Thursday, 20 June 2013

True BEing: "Connection" - by Ryan Raudam

We have forgotten our connection to our higher mind.

We are energetic creatures or souls beyond what is perceived in the 3D physical reality. 
To feel and see the light within, and circulate it regularly, or activate our antennas to above and below, (whilst mindful of the egoic self in manifestation), we become what we have always yearned for… what we have always felt within, and without words.

The missing or disconnection that many still have, is about to become known and take shape. 
The awareness of the true self and of the true global situation is arriving, now that many others have already taken this journey and are shining their light.

The only point to anything now, is to see and feel this light within.
To connection to our higher minds, our god-source.
To learn to circulate the light, and heal ourselves.
To let go of the self in the world, and steer new people awakening back to the light within. 
We don’t need to put up a fight. Simply keep focused in the bigger picture.
That we are energetic creatures, with a connection to all that is.
We are one in this higher connection.

There is nothing to fear, unless fear is manifested.
Those at the bottom want to make it right, and those at the top see it as wrong, and want it all to themselves.
But the point is, nothing is wrong, and nothing is right.
Only what works, and doesn’t work.
Financial control and corporations clearly don’t work, but we are letting them continue to not work. And in doing so, we are being controlled by its selfish nature.
And thus we also have become selfish through ignorance and apathy over generations of blindness and brainwashing.

So, if we are here to have an experience that is life, why do we need anything other than a healthy body, and a connected mind/spirit? The rest is play and fun. Or not. Suffering is nothing more than lessons on areas of our life, where we have forgotten our connection to the higher mind. And most likely it is an egoic manifestation. The within trying to understand, and then move beyond.

Why do we need to accumulate and attach? 
Why do we need to judge beyond the self? 
Why do we need to resist the flow, or the pull that is one’s life experience.
We still need basic services (and people working those jobs), but not at the expense of our inner sovereignty!

When you wake up and reclaim your true self in this world, remember to keep your focus on the bigger picture. To truly be selfless and selfish at the same time (the balance) we must detach from the self in the world when discussing the world. And at the same time build inner spiritual strength of and for the self, so to give and point the way for others.

I am one with all, and I am all as one. I am what I say I am, my words and thoughts give me power in manifestation. But as I am all (as one), so the collective mind evolves in the same universal direction. Describe it as you will, for words can never truly describe or perceive all that is. 

To be in this space, allows for the individual to play its part in our next stage in our evolution. A peaceful and joyful moving forward. Leaving behind the old, without regret, remorse, or revenge. And moving forward, calling forth that which the self already knows. The manifestation in the now, of our true nature.

by Ryan Raudam

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