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"Harmony Centres" World Wide... Made in New Zealand and Australia.



People all over NZ have been talking to Trevor (ex-pat NZ'er living in Perth) since his guest appearance on the last "One People's" radio show on 24/25 June 2013. His interview is from 65:15. I spoke to Trevor yesterday evening for an hour via Skype. Trevor is currently compiling a 'contact list' to connect NZ'ers to each other who are ready to MOVE onto Land !! 

I've linked Trevor's websites here so you can read more information on the ethos and aims for the "Harmony Centres" that he is helping to facilitate in Australia and New Zealand. Trevor is a great guy who has written 2 books over the last 30 years as he 'received' information about the New Society (that's us) that will emerge in this New Earth. It is VERY MUCH in harmony with the OPPT principles and 'energy signature' : )

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You can contact Trevor on his e-mail: which is an address that he gave out publicly on the radio show this week. Alternatively, feel free to talk to me about this "2nd Phase", as has been talked about on "The Collective Imagination" and "The One People" radio shows, a few times in the last couple of weeks. You can find me on Facebook or just leave me a message at the end of this Post.

It seems that the "2nd Phase" of "The One People" movement is for groups of people to find each other, form communities, and completely unplug from the current system. By unplugging, tptw can no longer harvest us. We draw from The Moment and BE and DO in that moment, as we are inspired by Eternal Essence, Atua, our Wairua. In law, we have been returned to our original status as Sovereign BEings through the OPPT UCC filings. By returning to Mother Earth who is the Source for providing ALL the needs of our physical selves, we deprive tptw their control over us as self-styled intermediaries. We are provided everything FREELY by Papatuanuku. Return to Her... She is our Mother. There is safety and comfort in her arms.        


The following chart is designed to help facilitate the differentiation between old and new paradigm characteristics, habits, attitudes, beliefs, etc.

Winners and Losers
No Losers – Everyone benefits(Win-Win)
Competing and/or Opposing Forces – Conflicts
Co-operation and inter-co-operation – Peace
Solutions that create more Problems
Solutions that create more Solutions
Rigid Ideas, Beliefs, Structures
Flexible Ideas, Beliefs, Structures
Rewards and Penalties
Mutual Benefits
Rules and Regulations
Guidance and Assistance
The Unconscious Creation of one’s own Reality
The Conscious Creation of one’s own Reality
Domination/Victimhood, Disempowerment
Self-Empowerment, Mutual Empowerment
Boundaries and Barriers, Restrictions
Freedom, Autonomy, Self-Determination
Parasitism (take and no give)
Symbiosis (Mutual give and receive)
Struggle, sorrow and Pain
Joy, Effortlessness, Play, Ecstasy and Fun
Dependence and Co-Dependence
Independence and Inter-Dependence
Self-Perpetuating Conflicts
Co-Operation, Agreements and Sharing
Closed, Dishonest, Dysfunctional Relationships
Open, Honest, Functional, Fulfilling Relationships
Scarcities and Surpluses
Abundance for All (sharing)
Path of Obligations – Pain and Suffering
Path of Excitement – Joy and Fulfilment
Dis-Integration, Separation
Integration, Connection, Unification
Living in the Past and Fear of the Future
Living in the “Now Moment” with an Eye to the Future
Conditional Love
Unconditional Love
Disharmony - Conquering (destroying) Nature
Harmony – Living in Unison with Nature

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