Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Summary Of What We NOW Know....

This original post was on Savinia's Timeline.  This is a final copy as edited by Bronny NZ:

The OPPT UCC Filings foreclosed all banks, Governments, and Corporations by reconnecting The People directly with Creator. The filings point up that the corporate entities have been running a debt slavery system. Those entities did not and would not put through 'Rebuttals' to the UCC filings, as this would disclose who and what they are. Through the filings, all resources, property and metals are returned to the rightful owners, "The PEOPLE". With these things come new responsibilities: We each are now Absolutely Responsible and Liable for EVERYTHING we DO under Common Law. Those who work as agents for the corporate entities are now PERSONALLY LIABLE for any wrongs done. They no longer have the 'face' or rather 'MASK' of the Corporate Entity to hide behind. 

The Courtesy Notices we serve on those who extort our value (our creativity, our effort, our time, our BEing), advises them that THE AGENT (themselves) is now PERSONALLY LIABLE and are constrained in the Order: to "Cease and Desist". If the agent continues to pursue you, you then start an Invoicing process with them. 

Kiri used her own written notifications that she'd drawn up herself which followed the 'Strawman' and 'Freeman' methodologies. "Prior advisements" were made to the heads of the NZ government (eg: the Prime Minister & Finance Minister), the NZ UCC-equivalent, the NZ Central Bank (ie: The NZ Reserve Bank chairman), and other agents. This was all a part of the process of depositing "Value" (ie: the monetary representation of 'who you are') into a normal banking account; in Kiri's case, being 15 million. The bank processed the deposit, and it was seen by ALL that this process appears to be a fairly 'normal' one at registered banks, and 'no problem' to put through, even for the "small-town" clerks employed at the Hawera, NZ TSB bank. It was no problem. Kiri is now up on charges. The charges are not laid by the bank that was used to deposit the funds, but by the New Zealand government who is using the Judicial system as their agents, to carry out these orders to detain Kiri. 

We have to remember that very few people have woken up to the "Debt Slavery" system yet, or that we really ARE slaves, and have been for around 10,000 years. That is a long time for these bastards to get away with this. [See 'The Priesthood' in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series by Vladimir Megre]. They tried everything to harness the Energy of The People.... The bottom line is: "The cat is out of the bag". People are Awakening daily !!

YOU are right NOW, One of Those Waking Up.

by Savinia and Bronny NZ (Editor)

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