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Shares on Facebook Move Us Towards "Critical Mass"

Do you want to present/report for The People's Voice around the world

Published on Jul 11, 2013
by davidicke

Do you want to present/report for The People's Voice around the world.
If so, contact us with your experience and background at

Bron's Facebook post to Share on ~

David Icke needs studio space in London. Please Copy and Share this post out on your network... There's only 6 Degrees of separation, right? So if you Share this on, it WILL end up on the screen of that VERY PERSON who has vacant studio/ or warehouse space in London, before the end of the weekend. Please keep Sharing : ) We contribute our Energy to "The People's Voice" as we collectively search for the Owner of the Space that David & Team can run "The People's Voice" out of. Let's make this happen : ) We ARE Co-creators : ) ♥ ♥ ♥ 
xx Bronny


Bronny's Blog Post 13 July 2013

I wrote these replies in a Facebook discussion with a friend. The friend actually praised me for my 'capacity' to get information out.  This was mildly annoying to me...  because we ALL have the Capacity in fact, it's just that many of us don't have the Will.  I hope my post will highlight the important of your Facebook Shares  :  Thanks  <3

EVERYONE has the ABILITY to send info far and wide... and honestly, it beats me why people don't !! You know, people are quite happy to Share a link... but for the life of me can you get them to Copy-Paste the Post (introduction/ description) into their Post box ??? No It seems way too hard !! What's the point of posting up a vid, for example, if readers aren't pointed to the interesting bit of information that you might have noticed in it. For example, there's been a few shares of this David Icke video I posted on my Facebook, (above)... and NO DESCRIPTION... Even when I specifically asked people to Copy-Paste the Post *sighs* So whoever received the vid. wouldn't have a clue about what the intention is for its circulation !! Ah dear... *beats head one more time against the proverbial brick wall*

I just don't think people realise what a marvellous tool we have here... in the Internet, and in Facebook I think lots of people just see it as 'entertainment' and only have a view for how the posts/ information might apply to them ONLY... I just want to yell out, "Look up !! You don't live here alone !!" Do people not realise that this sort of communication is how we CHANGE THE WORLD and can actually transform the way that WE ALL THINK about EVERYTHING !! ??? 

- Fundamental Paradigm Shift. Everyone's looking for this... But so few participate in disseminating the information.  People seem to leave it 'up to a few' and remain 'observers' rather than DOers. Actually, EVERYONE needs to participate. You can't just leave it up to the 'worn out few' who sit for 12 - 16 hours a day at their computers trying to get this info. into Public Awareness.  It needs all of us.  Please don't leave this work to just a few.  I'm getting tired...  And i'm sure others are as well  :-/  And yes...  I DO spend 12 hours a day disseminating information and writing blog posts, VERY REGULARLY.  The Internet and Facebook are extraordinary tools - Can people not see that ??? Fb is currently being completely under-utilised  *shrugs*   Please...  Let's utilise it to the max from now on    : )

When young people first got Blackberries & 3G phones a few years ago, eg: in the "Zeitgeist" movement, they were immediately onto it... and would organise a flash mob here... then another one there... They just kept moving around the cities turning up wherever heads of state or Bilderbergers were being dropped off or picked up. Great !! THEY caught on !! Why haven't the next generations up from these 20-30-something year olds, why haven't they got it yet ??? We don't have to be on foot like the young-uns... But our fingers can DO the 'running'. We can get a truck-load of info. out into the world just by Sharing... But such a small percentage of people have cottoned on to how 'Critical Mass' is effected...  That is: By SHARING !! 

Go on !! I dare you !! Send 10 of your friends 2 Vital World-Changing pieces of information TODAY. That's all you have to DO...  Every day mind you !!  The world would be a changed place within 2 months !! ie: we wouldn't be putting up with the BS. any longer, when enough of us get the info. about what the Control System actually IS.

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BronnyNZ said...

I think we can get away with our Sharing by Sharing into Groups... eg: some of our spiritual friends who may hang out in Groups, and who are not the sort who want to look at the economics or politics (fair enough) could be seduced by something like some of the spiritually-oriented radio shows (as linked). Or even the 'Eternal Essence Embodied' points 1-10 or how ever many there are. You don't have to send them the whole thing... Just portions, to whet their appetite... a 'tease', eg: this nice radio show below... But since it's part of the Collective Imagination 5-D network, Friends (and Friends of Friends, more importantly !! ) might then feel inclined of their own accord to click on to some of the other shows This is a little trick i'm throwing out there... And send out to 5-10 different groups/ individuals each day... Coz you don't want to hassle people either :P But remember the little advertising statistic... "People don't even notice an item until they've seen the same thing three times..." So on the 4th time you've posted, eg: that week's "The Remembering" link on their page or in a Group, your Friend (or more importantly, Friends of Friends) ; ) might listen to the show that 4th time. So yes. Be tenacious... and obviously use a feather duster to 'ram' your point home, rather than a sledge hammer *takes note of this last admonition herself* : )