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An Ethical Dilemma - The Knowing Agents Providing "Interim Services"

This is from a conversation on the Aotearoa-New Zealand OPPT group...

When the Agents of the Corporation need to answer, it won't be uncommon to find empty chairs. When a Human knows that what he does is wrong, he will naturally want to hide his/ her face.

B:  "Is HAARP a secret project?

Bronny NZ The question was: "We need to find out... the names of these agents..." not verify whether HAARP is a secret organisation or not. Thanks.

B:   They are not "agents". They are scientists, doing research, something you need to practice.

Bronny NZ All corporations are closed by the OPPT UCC filings. All governments are corporations. Any agency (such as HAARP) working for a corporation have people working within that organisation who carry out the WILL of the agency or corporation. They Act not on their own wills... Therefore they (scientists, wage clerks, tea ladies, managers of HAARP) are all 'agents' of the corporate interest. That's why I used that term 

B:  So, doctors and nurses are now "agents", firemen are now "agents", all teacher in public schools are "agents", the guy who mops the floor at Inland Revenue is an "agent". Paranoid much?

Bronny NZ Have you read the Foreclosure Flyer and the OPPT UCC filings yet B ?? You'll find it all in there... And the answer is, "Yes"

I M Power Absent Limits

I M Power Absent Limits

V:   Yes anyone working in any form for a Government Agency is considered to be working for the crown simple fact not paranoia

B:  Does that include people who work in caring for the elderly?

Bronny NZ Yes B. Any person who has blindly through no fault of their own, submits themselves as Debt Slaves to this system therefore wears the 'mask' of the corporation they have signed on with, eg: through their "Employment Contract" here in NZ. You basically give up your right to be fully human. There will always be clauses in your Contract telling you that your behaviour must be in alignment and in allegiance with your employer. Even if you see something going on that you know is 'wrong', you're still bound to the agreement you have SIGNED. Please remember: Your signature IS You You signed Your Authentic Self away 
Your example is perfectly aimed B. as I work in mental health. A situation has arisen in my workplace that I can no longer ignore. I WILLINGLY put my neck on the chopping block tomorrow morning, in fact I am a KNOWING CONSCIOUS Debt Slave. I am no longer unconscious as to what my position is since becoming acquainted with the OPPT filings. I have a number of strategies I have learned through The One People radio shows, through reading/ learning the content of many of the filings, through reading commentaries and other people's personal testimonies. It's taken me around 4 months to get to this point where I feel confident in my stance. All of the information sources mentioned above are very helpful...

Even though i've signed an Employment Contract, I will be asking my employer to disclose to me Who They Are, which of course is an agent of the corporation which they will be unconscious of btw. to the fullest extent of the "role" they have agreed to play. I will ask them (2 people) this before I begin to 'contract' with them. I will ask at what point they expect me to leave My 'Full Humanity' at the gate... because quite honestly, if they expect less than My BEing FULLY HUMAN in my relationship to The People we support, then they may as well go and buy some Robots to DO my job. I will point out that People ARE wired towards Compassion and Protection of other People who are vulnerable... no matter what their 'diagnosis' may be.  To act under any less compulsion is to keep a-fixed the 'mask' that the corporation wants us to wear... so that other people under "our" perceived jurisdiction continue to be harvested by a "public health system" that benefits very directly from KEEPING PEOPLE SICK. So it's a VERY curly question you ask B.    : ) 

We must also recognise that The One People in Aotearoa are only at the very beginning of Our Actions... like this little one that I will be recording tomorrow morning on my Mp3. If I can not use my recording equipment, I choose to not contract with them. There is NOTHING that they can ask me to do that I do not have to be in FULL agreement with. Even if they decide that they need to terminate my employment forthwith, I still need to sign the Termination of Employment Agreement. I won't be DOing that. I will not give my signature to their FALSE declarations. I will remain fully employed in my usual job of caring for People after tomorrow morning's discussion. They won't know what hit them. I plan to do all of this very quietly... in FULL KNOWLEDGE of WHO I BE. If necessary, I will give each of them the Foreclosure Flyer, and let them know that ALL of Humanity is Waking Up to this Debt Slavery game... Including them... and that I purpose myself to no longer remain unconscious... nor to continue to En-Act the Persona (in Latin, 'persona' means 'mask' ie: worn by ACTORS upon the stage) that they assign to me. I will reiterate that I am FULLY HUMAN.

It's up to us ALL to get educated and then as "opportunity" presents, to have these sorts of discussions with our employers, to let them know that we ARE Fully Human. It's highly likely that they also are not aware of the 'game' they are playing... the full extent of the "role". All they are aware of is that the mortgage payment needs to be met at the end of the week. This is the primary motivation. They play these "roles" because there are bills to pay. ie: "they" are under exactly the same illusions and contracts.  It's a very big picture.... And ALL of these things will change, One Heart at a Time.
B:  So by your own reasoning, YOU are an agent of the 'crown'. YOU are the people you are warning everybody else about.

Bronny NZ Yes. I AM. But KNOWINGLY and CONSCIOUSLY. It's a necessary part of maintaining 'interim services' while everything realigns itself.

B:  So as long as you acknowledge you are maintaining the current system of oppression, it's all good? As long as you can feed from the teat, while waiting for everyone else to change, it's all good? As long as you can talk the talk, no need to walk the walk. I think I'm beginning to understand how this works now.

Bronny NZ You wouldn't be talking like that B. if you'd read into the Heart of my statements above. Since you challenge me so much, I WILL give up my job tomorrow and come and LIVE with you. YOU can support me while I no longer work as an Agent for the Corporation. I say to people on this group who notice "problems" that need solving, "You SEE the problem... Great !! It has therefore quite obviously been given to YOU (by Eternal Essence/ Creator) to find the solutions and FIX the problem." YOU see my problem B. Thank you for soon supplying me with the solution.  Thank you my brother 

B.  Physician, heal thyself.

Bronny NZ So you state there is a problem and yet can offer no solutions ??

Baz te Hira I thought I just did? Regardless, unlike yourself, I never professed to have the solution. Not that, that is a prerequisite to being skeptical of your hypocrisy.

Bronny NZ Sure. Be as sceptical as one wants. Everyone's process is different. I'm trying to figure out where I (personally) might have 'professed' to have had the solution. I'm simply "the messenger". It's up to us all to look into what's going on for ourselves. Even if you say to the original OPPT trustees.. "You are giving us the solutions...", they would very quickly tell you that they are simply taking "the next step" as it opens out in front of them... This and holding the firm intention of ALL BEINGS becoming free from Debt Slavery. 

These events and incidents are not pre-scripted B. It's a matter of taking a step... then seeing what else opens up next. This is all we ever DO in life, right? Why should a large 20-30 million-people following be any different ?? Only Corporations/ Dead Entities have to lie about their Actions... mainly to appease the restless mob of sheeple... to let them know they are 'safe' and everything is 'just fine'.  People/ sheeple don't like unsurety... So the corporation/ crown/ king/ PM/ MP/ CEO gives them what they seek.... and then the sheeple complain that they're being lied to. Good Heavens !! What ungrateful little sheeple !! *witty sarcasm*

As far as being 'healed', I have no idea how this relates to my becoming free in entirety as an Agent to my Corporation of choice, at this current time. You might have to do a bit better than that B, of finding solutions for me to get out of this bind.  Again, "Thanks" in advance. I'm sure you'll find a solution for me.

                              "A knowing Debt Slave"

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