Thursday, 16 May 2013

Release from Debt and Loans !! Success Stories !!

Freedom Stories:  3-5 April 2013

Wolff Coulombe:

A couple of weeks ago I sent a CN and a cover letter to a debt collection company CEO.

The company had sent me several letters saying they were attempting collect a debt. The letters never had a name of who sent them, just customer service. I googled the company and eventually found the CEO/owner of the company. I sent a CN with a cover letter. The cover letter is not harsh or demanding. The cover letter lets the recipient know that due to the OPPT filings that bank and government charters has been cancelled and therefore his company business license was cancelled, therefore he was acting with unlimited liability in his dealings with me.

I pointed out the UCC citations that he could research if he chose to do so. A couple of weeks later I received two letters from his company. Two different dates on the letters. One letter said they had contacted the customer they were attempting to collect the debt from and the customer said that ‘in the interest of customer service’ they were forgiving the debt. The debt collection company said they were no longer going to make any efforts to collect the debt. The second letter stated that they had also contacted the three major credit bureaus and deleted the negative information about the debt from my credit reports.

Interesting in my cover letter I did not say anything to them about my credit record. I of course am glad they did. The impression I got from both letters was ‘we did everything you asked for, and more, will you know leave us alone?’ CN’s work!

Mago John Alex:

This post is to inform the poeple that on march 1,2013 A CN was sent out to a CA (Collecting Agency) for alleged $1000 FRN. As of April 4,2013 they have not contracted or responded to the CN .. After 34 day I’ll take this has a success that the CN was honoured or they just didn’t want to re-contract with one of the people.So my humble opinion of OPPT is all positive. Bless you all “Knowledge is Power” & we will not perish having the knowledge.Thank you OPPT , I have felt the Magic.

Debt Collection Company Folds DOing by Mr W:

A couple of weeks ago I sent a CN to a debt collection company. I found their CEO via their website. I addressed the CN to the CEO, as the letter I received had no name on it. In my cover letter to the CN I pointed out some key points that applied to him in the CN. [I send a cover letter with each CN. The content of the cover letter varies depending on to whom I send the CN to.]

One thing I pointed out was how much I would invoice him, personally. I pointed out that ‘if’ he had submitted the alleged ‘debt’ to the credit bureaus he would be invoiced for that as well. I pointed out how many oz of silver he would owe me.

Well a few days ago I received two letters from the debt company. The letters in essence said the y had contacted the customer and the customer decided to drop the debt collection. the debt CEO said that his company would never contact me again re: the debt; plus he had written to the credit bureaus to remove the debt from my credit account. The CN worked Very Happy

One of the Melbourne OPPT members just reported this

“I used a courtesy notice against police and backed them down in court two magistrates copped it and haven't heard any more since. I take it as a win. Along with a Courtesy Notice, I simply asked them in what capacity they were acting and are you a public servant. They refused to answer.  I asked one whom is paying your wages. He said I don't have to tell you. So I told him you have no authority and no consent. Case dismissed and left the court.  Woo hoo”

[This is a sample of the testimonies on this webpage]


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