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The Koro of Tuwharetoa Shows The Same Vision To Two People Who Don't Know Each Other - A Maori Man and a Pakeha Woman

This was an incredible moment when T and I realised that we speak to the same man...

T  May I ask for where I can read more about the vision from Turangi of our Tupuna? I am of Tuwharetoa, and that is where my heart of my fires that I am currently following are based, along with the banking system Things happen for a reason, and it seems things are falling into place...

Bronny NZ Whooooaaaahhhh !!! You have no idea what you just said !!

You DO have fires dear !! So did the old man The place you will read about his words is in My Heart

Bronny NZ Tuwharetoa... Is that the big marae where they hold conferences. I was with the hikoi last year. I think that's one of the marae that hosted us That's where koro got in touch with me... He said he'd speak to me before bedtime if I wanted to.... I wanted to. Sorry... I forget his name. It's the ancestor of the kaumatua's wife

Bronny NZ It's him who has directed this wave, North South East and West to the Big House... many powerful reverberations - to its core.... many white faces and people rushing out of there... realising in full what they have been participating in

Bronny NZ ... and how evil it is.

Bronny NZ At its core... it is only evil

One People's Public Trust ~ Elucidated: Admiralty Law and Temple Bar Symbolism in the Modern...

Bronny NZ In the Eternal Infinite, there is no Time or Space. We Claim for ALL Places all over the World in this march.... to Re-purpose banking for ALL nations.

T  I have seen this also. In my vision that was given to me, our old Koro sat on top of the hill with me overlooking the waters of all points of the compass where he blows the conch trumpet. The waters are pulled in by the people of afar to meet, like the four winds...

Bronny NZ Exactly !!! That's him... eh??

Bronny NZ Yes. Yes. I didn't see him with his conch He often referred to 'up here on my mountain'... and "This is the place of The Standing" and how the roots of the mountain went down deep, deep into Mother Earth and drew up all this energy... the energy that he drew on and learned from.

Bronny NZ He would enter moeamoea... have I got it right ?? And there he would drift between worlds... And he could hear the travesties happening up there in Northland... heartbreak... and the movement of the 'no-men' with their guns... no-men because he couldn't understand how 'men' could walk around with no hearts And he could hear the killing fields of Taranaki Oh mate.... I have to stop going there for now... tell you more later... coz he shows me what he saw and could hear and I start bawling

Bronny NZ He showed me the 'wave' of people, as Energy waves... rolling down the country and banging up against the parliament buildings.... BAM !!! BAM !!! BAM !!! in loud waves and shocks hammering up against all who dare to remain in there. They rush out pretty quick I don't know what happens after that... but this is his vision

Bronny NZ He showed me his sacred fires.... He would go out into places in the bushland all around where Tuwharetoa marae is now. Thick bush and lots of pigeons btw. He would light his fires and send up the karakia FOR THIS TIME on the smoke of the fires... For this time of The Unity of all people on this land.... "Mihi mahi !!!" he said to me three times sternly... so I would get it. This is the time of The Unity. You must forget your differences and all work together. Only TOGETHER can you get this work done !!!!

Bronny NZ That's why i'm bowled over that the first sentences you wrote to me said, "... where my heart of my fires that I am currently following..." Wow !!! You must be his progeny as well !!!


T  My heart is settling and a new fire is kindling. We are on the right path, this is great news. Things are falling into place. We have much to speak of. This path was written into the fabric of destiny. It is most definitely the same Koro that is guiding us all.

Bronny NZ It IS !!! EXACTLY as you say Talor. It is "written into the fabric of destiny". It SO IS !!! He made it so... Sending up his karakia for THIS TIME on the smoke of his sacred fires

Bronny NZ Wow !!!!! I'm SOOO glad you and me were online tonight. Where are you from love?

Bronny NZ I see it... Taupo ?? Only 90 minutes from me in Hamilton. I'll see you quite soon then. Yes !!

T  Taupo born and bred.

T Sure will. Anyway, sleep time for me. Much Love and Light heading your way

Bronny NZ Love to you too my friend. HOW AWESOME !!! I am so over-joyed i'm not the only 'mad' person out there who Koro speaks to as well ... And me a pakeha !! But i've got old 'knowings' from my Grandpa Tito (c.1865-1970) who was a tohunga in Te Taitokerau They both travel with me at the moment... And now I join my heart with you too Talor Wi Kohika as we work to connect the dots for our progress

Bronny NZ Yes. Sleep time

T  I am glad we have crossed paths.

T  I'll leave you with the message I received a couple of weeks ago, which on Tuesday I was waiting for the last sign to show itself. And that it did!! ......"On the fifth day of the moon commencing on the 19th of July the signs will reveal the direction to follow. Signs that will be revealed will include the movement of papatuanuku(earthquake), the movement of tawhirimatea, and movement of Tangaroa. We will see the act of Tumatauenga on the people... On the 23rd of July. The light of Marama(full) shall guide those looking. Into a moment of unity of peace. Rongo."

Bronny NZ Whoooooaaaaahhhh !!

Bronny NZ I need to make a blog post of events that occurred on 21 July Talor Wi Kohika. You'll find 5 or so posts with what happened on that day, if you go to the Aotearoa group I still have to make it yet. I was waiting for the 'right time'. Now that I have you and your confirmations and clear energy beside me, I will make it

The One People (OPPT) Aotearoa-New Zealand

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