Sunday, 30 June 2013

What Is the World Harmony Network ??


World Harmony Network is made up of individuals of a new conscious awareness who are working towards establishing an exciting, positive, parallel new society that lives and works in harmony with nature. Every person of this new consciousness is automatically part of this network – by definition – just as all human beings are part of humanity. Therefore, no one joins World Harmony Network; if they are part of this new consciousness then they are part of World Harmony Network - automatically!

World Harmony Foundation will have five primary roles:
1. To act as an Umbrella Organisation.
2. To oversee the establishment and operation of the new society prototype.
3. To accept donated funds and/or resources from the old society for the new prototype society.
4. To distribute funds and/or resources to individuals and/or groups that wish to help develop the new society.
5. To establish and fund organisations that are needed to create this new society but don’t yet exist.

Many people have tried to create new communities based on love, sustainability, natural environment, etc. and have either failed or functioned improperly because they have not had these Principles and/or a suitable new support structure including new technologies that allow these Principles to be effectively used. ALL are needed if a New Paradigm Society is to be successfully established.

These Principles have been written from the perspective that “we are all spiritual beings having a human experience”, not the other way around. Much of the information contained herein originated from other realms including our collective "World Spirit" consciousness. They are in accord with the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other Masters and may be what they were trying to show us so long ago.


The following vision of tomorrow’s world is based on current research, observation, insight and experience derived from many diverse sources. It includes knowledge of some of the most up-to-date and practical new technologies and methodologies that will permit us to transform the way we live in very beneficial ways, in quite a short time.

The Vision:
  • The time period is our near future.
  • The world we live in bears little resemblance to the world we knew in times before the 21st century... 
  • The stresses of daily life have been relieved...
  • Everyone does the things that excite them the most, with integrity, love and trust... Everyone supports the whole, and, the whole supports them. Everyone recognises their personal value and how they always “fit in”
  • This new energy is known as Zero Point Energy (ZPE)....
  • A by-product of this energy is commonly known as “anti-gravity”...
  • All waste products are either recycled or used for other productive purposes... 
  • .... Nuclear power is no longer used and all radioactive wastes have been neutralised or otherwise made safe by technologies that were developed for this purpose.

Everyone has a state of personal health and fitness that could only be dreamed of in the past. This resulted primarily from practices that focus on health creation rather than disease suppression.

Crime is largely a thing of the past. This has come about primarily because of the positive changes in personal and collective attitudes. Additionally, because of the mutual support system, no one has to “go without” as there are no scarcities. Therefore, why would anyone want to steal something if they have the right to use it at any time?

The military has been transformed into Earth Repair and Rescue Units...

Now back to present time!

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