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Getting Started # 5 - Some Key People in "The One People" movement

The three members of the now dissolved "One People's Public Trust" are Heather Tucci Jarraf, Caleb Skinner and Randall Hillner.  The Trust formed in the early part of 2011 then dissolved themselves on 18 March 2013 as their purpose had been fulfilled,  which was to complete submitting the UCC filings (2011-2013) on behalf of humanity.

Heather's family home is in Morocco, which she shares with her Moroccan husband and their four children.  From around 20 May - mid June 2013,  Heather invited a number of central people to her home, who had been supporting the OPPT for the previous months.  It was to be the first time that most of these people were to meet each other in person.

The people who went to Heather's home in Morocco included:

Note:  Randall Hollis - Hawaii based.  Randall, one of the three OPPT Trustees never went on the trip to Morocco, as far as I understand.   Chris Hales - Australian based, kept things ticking over at home-base during the time the "OPPT Nine" were overseas.  Chris is a host on "The One People's" radio show along with Lisa, Bob, D and others:

  • American Kabuki - American based. AK's blog was the website chosen to publicise information coming from the OPPT      


  • Lisa Harrison - Australia based.  Lisa has a blog and a weekly radio show called "The Collective Imagination" and co-hosts the radio show "The One People".  

       Lisa M Harrison         advert

  • D.  - American based.  D. has a blog called "Removing the Shackles" and is frequently a co-host or support technician on Lisa's and other radio shows.

  • Brian Kelly - American based.  Brian connected with AK. very early on and began to contribute on AK's blog.  Brian has a background in Communications and was asked to be the OPPT's "Official Communications Officer" during the early stages (Jan 2013 onwards) when a lot of Press Releases and information dissemination was required.

                 Brian Kelly                      

  • Caleb Skinner  -  American based.  Caleb was one of the three OPPT Trustees from 2011 - 18 March 2013.  Caleb is an expert in IT.  Caleb is currently developing "Project XIII" (thirteen) which could be described as a "Web City".  Features within Project XIII will include a Skype-like 'video phone' service, a Facebook-like social networking forum, trade and exchange forums such as Amazon and e-Bay, and internal banking system called the "I-UV Exchange" (which Heather nd Mark are developing).

Lisa and Caleb on Lisa's "Collective Imagination" radio show 27 March 2013.

  • Bob Wright  - American based.  Bob is one of the support-crew for Lisa in Australia on her "The Collective Imagination" radio show.  Bob had some physical limitations when he went to Morocco, and returned from Morocco being able to walk   : )   Bob's eyes changed blue, along with other people on the trip, even though he is an African American man...  Interesting ~   Bob has now joined talents with Julien Wells and Co-Host on a new 5-D radio show called "The Transitioning". Note:  Julien didn't go on the trip to Morocco.


  • Mark Hoza  -  Australia based I think.  I'm unfamiliar with Mark and how he fits in. I do know however that he is working with Heather on the "I-UV Exchange"  (photo below) 


  • Heather Tucci-Jarraf  -  Morocco based.  Heather was one of the three original Trustees of the OPPT.  Heather's career was as a Corporate Banking Lawyer.  It was Heather's initiating of "The Paradigm Report" that kicked this whole thing off.

  • Vera Payne, aka "McCoy" -  Australia based I think.  Vera did the energetic healing with Bob while away on the trip...  hence the Star Trek reference.

                                                                                      Sydney Airport – May 15, 2013

  These were known as "The OPPT Nine"             Here I am (left) with traveling pals,
                                                                                    Vera Payne and Mark Hoza.

Following is  one of the rare radio conversations with Caleb Skinner  ~   Great interview   : )

Caleb Skinner- OPPT Trustee with Lisa Harrison

Published on Mar 27, 2013
by lisamharrison

Caleb and I finally caught up for chat to discuss how his journey led him to being a founder of a movement that has swept the globe. He discusses his childhood, meeting the other trustees and their adventures with 'the system' during the investigations that led to the creation of The One People's Public Trust.

Randall Hillner - OPPT Trustee w' Lisa Harrison

Published on Apr 18, 2013
by lisamharrison

It was nice to finally talk with Randall, the most elusive of the OPPT trustee's. As Randall shared his history and journey it became apparent to me what a wonderful trinity Heather, Caleb and Randall make.  I hope you enjoy this brief introduction into the life of one man who really wants to make a difference.

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