Sunday, 4 August 2013

All Things Are In Perfect Order

This is my response to yet ANOTHER inquiry of me about the current Play of Events... 

Bronny NZ  Hi DD. I only read the first paragraph of what you say here and give you the opportunity to amend the rest of your post AFTER COMPLETING some research into NZ History. I am getting very tired of people who make comments on this subject who don't know what they're talking about !! 

A.  The link below outlines "The Treaty of Waitangi" process by which Maori make their claims for land or the monetary reimbursement for land. Only Maori can do this !! And "Yes"; This issue is constantly driving a wedge between Maori and Pakeha... 

  • Taxpayer funds ARE USED to make these huge multi-million $ payouts. 
  • "The Crown Corporation" City of London banksters are NOT making the pay-outs who are responsible for this mess.
  • The tax payer IS. "Divid and Conquer". Besides which: 

B. The OPPT Filings have FORECLOSED "ALL treaties and contracts".

C. When Kiri purportedly "Deposited Her Value", Kiri was not drawing only from the technologies that Heather has made available to "The People" as put in place through the OPPT filings. Kiri was using what she'd been studying for the previous 3 years along with what she'd picked up through OPPT/ TOP contacts and sites since early May 2013. What Kiri used was "Incomplete".

D. Please refer to Heather at 39:40-48:00 on 31 July 2013 in the "Mel Ve Interviews..." radio show on "Removing the Shackles" blog. Heather says: 

(1) Heather herself no longer uses former systems, which is what Kiri did, as based on other "Freeman" etc. technologies 
(2) bank tools, eg: check books, are issued for you to access your [non-closed] bank accounts 
(3) the closed cheque account was all "fraud anyways" referring to what Kiri used as an instrument "and they have no value anyway" ... [yes, I am quoting Heather directly] 
(4) ALL of this was pre-planned... ie: being in a court case, being arrested... [planning was likely done with Turikatuku when Kiri went to Sydney for the 10 days or so before purportedly "depositing her value" on 16-07-13] 
(5) within 72-hours, all this Separation came out 
(6) Are the Maori people NOT The One People ?? 
(7) Who are you playing with? What is being played? 
(8) Is there Separation or is there Oneness ?? 
(9) The co-ordination is Amazing !!  [yes!! That's Right Heather!! It IS !!] 
(10) All those that have agendas behind her [Kiri] ... the agendas are all considered in The Absolute Plan. [Yes, they ARE !!]
(11) There's no right way, there's no wrong way... It just is all being done. 

E. [Yes. Yes. Yes. Heather is Absolutely BANG ON !!] 

F. Please go and check out fb group "The One People (OPPT) Aotearoa-New Zealand" and check out developments.

G. It's going to be really tough going for us to turn this corner...  It's most certainly a 'paradigm shift' that is required of Maori people, ie: of being able to relinquish the preceived "rights" they believe they have under The Treaty of Waitangi (which is just a token compared to the wealth and abundance we could ALL enjoy) and to join with Non-Maori in the becoming of "The One People", who Collectively received ALL BENEFITS. Oh no. Oh no... You Have NO IDEA of the barriers for Maori to this concept. 

H. It's NOT about tearing Kiri down.... but of HIGHLY RESPECTING Kiri's Soul Contract, and MY Soul Contract to BRING UNITY among The People of Aotearoa.  We are NOT yet One  : (

... And it's CERTAINLY in the pipeline.

Right NOW I have a tui bird singing on a tree branch outside my window.  For 10 minutes now... The Tui appears to be my Maori totem animal. He's met with me before on an auspicious occasion. I think he's very happy at my getting this information out to the world, and of my intentions.  For Unity.  I consider this appearance a very good sign  : )

Kia kaha All People of Aotearoa.  We March Together !!!

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