Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Treaty of Waitangi Office - Definitions And How To Claim Redress

Office of Treaty Settlements - Te Tari Whakatau Take e pa ana ki te Tiriti o Waitangi - OTS is responsible for the direct negotiation on behalf of the Crown of historical Treaty settlements

A short introduction:  "The Treaty of Waitangi"

The following is an introduction as to how "The Treaty of Waitangi" applies in practice in the 21st Century. It is not a "dead document" that exists as a nice piece of history we can look at in a museum somewhere.  It is a "Living Document" that permeates ALL of New Zealand society, from Education to Health, from Public Policy-making to environmental conservation. The Treaty of Waitangi EXISTS (present tense) in every social sector in Aotearoa-New Zealand...

And so it should !!!

Aotearoa-New Zealand has ONLY had 'the Treaty' up to this point to blunten the edge of the global corporate sword.  There is no doubt in my mind that the 'global corporate coloniser' would have come in, raped and pillaged these lands long ago, as it has done in countries all over the world, were it not for Maori standing strong and holding up The Treaty of Waitangi at every turn, to thwart and curb the ambitions of the government of the day, who were allowing these corporates to enter.  

We have a lot to be Absolutely grateful for, that Hobson, Busby and the Northern Confederation of Chiefs ever signed such a document. More harms...  MANY MORE harms would have come to this country were it not for The Treaty of Waitangi, and for that, myself and so many other non-Maori now living in Aotearoa are eternally grateful.  Thank you. 

Treaty of Waitangi Settlement Claims

In the modern socio-political environment, claims to land title and other resource uses (such as fisheries) can be made by tangata whenua  (pr. fenua) through the "Office of Treaty Settlements", as linked on this article. 

tangata whenua = "the people of the land", ie: the occupants on this land prior to the 19th century Europeans arrived here in Aotearoa-New Zealand, being the divided tribes of Maoridom. 

Please note: Chinese relics have been found in this last decade along the NZ West Coast dating from around 2000 years ago - so Maori were not the exclusive visitors and occupants of these lands... many others have come and gone before, and since the arrival of Maori. 

Maori descendants who have proven lineage to the original tribes, are able to make claims for ancestral land to be returned to them that had been taken through seizure and confiscation. A lot of land was confiscated via the British military (ie: the 19th century Maori Wars). Land was simply seized by force from the various tribes up and down Aotearoa.  It can not be forgotten that a lot of land was also sold.... undoubtedly at an unfair price.  There are certainly instances of lands being sold by tribal individuals or groups who had NO RIGHT to sell the lands on behalf of their group. So as you can imagine, what happened in the past makes it very 'messy' for the present time.

Treaty of Waitangi Settlement Pay-Outs

If the outright return of lands is not practical for some reason, there is an alternative being that a monetary reimbursement of these lands will be made, which gets paid by the NZ Government, out of the tax-payer dollar. These 'reimbursements' are most often in the many millions of dollars. These reparations, once paid out, are most usually overseen by 'iwi trusts' (tribal trusts), and administered one would hope, for the betterment of all people within that tribal group. 

There has however, been a tendency for trusts overseeing these funds/ remunerations to corporatise itself, inasmuch that the Trust will start to "invest". The Trust thereby makes itself a CEO of The People's money, investing in all manner of offshore ventures and the International Stock Exchange. Great boasts of the wealth accumulated by these trusts are often heard. However, the common people for whom such benefit could have been available, receive no assistance at all

Those Maori 'representatives', signatories to a Trust, who themselves are at the 'top of the heap', deny their OWN PEOPLE the ability to get off the treadmill of debt slavery.  

This is an absolute travesty. Maori trustees of these trust funds, along with Maori politicians who operate under the same modus operandi are known in New Zealand by the scathing term "corporate Maori".  What they do is well known but the 'grass-roots' Maori people themselves have little recourse.

'Corporate Maori'
have gone in again and re-tied themselves once more to Admiralty Law by the very act of "trading", ie: through realigning themselves to the UCC NZ-equivalent Commerce and Trade legislation. They have relegated their own people to perpetual debt slavery. These trustees have effectively put all tangata whenua back in exactly the same box. They deprive their own people of the ability to claim their OWN rights to Sovereignty as should be enabled, under The Treaty of Waitangi. It's very sad to see.

Who is the "Enemy"  ??
  • It's a mis-informed agenda that tangata whenua be encouraged to push against the pakeha structures in the first instance
  • It's towards THE ADMINISTRATORS OF THEIR OWN FUNDS that the war-cry should be heard. 
  • In the second instance, WE ALL go against the British Admiralty structures that bind us ALL to debt slavery.   

We will ALL STAND therefore as THE ONE PEOPLE here in Aotearoa-New Zealand. 

This is required. No more and no less.  

Kia ora whanau.  

I DO stand with you....  but I can't DO that while you stand only for yourself  : (   

We must Stand Together.  
Otherwise, we all lose   : (

What is a Treaty Settlement? 
Treaty settlements 
(Commentary in red by Bronny NZ)
A Treaty settlement is an agreement between The Crown [ie: "The Crown Corporation" City of London banksters] and a Maori claimant group to settle all of that claimant group's historical claims against The Crown.

Claimant groups are usually iwi or large hapu (tribes and sub-tribes) that have a long-standing historical and cultural association with a particular area. Some very specific claims may result in agreements with smaller groups.

Historical claims usually relate to "actions" [my speech marks], [ie: wholesale massacre] or "omissions" [oh sorry about that, I "forgot"] by The Crown in relation to the claimant group during the 19th and early 20th centuries, but they may include such actions or omissions up to 21 September 1992, (ie: the date of the “Sealord” Fisheries Settlement). Claims based on Crown "actions" or "omissions" after this date are known as "contemporary claims", and are dealt with through separate processes.

A Treaty settlement is usually made up of the following:

1. Historical Account, Acknowledgements and Crown Apology  

The Historical Account provides an outline of historical events that are agreed between The Crown and the claimant group. The Acknowledgements provide the basis for The Crown Apology [how good of them] !!!  - to the claimant group for its actions or inactions.

2. Cultural Redress

Cultural redress provides claimant groups with a range of mechanisms that aim to:

· Safeguard the claimant group's rights and access to customary food-gathering sources

· Provide opportunities for input into the management or control or ownership of sites, areas or customary resources on Crown-owned land [ie: that's the banksters again laying claim to our lands] with which the claimant group has traditional and cultural associations.

· Provide opportunities for developing future relationships with government departments in areas of importance to the claimant group [ie: the Trustees who get their pockets well and truly lined].

· Facilitate the development of future relationships with other agencies [ie: Agents of the Foreclosed on corporations which INCLUDES the NZ Government which as most of Maoridom knows, IS a corporation], such as local bodies, that play significant roles in the area to which the claimant group has traditional and cultural associations [what a sanitised bunch of bollox this is - 'divide and conquer' stratagems]

· Provide recognition of traditional place-names by facilitating name changes to sites, for example Aoraki/ Mt Cook.  [a great 'token' gesture I must say... but hardly reaches into the heart of the matter]

3. Financial and Commercial Redress

This is made up of an overall quantum or value in dollar terms agreed between The Crown [ie: I reiterate - "The Crown Corporation" City of London Banksters who OWN the queen. Liz curtseys to the Lord Mayor of the City of London and follows deferentially behind him whenever she enters "The City"]  - and the claimant group in settlement of their historical claims against the Crown. 

My addition:  

The quantum [I guess that means the large settlement sum] is taken by the claimant group in the form of cash or Crown-owned property [Yes. The City of London OWNS NZ land !!] or some combination of the two. For example, from of a total quantum of $10 million, a claimant group may receive $5 million in cash and the remainder in Crown-owned property

The combination of cash and property is a matter for the claimant group to decide, but also depends on the extent of suitable Crown property holdings in the area relevant to the claimant group.

The claimant group also may receive as part of the financial and commercial redress package a Right of First Refusal (RFR) to purchase certain Crown-owned property within a specified geographic area. This RFR usually lasts for a specific time-period.

Deed of Settlement

The settlement is expressed in detail in a document known as a Deed of Settlement. Legislation is usually required to fully implement the Deed of Settlement.

Settlements are Final 

As part of the settlement, the claimant group accepts that the settlement is fair [yeah right !!  Papatuanuku 'owns' herself !!!  "The Crown" has no claim !! ]  - and final and settles all of the historical claims of the claimant group, whether they have been lodged at the Waitangi Tribunal or not. Both The Crown [ie: "The Crown Corporation" City of London banksters] and the claimant group accept that it is not possible to fully compensate the claimant group for their grievances [Really?? And why would that be??]. Redress instead focuses on providing redress in recognition [ahhh... so it's just a 'token'] of the claimant group’s historical grievances, on restoring the relationship between the claimant group and The Crown [ie: We're shutting you down now and telling you we all have to play 'nicely' in the sandbox together!! ] - and on contributing to a claimant group’s economic development [well of course you are !! Since you're the bastards who are going to be getting richer off the taxes of any such "economic development" initiatives !! ].

Bastards !!

The only mechanism that exists currently for us all at this juncture is the OPPT UCC filings.... with their complete nullifying of ALL CONTRACTS AND TREATIES.  If we can all swallow our pride and our anger and come into alignment with The Spirit of the OPPT filings which is ALL PEOPLE, ie: ONE TRIBE Y'ALL, we can get there on this. 

If Maori are NOT willing to let Te Tiriti O Waitangi GO... To let it GO !!!  ~ We will simply end up going around and around and around in circles, here in Aotearoa-New Zealand.... and we'll  not get anywhere.  

Now, I SEE a way out that is honourable for ALL peoples.  

What say you ???

The SAME wairua runs through us all.

Heather Tucci-Jarraf calls this "Eternal Essence Embodied".

There are no differences.  We ARE "The One People".

Please don't make "The One People" the vehicle by which you think you can claim your Maori Sovereignty...  because we need "People Sovereignty" for ALL PEOPLE !!!  NO AGENDAS !!!

It's "The Crown Corporation" that divides us.

Let's figure that out....  And let's get on with it   <3  <3  <3




Richard Lockie said...

Brilliant. Very good. A much better understanding i have now for where you are sister.
The claim to LAnd and illusion of Ownership by any one is out of sorts. ITs a contract and that has its time. That time has past and that way has died. As Humble souls we need to support our Elder who are what brought Ourselves to where we Are.Good or Bad. Like a grumpy olden one who does only want they like, but actually need direction because support. Getting out and doing.. Well if your fix is where its at then maybe more Healing and prayer. True homage to past ills and sickness. The Big heal ... Big Love to you on your quest,,, Look into the TRC SA truth and reconciliation commission. That might be a cathartic approach to initiate a process. Being told recently that rural land falls under government was weird.. We have tribal trust land in SA. IT is amazing.. Do not know the Legal aspect but the spaces, places are amaing ..
Much Love form AFrica

Bronny NZ said...

Thank you Richard Lockie for taking the time to look at these articles that i'm putting up here to assist peoples' understanding. I hope that more people come here to read this info. No-one has ANY authority to speak about Aotearoa-New Zealand until they have researched our history.

You are absolutely correct. This "claim to land" separates and divides us. There is a constant undercurrent of tension. As you say Richard, "That time has passed and that way has died." I agree. We need to find NEW WAYS of moving on... Because as it is currently, we are all simply treading water in a stagnant pond. Collectively, we are making NO FORWARD MOVEMENT. Te Tiriti/ The Treaty stand in the way... Like an old security blanket that has served its purpose. We are grateful for 'the blanket' and KNOW that it was much needed for our first 170 years of establishing ourselves together, but now it's time for us to move on into our nation's adult-hood... And recognise that WE ARE ALL here. ALL are homeless. There is NO OTHER HOME for me except this "Aotearoa", this "Land of the Long White Cloud". Where else do I have to run ?? The Crown Corporation stole my English ancestral lands from me in 1089 under William the Norman Conqueror and in the Scottish "Highland Clearances" of 1700-1900. What was done to you in the last 200 years was done to me 1000 years ago. I am an orphan on this land. I need a land to cling to. The only WAY AHEAD that I can see is that we MUST STAND together. There is no other logical thing to do. In numbers we are strong against the corruptions of "The Crown". Divided, We ALL Fall : (

Bronny NZ said...

The Stand that Kiri took was NOT for on the foundation of understanding what "The One People's Public Trust" did for humanity, nor what "The One People" is. There were most certainly other agendas at play.

In the facebook group "Mortgage Terminators", time and time again, Kiri was giving advice to people from from her knowledge in everything else EXCEPT the OPPT UCC filings. I said to her a number of times that ALL governments and corporations have been foreclosed on, so please DON'T use the existing law vehicles... That under the OPPT filings, these vehicles no longer exist. But Kiri continued on anyway, encoura-ging people to engage with the legal system, not the Courtesy Notice/ Invoice process.

The divided people of Aotearoa-New Zealand have quite a mission ahead. Either we ALL find protection under "The Declaration of Independence" (1835) and ALL claim "Te Tiriti O Waitangi" (1840) for ALL peoples in Aotearoa, or we ALL embrace what the OPPT filings have won for us, stated as: "ALL treaties and contracts..." now no longer exist. As it is, Te Tiriti/ The Treaty, stand as a GREAT BIG WEDGE between tangata whenua and ALL other people in Aotearoa.

What are WE going to DO about this ?? This is fundamental.
How are WE going to FIX this ??

It needs ALL of us here in Aotearoa to find the way. We are ALL torch-bearers. ALL minds, hearts, souls are needed to bring the solution forward. And then we march - TOGETHER.