Friday, 17 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Germany Has an Official OPPT Representative Working Within a Private Law Firm !! Wow !!

The following is a letter written to Brian Kelly who is an official spokesperson for OPPT which he received from an ex-pat American singer living in Germany.  The following is Roberta's letter to Brian.  I am sure it will touch your heart   : )

I greet you from the beautiful state of Bavaria . . .from the city of Munich.

I truly, do not know where to begin to share the story of my adventurous journey with OPPT and Co. One fact, however, is certain . . . five months ago, my life did a hundred and eighty degree turn and I haven't been the same since. In absolute gratitude and love, without limit.

It is Lisa Harrison, I must thank, for my discovering you all in the first place. (Will explain how, another time.) What I am bursting to share with you now, is for your show . . . how Momma Universe, so graciously/ abundantly, acknowledged and blessed my BE'ing and DO'ing, with OPPT in Germany.

I am an African-American singer, who decided in 1972, to make a three week holiday in Germany, and I'm STILL here! For more info.(

Fast-forward forty years . . . after searching desperately in Google, for an OPPT connection here, I finally came across a Law firm. (Graf von Andechs - Dr.Andreas Wittmann). In their advertisement, to my surprise, they mention OPPT, but they also mention you (Brian Kelly, OPPT spokesperson). 

I called them immediately. However, almost three weeks passed before I received a reply. To make a long story short . . . one of the attorney's finally called to make an appointment with me [regarding employment], which lasted over three hours. Two days later I received an e-mail announcing, that I had been accepted in this Law firm, with twenty offices spread over Germany, as their official OPPT representative.

Consequently, this coming Friday, the 17th of May, at 18:00hrs., in Munich, I will be giving a two hour lecture on OPPT to seventy business men and women. Dr. Wittmann's plan is to take this "on the road" all over this country. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? (!!!)

Brian, I cannot find the words to express my genuine appreciation and humble DANKE SCH├ľN, to Heather, Lois-RIP, Lisa, Chris, Bob, Dee and naturally to you, and all those who work behind the scenes, for all you have so generously sacrificed for this planet, and ALL the beautiful souls who are so Blessed to be alive at such a significantly poignant time as NOW.

Eternal essence, without limit, in absolute truth and love . . .

Roberta Kelly 

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What a shiny woman Roberta is  : )   

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