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Discussing "Why I Am No Longer A Light-Worker"

I've seen a few of these discussions around recently on Facebook and on a number of the TOP blogs.  The perspective below is in response to a blog post on "Nubius Nebulus" regarding "Light Workers", "Light Beings", "Channelled Entities", "Arch Angels", and so on. Here's the link for the article:

Bronny NZ:

It strikes me that the VERY SAME images, language, dichotomies that are used and described by Cameron ARE the VERY SAME ones he is attempting to refute. How can this be so ??? I am reminded of Albert Einstein... "“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

This IS a world of dichotomy as we see in the ancient 'yin yang' symbol (c.1400 BC) and in much earlier mythologies and story-telling. Shadow-Light, Form-Formlessness (tangible/ intangible), Awake-Asleep are all "valid"/ experienced manifestations of our Saha world. The invitation is given to play in many sandpits... After all, it's a free-will soul-entity we all find our "Self" manifested With-IN. I agree: All is Created. All is a manifestation of Creator experiencing itself.

Cameron Day doesn't go far enough I feel, ie: Cameron hasn't posited his thesis by first examining the 'parts of the whole'. This 'alternative world view' he wants us to look at is actually 'the same world view' that we've always had, ie: Polarity. 

Getting to the bottom of finding a New Way of 'terming' or 'determining' paradigms is a 3 step process says Russell Ackoff @ 2:00 minutes: (1) take it apart; (2) try to understand what the parts do; (3) assemble the understanding of the parts into the understanding of the whole = "analytical thinking". 

Dr. Russell Ackoff on Systems Thinking - Pt 1

Uploaded on Dec 12, 2008
Dr. Russell Ackoff on Systems Thinking

While Cameron's article is useful for people who "are looking for salvation" by some means or other, or through some person/ entity or another, as a whole theorem I feel that Cameron needs to find a new language... That is: I think this is a great article for those who in practice, refuse to step into their Own Autonomy. Heather Tucci-Jarraf has found the 'new language' and otherwise states this as "Full Responsibility and Liability"

"DO and BE, DO and BE", says Heather. DO according to Eternal Essence's DIRECT guiding within your heart/ soul/ mind/ sensibility and BE Who You Are FULLY. You don't need anyone else to tell you How To BE In Your Truth. Only YOU can access that.

You don't need a mediator, as Cameron is trying to say in his article. We have access to ALL knowledge... IN-bedded With-IN. Look there. We ARE Eternal Super-Conscious BEing. 

Peace. Thanks, Bron. 

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