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Kiri Campbell Sovereign BEing Takes On New Zealand Court Thugs

These excerpts are taken from "The One People" radio show based in Australia.  Kiri spoke directly on the show this afternoon via Skype ~  as linked here:

75:00 Kiri from Aotearoa-New Zealand is on the line : ) ♥ ♥ ♥ Kiri speaks to us from home at around 1:15pm New Zealand time on Tuesday 23 July 2013. 

Scene:  The Hawera Court House, Taranaki, Aotearoa-New Zealand. Around 10am.

When Kiri's name was called, she stood up in court IN THE GALLERY - NOT IN THE DOCK !!!! (bloody perfect !! ) and reasserted her position that she denied to consent to contracting with anyone she doesn't know. She told them she is rejecting the contract because it is incomplete. Nobody objected. Kiri asked that this be stated for the record. Kiri then read out "Notice to Courts and Agents". Kiri executed that Notice to them today. They got a hell of a fright.

This is the Notice that Kiri Campbell read out in the Hawera District Court today:
"The courts have ruled that the ONLY authority held by the government is authority that was delegated by, "We the people". The courts have also said that, "We the people" have all of the rights of the king. Therefore, we are all kings and queens"

BE IT KNOWN that all persons claiming professional association with the existing court system also including ministers, police, bailiffs, magistrates, judges, registrars and deputy registrars and other court officers and employees and all other agents and prosecutors (from now referred to as INOR -In Need Of Redemption) from varying other sources within the New Zealand company structure and substructure are herewith noticed to stop and to recuse themselves immediately in all and any further action and involvements and relating to their respective positions.

You could face charges in a common law court and in a trail by jury for treason or high treason for the past and present involvement in undue process of justice and perversion of justice by fraud, contempt, trespass, sedition and any unauthorized administration of Estates (or trusts) or persons without authority of delegation from any executor offices, abandonment of their oaths of office as public servants and for impersonation of positions held under your oaths taken when as a matter of fact being engaged in commercial, revenue generating enterprise contrary to the position supposed to have held.

We the people could agree to appoint a transitional chief administrator who could take over the keys or other means of access to the buildings to coordinate the conversion of the existing buildings and administration of record keeping back to their original purpose of administering real justice.

All records and all chattels would have to remain onsite and full access to the chief administrator or people appointed by the chief administrator would be provided from that day forward to commence a review and full audit of the previous court activities and level of involvement of all INOR in treasonous behavior and any other crime committed against the people.

BE IT KNOWN to all women and men that this land is a common law jurisdiction and that all lawful courts are common law courts where free men can exercise their inalienable right to trial by jury.

Is it not true that all court buildings are standing on the land of the people, the internal sovereign heads making up the one and only true crown, and being the land granted for the purpose of administering justice by the rule of law, and being land without certificate of title or sales and purchase agreement, which would define ownership? Is it not true that the original grant given to occupy the land the court building stands on was to facilitate justice as public service providers and as public servants and the servants to the people could one day be revoked by the internal sovereign heads, the people, who could authorise and execute a notice of this nature.

Is it not true that any officer of any court, and any government official also including New Zealand police who have attempted to compel or compelled one of "the people", into their foreign corporate commercial jurisdiction by accusing them of being a "person" has perjured their oaths, and were engaging in TREASON, and SEDITION, and they have no immunity whatsoever, because all officers of all courts are presumed to know the law?

Is it not true that no government official who represents ANYTHING about NEW ZEALAND has any authority whatsoever over "the people", and the minute he or she attempts to assert any such authority, he or she immediately perjures his oaths, engages in TREASON (breach of trust) and is engaged in SEDITION, because he or she is making war against the established government which is "the people", and he or she immediately loses all immunity he or she might otherwise enjoy?

Is it not true that it is essential to the preservation of truth, justice and freedom to affirm oneself to the right to trial by jury and that any denial of this right by anyone constitutes treason against the man and woman standing on the land. No parliament (part of management committee) of the New Zealand company can legislate to abolish or diminish this right protecting life, liberty and property in a common law jurisdiction and have no standing as sovereign crown and never had such a standing as sovereignty was never ceded to the New Zealand company by the man and woman on the land?

Is it not true that it is the duty and responsibility of jurors only to judge the facts and law presented to them, so that they can administer Justice to all parties in any action?

Is it not true that unless a court obtained the clear, written, witnessed and unequivocal consent of all parties with full disclosure given and full understanding of definitions and interpretations of all words used, in plain English, and without duress applied or threats being made or tricked or deceived, to be without a jury? Is it not true that any court without such consent been given has and never had jurisdiction to proceed summarily and any such awards, doings and proceedings shall be held to be null and void and any cases (constructive trusts) to be corrected now and recorded accordingly including the release of all parties unlawfully charged and held, to be now released from any order which was given via a magistrate, adjudicator, judge, deputy registrar or registrar acting under the summary proceedings without such proof of claim of consent?

Is it not true that there cannot be any trust or confidence in the process INOR has engaged in and all persons involved hold full personal and commercial unlimited liabilities?

Perhaps very soon INOR will have to vacate the buildings and land and be recused from engagement from the presently existing court system?"
- Kiri Campbell

84:00 I executed the notice perfectly with precision. It was "Received and Accepted". This is the re-purposing of these corrupt systems to transform them back into their original positions. (Good girl !!!!) 

They demanded that I "stand inside", ie: in the Dock. Kiri ignored everything they said and continued to read the Notice and execute the Notice... Kiri kept on reading until the notice was complete. Kiri was then kidnapped/ arrested from the courthouse and attacked by two men and a woman purporting to be 'peace officers'.


85:00 Kiri:  All three of them struggled to handcuff me. I never put up any fight whatsoever. I just stood in My Ground. By standing in My Ground... all of the support from all around the world, my tupuna which is our ancestors they were all with me, and they (the officers) could not budge me. It took an awful lot of them to handcuff me, which they couldn't in the end. They dragged me out of the court room. They couldn't get me into the vehicle. The only way they could get me into their car was by attempting to dislocate my thumb.

86:15 The new charge on Kiri is that she has 'Breached the Peace'
Kiri:  They attempted at various times to contract me. Kiri reaffirmed her position once again.
87:30 "Who gives you authority to represent or present me ??"
87:50 They then dragged me out of that room and shoved me into another room to sit and wait... They then pushed me into the court room. I put my hands up in the air and said, "Where do you want me? I'm gonna do whatever you want because I consider them to be armed and dangerous and I consider you's to be fully capable and dangerous yourselves, so, "Where do you want me?"

88:15 I said to you before, "I don't consent to any of this". You're attempting to enter into a contact. You haven't given me full disclosure, therefore I don't consent to contracting with you... "I AM Kiri of the Campbell family".

88:50 I wish to go home... I want to go home right now... They didn't really have any joy. They closed down the entire courtroom... The only people who were allowed to be present in the court room was Kiri's lawful jury of her peers.

89:35 They took Kiri into another room to sign a Police Bail... Kiri amended the documents... Kiri scrubbed out the words "Defendant" and "Witness". Kiri added the words "Without Prejudice", "Under Duress" and "No Contract".

90:20 They finally said that Kiri has to be brought before the court again. Kiri reiterated: I don't consent to any of this, because you haven't offered me full disclosure, you haven't produced your Standing or your Authority. You haven't produced what laws you're operating under. So 'No', I don't consent. Then I just turned around and walked out.

91:00 Once I was given Full Disclosure, I drew a line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner and wrote "No Contract" on the Police Bail form i'd signed under duress earlier. I stuck the Police Bail down on the railing separating the People's Gallery from the theatre space of the court... Then I came home to enjoy a nice morning tea with my family and friends that came to support. 

90:55 This is the Notice I served on them to give them a friendly reminder Notice when I first arrived in Hawera... I verbally got to deliver it to them today. : )

92:00 They could arrest me a thousand times and I would not buckle... I will stand in my Truth wholeheartedly with Absolute Truth and Love. 

94:45 I used the same process they did. I rail-roaded them... I got my phone back.
95:00 Chris: Was it your impression that this was instigated by the bank?

Kiri: I truly, truly believe that the bank has nothing to do with it. 

95:50 The bank have sent me a few things... A letter saying, "Please accept this as confirmation that your accounts have been closed." They've attached a check to it to the amount of around $1,600. They've sent a copy of Kiri's financial instrument that she used to deposit her Value with a covering letter stating that the account was Unfound. They have not returned the original instrument, just a photocopy of it... 

Kiri:  I've written out a Deposit Slip to that Bank Account and i've attached that check to it as well as all the documentation they've sent me today. I've marked across it, "No Contract". I'm going to post it back to them via Registered Mail so that we've got some kind of a tracking device. 

96:55 Chris: Did your financial instrument have your original signature on it?
Kiri: Yes it does.
Chris: I'm wondering if they rushed off and monetized it?
Kiri:  That was my first thought too.... They've stated that this meets (blah, blah, blah, blah....) part of the Act.

It looks like the police are bringing the charges against Kiri... They're just making stuff up... 

98:00 Chris: They actually man-handled you to quite a fair degree.
Kiri: Yes they did... I was asked to remove my clothing right down to my bare skin. My wrists are covered in bruises from being chained to a wall... The three officers refused to give full identification of themselves.

99:30 Kiri: I don't want people to be alarmed by any of this because, We as A People need to start going through these processes in order for The Re-purposing... It's about merging these two worlds together and bringing them into Perfect Harmony... The more DOing we get out there and DO, it just reaffirms Our Right To Stand On Our Ground, the closer we will get to being able to merge these paradigms together. 

100:30 Kiri: I charge myself with the duty of making that happen.... It's important for everybody. It's important for everyone to know that... IF you just go through the processes with them and Stand Your Ground, you will soon see for Your Self without having to be told or shown by anybody, that the jig is up... You will soon see the scam and the lies and the corruptions and the tactics they use to influence and to overpower people... And just even with the words they use to trick and deceive people... There is NOTHING they can say or do to Me that I can't spot a mile away. 

Read: Mary Croft. How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Agency... 

Kiri's modus operandi: "Action the Information" and "Know for yourself"

She IS Free !!!

112:30 Chris: "Peaceful non-compliance" 

[A note from Bronny NZ (historian): "Peaceful non-compliance" is otherwise known in Aotearoa New Zealand as "Passive Resistance". Passive Resistance was used by the people of Parihaka Village in Taranki - which is less than an hour's drive from where Kiri currently lives (a part of her ancestral homelands) - during the 1870's and 1880's, by the Maori people at that time. The colonial British military came in, committed genocide and other horrors against The People and sentenced many of the men from that area into slavery. It was these men in bondage who built the harbour walls and other infrastructure from 1870 onwards in the freezing southern City of Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula. The temperatures of the region range from -10 in the winter to 18 degrees in the summer. The winters are hellish. The wind-chill factor cuts to the bones. I lived there for 5 years as a student. It took me two years of living in Northland again and continuing to wear my heavy knitted woollen sweaters, even in summer, before I stopped shivering. I kid you not. I was frozen to the bone. btw. Temperatures in Northland range from around 8 degrees in the winter to 30 degrees in the summer. The men of Parihaka who were forced into indentured slavery by the British Court system and by the arm of the military were ill-fed, ill-clothed, and died in their hundreds. The whole thing is horrific. 
To put this brutality into context, public executions and brutalities continued in London England up until 1870. Charles Dickens himself (c.1840) witnessed the gouging out of a man's entrails that would then be burned in front of his open eyes, in Victorian London.  The sentence of being "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" (beheaded and butchered into 4 pieces which then had a pole shove through them while the flesh was still warm, and put on display around the city) was a very common sentence handed down by the British Magistrates from c.1325 until the nineteenth century. This goes a long way to explaining the Collective Consciousness of 'terror' around the legal court systems...  And for very good reason.  Our Collective fear is embedded in a long Collective history of the most barbaric acts to be performed by one human against another.  
From the 1900's onwards, Mahatma Gandhi studied many technologies as he added to his 'toolbox' of strategies for asserting national Sovereignty from what had been the British colony, "The East India Company" in India. The technology that Gandhiji favoured was that employed by the Maori of Parihaka Village in Taranaki, some 50 years before him... of "Passive Resistance"   : )   This is the heritage of our dearest and most marvellous sister Kiri.  What a proud heritage and lineage indeed !!! ]

114:00  Kiri's final admonition to us: Stand your Ground. Know Who You Are.... I connect to God... I'm here to serve people... everyone across the nations... Stay True to Who You Are and don't be intimidated... Learn the words. Learning the words that they use is of the utmost importance... It's through the words that you'll be able to determine what they're really saying to you... You'll be able to read between the lines of what they're actually saying and asking, and then you'll know how to respond appropriately to it without contracting or without going along with what they're saying.

"The Collective Consciousness" radio show - "The One People" ~

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