Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Getting Started # 3: Timeline for OPPT Activity from 2009

A Detailed Timeline…

Catalyst Investigation
March 2009: Investigation into ‘mirror loans’ at the world bank began, lasting three months
July 2009: Investigation began into fraudulent loans and paper trail

Phase One: Paradigm Report
June 2010: Paradigm report completed
December 11, 2010 : Heather was introduced to a tool called the ‘Public Trust’

Phase Two: Testing the judicial process and its ties with the banks
Jan 2011: Started ‘test case’ on Heather’s home
June 2012: Finished ‘test case’ on Heather’s home
May 3 2012: UCC Filing – Entry of Debtor, Debtor State and Debtor Intl

Phase Three: Work with the "Powers That Were" for a solution
July 4th 2012: Trustees announced they were going to do the “equity call”.
July 7th 2012: Trustees issued the orders for the UCC filings to be submitted
Oct 2012: No rebuttals – Private slavery systems now foreclosed
BIS October 22: Trustees ask to inspect the gold in Switzerland.
November 28 2012: UCC Filing – Declaration of Fact

Phase Four: UCC Filings become Global Rulings
December 25 2012: First Official Announcement of the New Legal Landscape
March 24 2013: UCC Filing – I and Universal Value Exchange
April 9 2013: I-UV Gift Accepted

You have been given your freedom and now you use it wisely and for the greater good of all. Thus…

“Keep imagining absent limits and 
DO’ing what you imagine.”


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