Friday, 10 May 2013

The Case Regarding "Asset Sales" in Aotearoa-New Zealand

"Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand", NZ's corporate name registered in Washington DC, has been foreclosed last year (Oct 2012) using the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) system. 

This NZ government is a de facto entity posing as a bonafide government which purportedly serves "The One People". It clearly is not carrying out this function of serving "The One People". The alleged government of NZ is no more than a debt-collection agent in service to the corporate agenda, in particular to the IMF (privately owned) to whom this alleged government furnishes regular financial reports. Another clear example at this time is seen in this alleged government's selling off of "The One People's" electricity infrastructure to corporate and share-holder interests. 

We have available for our use "OPPT Courtesy Notices" to be presented in person or through Registered Mail to the alleged members of the NZ parliament. Through this means, the alleged members of parliament will be advised that "The One People" are no longer bound by the shackles of the Global Corporate Agenda and that they have no legal legs to stand on in the sale of "The One People's" property. This alleged government is now FORECLOSED in law. You will agree that this is quite a statement to make. You can find copies of the submitted UCC filings unrebutted on the site, 

Many corporate entities have already been served with Courtesy Notices at this time, including Elisabeth Windsor, the IMF, the last Pope, the Vatican, the UN, all world governments... All of these are illegal entities whose primary purpose is little more than to facilitate, promote and uphold the Debt Slavery system. The UCC filings that were submitted by the OPPT during 2011-13 on behalf of all humanity (for all of us) were not rebuttable. The filings WERE NOT REBUTTED in law by even the top corporate lawyers. The case has been made and still stands, unchallenged. 

It now stands in law that "The One People" as 'created beings' embodied by Eternal Essence, are NO LONGER SLAVES to the Debt Slavery system. Every institution that attempts to keep "The One People" in the shackles of the Debt Slavery system now operates illegally. This includes all world governments, corporate institutions and world monarchies. It is all collapsed and is right now collapsing. 

The UCC filings were made by the "One People's Public Trust" (OPPT, now dissolved) mainly between June 2012 - December 2012. An initial filing was made by a Denver resident as early as 2002. This early filing provided the foundation for later filings made by the OPPT, who formed in around 2010 purely for the purpose of making the UCC filings on behalf of all humanity. Filings commenced in 2011 and were tested for their practical application throughout 2011-2012, ie: OPPT trustees allowed their own homes to be foreclosed on, and through the unrebutted UCC filings, banks did not have the authority to remove these residents/ OPPT trustees from their homes. Mortgages remain unpaid to this day. Through the UCC filings, it was recognised that loans issued by banking institutions were all made illegally. Banks HAVE been operating illegally.

The UCC filings have every capacity to STOP "The One People of Aotearoa-New Zealand's" assets being despatched illegally. I would personally like to see a 'Task Force' be established in New Zealand and for the 'Courtesy Notice' process to be applied in regard to the ILLEGAL Sale of Our Assets, ie: the Sale of our Electricity Infrastructure to Corporate Entities when these Assets in fact, already belong IN WHOLE to "The One People". 

I seek other interested people who would join me on such a Task Force, to learn, prepare and present the case/s of "The One People of Aotearoa-New Zealand" in regard to Asset Sales, Water Rights, The Right of Protest at Sea, The Right for vulnerable young people in Aotearoa-New Zealand to obtain fully subsidised Legal Representation, The Right to have supply of Non-Fluoridated Water, The Right for New Zealand Permanent Residents ONLY to hold Land Title, the Right to Spray/ Poison-Free Food, the Right to seek and obtain natural alternative healing therapies, including the right to obtain and use vitamins and other naturally grown consumables as beneficial to health, eg: the procurement and use of non-heated cannabis juice (ie: non-narcotic) for the healing of internal cancer tumours, brain tumours, leukaemia and Non-Hodgkins lymphoma... proven.

For corroboration of the above statements in regard to the UCC filings and the OPPT, please go to my Page/Wall and you will find a number of links and videos to back up the content of this Post. Thanks all, 
- by Bronny NZ

Post source: "The One People (OPPT) - Hamilton NZ" Group


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