minerals, which is responsible for the administration and promotion of New Zealand's oil and gas.


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1080 importer threatens to sue government for compensation if 1080 stocks are made worthless.

New Zealand uses about 90% of the worlds supply of 1080. Banned in the U.S. due to "the extreme hazard to human health and to the environment". New Zealand aerially drops over 4000kg of pure 1080 annually, enough to kill 20 million people. 1080 poison kills an unacceptable number of non-target species, including dogs, cats, deer, birds (including natives), bees and insects.

Here are three surprising facts for your consideration:

1. ACP Ltd sees any developments of alternatives to 1080 (that ERMA recommended) as a "risk" to its core business. (Importing and manufacturing products from 1080 accounts for 65% of its profits)

2. It has stockpiled 4 years worth of 1080 "beyond commercial requirements". (This has been estimated to amount to more than 10,000kg of pure 1080)

3. It has stated that should the government take any action to restrict 1080 use, thereby making these stocks "valueless", it will assert its right to seek compensation "..sufficient to allow the Company's position to be restored. ( Source: )

more info:

a must watch too:

(NZ Mining song) the SMILING ASSASSIN Part 4 - (john key) by TRI

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Prime Minister John Key is selling NZ off bit by bit, and history shows us that he is probably profiting personally off deals made between relevant companies and the NZ Govt.

download the mp3 here:
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want to know all about john key's life? 

and about John Key's plans to mine in NZ:


Who is going to arrest that man? the smiling assassin
and who is going to address his plan and suppress his hand?
lock him up and throw away the KEY

We were too busy with the shake, rattle and roll
we forgot to throw the snake back in the hole
we're too busy with the wop bop a loo bop and wop bam boom
we forgot to put the top on the shop box and lock that room
we were too busy with the bomp shoo wop wop and ramalama ding dong
we need to stop the clock and turn the grammar jammer thing on
we were too busy with the hip hop body rockin doin the do
we need to flip flop their shoddy plot and - ruined the coup

I shape this ink to try and make you think
skating rink - shrinking lake we can skate or sink
start to take steps to change - the more sense it makes
heart ache swept the brain of all dense mistakes
a lie becomes inscribed when scrums are re-enacted
playing tribe against tribe - bribes - guns and blankets
government still finances our listening choices
under a guise, while silencing dissident voices
in an attempt to shut me down and remove my rights
you will lose the fight cos you will prove I'm right 
people choose the light cause we suffer inside
when we got nothing to lose well we've got nothing to hide
and 'U S A - get the fuck out of our town...'
John Key is evil, but his act is nice
we're not free - we people are his sacrifice

They appoint a prime minister - a leader and chief
and to make the crime sinister - cease freedom of speech
then feed on the weak and those eager to teach
grant deeds plant weeds and beleaguer the beach 
a seizure of public land reveals a gluttonous chase
under hand deals - a cover up in the place
they're scheming to control us and poison our lands
they've got black sand, coal dust and oil on their hands
untapped resources and lush titanium sands
unmapped shore lines and grand subterranean plans
the Australian banks and the hidden agenda
the alien scams and the risen pretenders
oops, gone off topic -- where was I?- cheater
john key = investment banker = quasi leader
with cork screw support crew flawed with short cuts
take a walk thru -- you ought to, before the port shuts

I was hoping last time would be the last open cast mine
I hope to start chimes, throw the rope and cast lines
(they've) broken vast binds, they're like choking grass vines
the over-pass winds from upper class lies to master minds
with pass times is half lies -- a true real plan
their prize is minerals and to prize it out of New Zealand
and while we are focused on the earthquake ruin
bureaucratic locusts prepare a first rate do-in
john key is borrowing a multi billion dollar blank check
translated - probably a trillion dollar bank debt
with interest - every worker must pay back
hello slaves! - you work to just pay tax
I just say facts -- they bail us = they own us
and every generation on -- our failure is our onus
and your donkey -- well he sold you short 
you didn't see it cos you were too involved in sport

Who is going to arrest that man? - the smiling assassin
who is going to suppress his plan -- and trial him for treason


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is John Key protecting Israel?
more info and better version of the charts used in the intro of this video here:

puzzle parts that are missing from the video:

*the rothchild family helped set up and fund the modern isreal 
*the rothchild family own IMF/World Bank and Reserve Bank of USA
*John Key used to work for The Reserve Bank of USA
*is John Key's secret job as PM is to sink NZ into deep debt?
*does the IMF want to make money out of NZ's resources by using a 'natural' disaster as a reason to clock up debt, thus give them power and control of resources - oil, gas, minerals, coal etc?

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the SMILING ASSASSIN PART 6 - more john key - cringe

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no cunning lies involved, only dorkyness.
thought we may as well go all the way and complete the series...

the SMILING ASSASSIN PART 7 - Aotearoa is Not for Sale Hikoi

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thanks to Mike Smith and many others who helped to organise this huge event.
thanks to all the people who took part in the hikoi.
and a special thanks to those who have taken the photos and video footage used in this clip! 

for some speeches @ wellington see:

oh yeah, and the spelling mistakes - i always make sure there is one or two. perfection is an insult to god...   :-)


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