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Sovereignty and OPPT Discussion

This conversation took place today for over an hour.  There were some very interesting points that were raised.  I thought it worthy of re-posting as i'm sure lots of people in the Sovereignty movement are asking similar questions.  I hope it's helpful.  Thanks  : )

I re-post the conversation here as the owner of the site requested an end to the convo.  (fair enough) and it was immediately removed !!   I re-post here as people out there may have similar sorts of questions.

Re-posted in LOVE and thank you for the interesting conversation Ngatai.

Facebook conversation:

Turikatuku Gumada The People of All Countries   May 20, 2013
Initiate the Orders of the One People of the Earth

An outline of the corruption of the worldwide banking system, the investiga...18 hours ago · Unlike · 1

I  I M Power Absent Limits  18 hours ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie  hahah thats crack up 'we now grant due authority to create with full responsibility and under full liability and accountability' first of who is this person granting authority to create??? no one needs permission to CREATE and secondly we are all responsible and held accountable for our actions without be told that,,,this sounds sketchy to me who wrote this?  14 hours ago · Like

Turikatuku Gumada Ngatai Jaymie the woman that wrote this is in the Youtube video above. She follows OPPT. Nothing sketchy about this as many others are walking the same line.  3 hours ago · Like

Turikatuku Gumada Might I add, there are many ways to skin a rat, as you well know. This is her plan of attack and the walk that she chooses to walk. We are here to share information, processess, trials and tribulations.  3 hours ago · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie very true but i dont trust the oppt..  3 hours ago · Edited · Like

Turikatuku Gumada too much, and we trust in your mahi   3 hours ago · Like

Turikatuku Gumada Ngatai, I am going to delete this rubbish. No disrespect. I does not deserve to be on this site.   3 hours ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie sure do as you your page   3 hours ago · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie im just showing you that not all is as it seems with the oppt   3 hours ago · Like · 1

Bronny NZ Anfs Here's the "Paradigm Report" on the "I-UV" OPPT home page. There's a bit more explanation and commentary on this page... and a lot more info. on the site.

OPPT Initial Investigation: The Paradigm  I M Power Absent Limits

Ngatai Jaymie a small group of international banking attorneys results of investigation had concluded that that the judicial system was corrupt....why would we trust the word of a few lawyers let alone freakn banking ones...this is a scam trusts are BANKS...jesus.   about an hour ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie the judicial system is not the problem here the legislator of the acts that the judicial system follows is corrupted  about an hour ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie what oppt wants you to do is believe that our judical systems dont dispense justice and how can they when they are being ruled by the legislator???  about an hour ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs Reply to 1st comment here: Because they had a choice... Either they could carry on feeding the global derivatives and equities scam, or they could do this investigation (undercover) and bring up some verifiable examples of the ways in which banks were keeping The People in Debt Slavery... about an hour ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie and what does that have to do with the creation of oppt?  about an hour ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs It doesn't. It's simply in response to your first question about trusting 'international banking attorneys'   about an hour ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs #2 We are corporate entities under Maritime Law, hence your name appears in capitals on your driver's licence and on 'legal documents'. You are a "legal fiction" ie: you do not exist because you were "lost at sea" by the time you were aged 7 ... due to to our parents not getting a Will and Testimony for us when we were born...  Hmmm...  Nice judicial system, that one  :-/   about an hour ago · Unlike · 1

Ngatai Jaymie maritime law is admiralty law which the judical system has jurisdiction over  59 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie the judical system is what is used to govern admiriltys,so then it is left to the admilrals of the ships judges lawyers etc to to steer the judical system,by saying it is corrupted is to show that the admilrals upon the ship are corrupted which means t...   55 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs Well yeah... They all got mixed in together... It used to be "the law of the land" (Common Law = don't do harm to anyone else or their stuff). But then with international trading taking place, the Roman Empire wrote some 'rules for commerce' and this developed into the modern day UCC, which is the vehicle by which they wrote the Commercial Laws and made us Corporate Slaves   54 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie so what is happening now is the lawyers are trying to cover their asses so they arnt held accountable for fraud in the judical system  53 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs That sounds quite complex.  Like I say, i'm not a legal expert... besides which I did a night shift last night so my brain is only working at 50% Sorry   52 minutes ago · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie a trust is just a bank...if you join the trust you are handing over your entire estate which is so will just be handy over yourself to another dead entity the grantor of the trust of your estate...being sovereign is far better then being a beneficiary then you get to determine your own affairs...the NWO wants to abolish private estates meaning want to abolish YOU...49 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie you are private you are not public you don't want to share yourself globally you just want to co operate globally  48 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs There's no Trust now. They dissolved it 17 March 2013 from memory. Their sole function was to put the UCC filings through. It is simply now "The One People" (TOP) and we are all sovereign as far as I understand through the filings   47 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie why do you think they like taking your specimens??? so they can genetically modify you into the perfect human a nazi regime  47 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs Sorry... I don't claim to be an expert on all things... I'm not analysing, just reporting as I say. Sorry   45 minutes ago · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie please dont apologise bronny im not an expert either im just concerned as to where the oppt is heading our people screams out scam to me but evryone is entitled to their opinions and i thank you for yours   44 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie we will never be sovereign as long as we a beneficiaries to something..which is just loyality  42 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

the definition of

Benefice definition, a position or post granted to an ecclesiastic that guarantees a fixed amount of property or income. See more.  41 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

Ngatai Jaymie being a partner is better then being a beneficary i reckon why do you think lawyers creat partnerships in their firms  40 minutes ago · Edited · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs I thought it sounded v. dodgy at the start too. Actually, I didn't look at any of the stuff for 6 weeks then came back. By Feb, the oppt. stuff was still ticking over... more interested people saying positive things. So i'm holding the door open on it, sharing the information and letting people make up their own minds.  36 minutes ago · Like · 1

A Group for NZ'ers and ex-pat NZ'ers... Global Corporations have been foreclosed...

One People's Public Trust ~ Elucidated
One People's Public Trust 1776 explained in easy to read bite sized explanations and commentaries.

Bronny NZ Anfs ... casual observer ... non-casual activist !! I'm hosting both sites   33 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie its funny you should say that that debt is magically dissapearing when in truth it was never their to begin with.. is all legal fiction money is created from nothing but a desire to generate a form of trade..the paper money is a vessel holding cargo by ...

Ngatai Jaymie oh dear is that a link to oppt group ha ha im have to go there and be a pain  29 minutes ago · Like

This video is an explanation about why you should not sign the OPPT, unless you ... 21 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs Yes. I know those people. They created havoc on a ning. site I was on. Absolutely unreliable testimony.  12 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs eg: They refer to 'having to sign' something. There's nothing to sign.

Bronny NZ Anfs They're into a lot of conspiracy and scare-mongering stuff... Very low energy vibe. Strange... Their website is called, "Love for life" Oh well...   11 minutes ago · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie i havent watched it yet but i trust the source from which i gathered it   11 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie and it shows that there is opposition out there   11 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs Fair enough. It's not very nice watching. I had to pull the plug on it after around 5 mins. Lots of unsubstantiated that is to say, unresearched blanket statements... fear-mongering, The Works  10 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie conspiracy and scaremongering is just used to deem the opposition unreliable i will watch it and come back with my findings  10 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs  sure. But it will also pay you to look at the OPPT site as well... and then you can make the comparison   9 minutes ago · Like · 1

Ngatai Jaymie @bronny i dont suppose you think chemtrails are a conspiracy?  9 minutes ago · Like

OPPT  I M Power Absent Limits  8 minutes ago · Like · Remove Preview

Ngatai Jaymie which is claiming your sovereign right? which would mean being allowed to express your sovereign views yes???  3 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

Bronny NZ Anfs btw. I have NO IDEA who the woman is in the video. I don't even know if this is an OPPT filing she's reading out. The reference given on the video seems to go somewhere else other than the I-UV OPPT site (that's the official one). I see it goes to a Scribd page. The signatories are not trustees of The One People's Trust.  3 minutes ago · Like

Turikatuku Gumada Ngatai, whats this site got to do with chemtrails. thats what I mean.  2 minutes ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs It looks like the 2 signatories have filed another UCC filing on the back of the original OPPT filings (individuals/parties can do this btw.)  2 minutes ago · Like

Ngatai Jaymie is a sovereign threat  2 minutes ago · Like

Turikatuku Gumada Ngatai this is a time waster. so end it here  about a minute ago · Like

Bronny NZ Anfs It's just information right? I've just been answering your questions.  Other people will be asking the same questions... so I think leaving the convo. up would be good 

The post or object that you were commenting has been removed by its owner and can no longer be commented on.

So that was the end of that !!  Fair enough  : )

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