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How To "Read" a Media Scammer: Glenn Beck's Secrets Revealed !!!!

I know this post is going to be waaaaay off point, however ~  a lot of (OPPT'er) People are getting caught up in all kinds of tangles courtesy of the Main Stream Media and other corporation-owned agencies.  My hope is that I can introduce you to some ways of thinking that might rub off on you a wee bit, so you can start making your own "critical analyses" when these sorts of hosts or shows jump out at you, asking you to "trust" everything they say or do....  even the subliminal stuff...  which people generally are not seeing either    : )

I hope this all helps  <3

Sample video:


Published on Jun 13, 2013

This Post is the summation of a few media-related posts I made on here (linked above) earlier this week regarding Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.  You might want to go back and check out those posts for a bit of background that leads to me making the following statements. These prognostications were catalysed by a Facebook friend of mine who posted the above video on my wall. 

 He asked of me, "Tell me what you think of this", meaning the video above, but being a carry-on of the convo. we'd been having about Beck & Jones earlier in the week.  Here's my reply:

Well... I think it might be a good ol' trick done by a good ol' boy.  I'll reveal a few "Secrets" ~ Even if Glenn Beck won't !!  Here's a few thoughts that spring to mind:

1)  Did he/ she deliver on his/ her promise?  

Did Glenn Beck ever make his "announcement" within the 24-hour period as he had promised in his recent videos ??  No ??  Then he had NOTHING !! 

2)  Was he/ she phishing ??

What Glen Beck DID do though was create an environment of speculation within the Truther movement (eg: the video linked by you here is a great example). So if I was a savvy news man, i'd then just "follow the information trail" on all of these Truthers speculating all of this stuff online. So all that Glenn and his team needs to do then, is follow all of this data and FIND something WITHIN the information from The People. He's simply trawling, trying to FIND a sensational news story using the most energy-efficient means, ie: by using The People themselves to find the info. When something significant enough was found (which it NEVER was), then Glenn could EASILY say, "This is what I WAS going to reveal."  The wee individual who brought the piece of information  into the public light doesn't have a news network behind them to say that Glenn is nothing but a liar... "But it was ME who made that piece of news public..."  In this way, "Joe network listener" (us), would never ever know that this scam exists, which is likely one that Glenn pulls all the time to pull "his" info out from The People. Good trick !!!!   =   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

3)   Was it a pre-emptive, sensationalist report  with no substantiation that created distraction from what might REALLY be going on ??

If I owned Fox Network and was one of the families who owns bits of the 147 Corporations that owns 80% of the world's companies, and I KNEW that there was something very close on the horizon.... Such as the people AWAKENING and realising that ALL corporations and banking systems (of which "I" am also part-owner in) are about to collapse due to the very fast dissemination of a "Legal Vehicle" ... Ummm... Let's just call it the OPPT, shall we ?? .... by way of illustration....

NOW.... WHAT could I do to minimise the effectiveness of this 'OPPT' organisation?? 
# 1. would be to discredit the hell out of it... not directly either, because then you just invite a backlash and thereby, give "it" airtime...  but by putting out a promo or a 'news' item that is entirely unrelated, ie: a sideways attack ~  a very sensationalist, ear-grabbing headline such as: "The Nation is Going to Be Divided Over This." 

'The Nation' and actually, it's become the world now, hasn't it? sits on the edge of their seats waiting..... and waiting, and speculating some more....

4)  Did the outcome of the report (or non-report as in this case) lead to feelings of 'distrust' in the reporter and of 'new information' generally ?? 

While there is this limbo in information, Glenn Beck and his team purportedly are "on the trail" of this "something big... something huge...." NOTHING HAPPENS Anti-climax.  The viewer makes the decision... 
"What a load of freaking bollocks. I'm NEVER going to let myself get sucked into BELIEVING something like this again. I am NO LONGER giving my Energy to such statements or claims. I've got FAR BETTER things to do with my time and energy... like pay my bills and get my kids to school."

5)  Did the disappointment of 'Non-delivery' of information cause in you an "Emotional Dis-connect" ??

In a month or two's time.... This VERY SAME ex-Glenn Beck 'believer' comes across a Post on the "One People's Public Trust" or the I-UV website. Their reaction ?? "Oh yeah... not ANOTHER one of these scams... They're ALL THE SAME... I'm not going to get suckered in again."

"They" have then won.... (the network owner, that is) because, even that ONE single person is NOT telling the 50 or 100 people in their closest network that they are now DEBT FREE under the UCC filings done by the OPPT. That 100 people and the 10,000 people around them (second ripple - each ripple takes around 2 months to go out), nor the 1,000,000 people of the potential 3rd ripple, NEVER get to hear about the OPPT.... because tricksters like Glenn Beck, put in place by the likes of Fox Network and their cabal owners of the world, have completely suckered the people into believing that everything is a scam... through disappointment and non-delivery of what was promised. 

Therefore: Business as Usual !! That's the primary goal.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

So people NEVER get free.... Because they gave themselves over to seeking knowledge from agents of the cabal... and were VERY easily manipulated, set up for high expectations, disappointed, and swore to NEVER give their Energies to such belief again.....

And then they go back to their Slave jobs, pay their taxes and their mortgages.... Just like the good little slaves that they are supposed to be 

THAT'S what I think of this my friend ....


It's right there in our bedtime stories, 'hidden in plain sight' ~ 

"Don't talk to the wolf in the forest. 
He's only going to tell you his lies and manipulate you, 
so that he can eat you for breakfast !! "

The Main Stream Media will never take the 'neutral' view. Humanity is addicted to sensationalism and emotionalism...  and that's the bait they use for their little scams.  

Heads up.  Eyes open. 

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