Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Slightly more Informal Letter to an Individual Politician

A letter to one of our politicians:  

This letter is addressed one of our younger Members of Parliament, if you're wondering about the tone. I'm actually sending it as a Message on Facebook  : )  I've met this young man before when I was in Wellington on the "Asset Sales" Hikoi last May. This accounts for my semi-informal style. I have not yet ventured forth with a bulk mail-out to all of our politicians.  I'll do this very soon though...  Pandora's Box is opening  : )   

Please feel absolutely free to use this letter as a template...  especially if you know or have met a Member of Parliament personally.  This may be a good template for you  : )

Hi (politician's name),

I have some very important and exciting news to share with you. You are the first MP I am contacting with this information  : )  I met/ saw you when I came down to Wellington with the hikoi in May last year. I was the ( self-identifying reminder here ) at one of the protest actions  :D  I was going to send a bulk mail-out to the 'lefties' today...  but a second-wave of information has now come to hand, so i've put off the mail-out for now.  This seems 'right'  ; )

Have you started to hear trickles of news about the "One People's Public Trust" (OPPT) yet (name )?  I started a blog site 9 days ago dedicated to researching and finding out more about OPPT.  I am learning as I go and i'm sharing this 'research journey' with the world as I undertake my 'study' : )  In the last 9 days, there has been an average of around 80 Views per day, which is pretty stunning I think. This figure tells me that people are not just shrugging this information off, and as they say, "Where there's smoke, there's fire." I anticipate that this figure will leap up considerably now that I have further verification that what the Trust says they have put in place for Humanity, is True.

I send you this link below: "This Man has NOT Paid his Mortgage for the Last 8 Months". I encourage you to also read the 26-27 Feb posts on the site by way of introduction, and any other posts that take your fancy  : )  

It appears ( name ), that Humanity is Free !!  Free from the Corporate Slave Shackles.  This is quite astounding you'll agree.  I can hear a quiet inward 'moan', but please, just look at the material and any of the links that interest you.  I actually think that what has verifiably been done in Law (UCC filings) is actually being borne out in Practice also.  

It would seem that the Banking Corporations are overthrown !!!  Filings have also been completed for the World Banks, including the IMF.  Indeed, New Zealand  MAY BE FREE  from the $50,000,000 per week debt burden that we all currently carry.  By using the OPPT processes, the corrupt Slave Systems no longer have a hold over the People, nor our nation's 'cheque book'. 

I know...  How can this be true?  But it appears to be so.

You will see a couple of letters on my site that people in Australia have sent to their politicians. I would like to compose a third letter, but one that is a little more concise than these first two. This third letter will be the one I bulk mail to all MP's in due course. Could it be that indeed a wonderful "New Sun"  rose on humanity so very soon after 21 December 2012 ??  

I agree that this can't be a 'foregone' conclusion until NZ has had a handful of 'test cases' satisfied.  I feel assured that the OPPT process will work for NZ'ers also. The example on the March 6th video ("This Man has NOT Paid... ) is of someone who holds/ held a mortgage in Canada.  It is all particularly interesting.

Thank you for your time ( name  ).  Get ready to go down the Rabbit Hole   : )

In your service,


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