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Who IS Alex Jones ??

I think this is a really important conversation to have...  There's some divided opinion in OPPT circles about Alex.  I think this discussion should clarify things a little better ~

The Alex Jones Show - Wednesday, June 12, 2013 (Full Show): Wayne Madse

Published on Jun 12, 2013

Bronny NZ  Can we "Flash Mob" Alex Jones ?? He'd be a really GREAT guy to inform of the OPPT  Thursday at 3:04pm

Bronny NZ  Far out.... !! Alex Jones still harping on about "The Constitution" and "the government" when it's all been Foreclosed on !!! ???  We REALLY NEED to "Flash" Alex Jones, right...??? Seriously !!  This dude CAN NOT be allowed to carry on persuading The People that the Debt Slavery system still exists. This is so in contradiction of the OPPT message.
Thursday at 3:11pm

RC   already been done a while back AJ.
Thursday at 10:22pm

Bronny NZ Hi R... Then why does Alex make such a huge buy-in to "the system" ?? Ratings. Right ??
Thursday at 10:23pm 

Bronny NZ   ...  I DO find this aggressive, scaremongering, hopeless, victim-focussed way that Alex talks, very much in opposition to the spirit and intentioning of the OPPT. Also, I find such rhetoric very 'interrupting' ... as my daily moment by moment focus/ vision...  is for our New Earth to come through in manifest form.  People like Alex Jones just mess up this 'line' of 'intentioning' and visioning for me, ie: the direct tap-in to Universal Consciousness...  it's time we talked a bit about "imagery" and "energy" xx
Thursday at 10:34pm

Bronny NZ One of the problems with Alex is that he comes from a place of ego. Like, he's not putting solutions out there for people is he? I agree that Alex has been a great educator... and his shows have been REALLY GREAT during the past paradigm, ie: pre-26 Dec 2012. However, the game has totally changed now, but Alex is still singing from the same song-book. He's found a formula that works for him... for ratings... so of course he "pretends" nothing has changed... because if he doesn't get the ratings, he doesn't have a show.  If he's been "Flashed Mobbed", Alex KNOWS the deal... but he continues to choose to perpetuate the MYTH that the Debt Slavery system is still real... Therefore, he needs to be served a Courtesy Notice...  His activities ARE PERPETUATING the belief in the DEBT SLAVERY SYSTEM. He might get it then
Thursday at 11:00pm

RC   well solutions of hoarding guns, ammo, gold and dried food is his approach.
Thursday at 10:45pm

Bronny NZ From around 125:00 on here about Keenan (radio show below) expresses the situation very well Especially comments from Chris around 128:00.

Bronny NZ Another 'synchronicity'...  Apparently, the Universe really wants you to 'get' this message. Here's a post I "happened to see" on my Home thread
14 hours ago

Bronny NZ   "MB: I'm not surprised by this. When I first discovered AJ I listened to his radio show and looked at his site very intently. At first I thought, this guy's very passionate about this. Then I noticed when he'd have guests that offered solutions, he would interrupt them as much as possible preventing them from sharing their thoughts. Then there was Palosi taking the 'audit the FED bill' off the table, and the article wasn't even posted. I mentioned it on his site, and a couple hours later it was posted (not that I had anything to do with that). The comment's were arguing and ranting, and I realized that AJ wasn't taking this opportunity to unite people. He wasn't even talking about it on his radio station. He does speak a lot of truth, but will only go so far. He is a fear mongerer. Keeping people in a cul-de-sac, chasing their tails in a low vibration. If any proof is needed of this, simply watch his interview with Peirce Morgan. He has waaaay too much experience to be out of control like that...and everyone knows if you want to be taken seriously, you don't attack the messenger. You calmly state the facts, and don't allow the interviewer to take you off track. Clearly, it was staged."
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M made this comment 4 hours ago, as you can see, in regard to the following article dated 28 Nov 2012, outing Alex Jones as very likely being a 'counter-operative'. As I was saying yesterday after watching the first 5 minutes of this AJ video, I feel that AJ's 'mission' at this time is to distract, mislead, and use people's Energy up on Fear and Worry thoughts, rather than have people clear their minds with Bright Straight Thoughts that lead to Effective Actions. The Powers That Were (tptw) do not want The People to BE effective John, so they throw crumbs on the path in an attempte to lead us away. Please recognise that I am not researching any of this stuff to 'hammer on you' John. This is a message for you directly from Universal Consciousness I am just the messenger Peace brother ~ I have no war with You

I would just like to highlight M's words again, which really resonate with me as well: "He does speak a lot of truth, but will only go so far. He is a fear mongerer. Keeping people in a cul-de-sac, chasing their tails in a low vibration." That's right. He does.

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