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OPPT Q & A with Heather Tucci-Jarraf (Trustee) - 5 March 2013

Following are excerpts of the 5 March Q & A.  This is one VERY SMART woman !!  For the full transcripts please find linked below... Thank you AK & Removing the Shackles websites:

QUESTION: Has been coming up regarding student loans, mortgages, etc.

Heather: Almost every loan, if not every loan, is fraud… No loan was made. If no loan was made then no debt could lawfully or legally exist. Was a loan made? Here is what they would have to produce in order testability that a loan was made that you may have a debt:

1. Produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money they purportedly loaned you;

2. produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned you (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds...this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds);

3. produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing/receipts) there is a difference between a "loan" and "debt", conceptually and factually.

Look up the definitions of loan and debt. [Look up the] difference between statement and invoice...only an invoice has to be paid...however they would first have to show that they made you a loan...if no loan, each invoice is fraud, mail fraud, etc.

Question: Does the UCC apply to countries besides America?

Heather: Regarding other countries saying the UCC is not applicable to them. The Prime Commercial Registry is broken down into branches internationally [like a franchise or department]. UCC is one of them, through the Principal Agent Doctrine, UCC 1-103, Any and all state, national, and international equivalents… All were served, noticed, and registered by entering the Prime Commercial Registry from any one of its branches/franchises/departments...OPPT entered in through Washington, D.C. … in UK…the branch/franchise is London City. And every country has their own...they hide them well....just Google Commercial Code, Commercial Law, Commercial Regulation, to ferret [find] out the particulars for any specific country ...however as stated above it was already lawfully and legally taken through the branch right to the Prime Commercial Registry and is applicable to each and every branch/franchise/department of that Prime Commercial Registry on the planet.

Question: When will the CVACS be available for new community like enterprises such as a farm purchase for an eco-community?

Heather: I am working on CVACS now to get the 193 set up... then the first system of assistance that will go live after CVACS established is the system of treasury. The rest of the systems of assistance will follow that first system of assistance.

The sole purpose and order for the CVACS is to get Absolute Data on the Table and guard the space so that the people can choose by their free will what resonates with in each of them.... the purpose of the CVACS is not to tell the people what to Do or how to BE... that is why the OPPT spent so much energy and time (has it really only been two months if that?) on focusing the attention on BE'ing... the energy of each of your BE'ing is what fills the CVAC, giving it life! 

Question: What is the 193 CVAC setup?

Heather: To make the transition from what you thought you all had to what you do have... we mirrored the old geographical locations for branches that assist the people wherever they may decide to venture... there are basically 195 registered corporations operating under the guise of government... COUNTRIES in the old system... the Vatican was one of the corporations... but for specific reasons that was not included in the 194 CVAC authorized BRANCHES.

Question: Heather, how do I go about creating a CVAC for a heart repair business? We are pulling out of February's funky energy, and moving into March madness... I have an established track record of fixing broken hearts. This week's incoming energy has been pounding me... I retired from the heart repair business in 2007, because I was worn-out and heart-broken, myself. I have been wondering about the direction I should take for the last 18+ months. This evening, I received clarity. How do I create a CVAC for a heart repair business?

Heather: You ARE the CVAC... your knowingly, willingly and intentionally BE'ing responsible and liable for all that you DO = value and any specific DO'ing, inclusive of creating a heart repair business, IS, and those you CO-DO or DO for in that business, you are liable to them and them to you as mutually agreed/contracted... if you feel you need a transition tool from that old paradigm of "licensing" under the private corporations that were foreclosed... one option is to REGISTER your business on the COMMERCIAL REGISTRY... BE'ing's as secured party and the "entity" as Debtor party...THEN you can use that registration UCC File No. as the entities "IDENTITY NUMBER" so that people can find it and confirm you BE/DO with full responsibility and liability.

Question: "Notice to Principal is notice to agent. Notice to Agency is notice to principal.' Send it to the CEO [principal] you can almost always find their name on the company website. I know Heather mentions educating from the bottom up, however, why not start at the top down and or top down and bottom up.

Heather: Top already done... education so to speak is from the bottom up NOW and if the "bottom up" see the people standing and BE'ing and DO'ing kindly but firmly with grace and love... it starts up that water cooler talk within the offices, but also within the eternal heart and the mind. (heart)

Question: How many CVACs are up & running now? last I heard it was just the one. hopefully there are more now.

Heather: 7+ Billion on this planet... more in Source's Universe (going through similar thing or surprises that they did not expect (chuckle)) Many CVAC's are DO'ing and BE'ing awesome... some are a bit shaky, but holding that desire and absolutely starting to get it... a few are holding that contrast so that the others can consciously make an informed choice that they BE and DO by their free will with responsibility and liability.... OR NOT.

Question: I'm very ready to get started on bondservant/public servant.

Heather: Bondservants were certified as satisfied and reconciled back to Absolute... co-creator (because that is Absolute Truth and also because we did not want PTW to fabricate a "creator" to put us back into "divine" or other slavery where we would have to play "undivine" or "slave"... see December 10, 2012 UCC filing No. 2012132883... otherwise BE of service to self and help others if you so choose by your free will with responsibility and liability... no bond or "sign up" required by CVAC's to CVAC's...

Question: Is it possible to send out a blanket courtesy notice to a electrical company who are robbing a lot of people by putting the bills up and up, I was talking to someone who thought his bill was too high at 60.00 and mine is 136.00 way, way too high...... and no I don't use a lot of power or have a lot of stuff plugged in.

Heather: want to focus on the contract that was cut giving that corporation power and authority over nature... energy.... the contract and agreements are very interesting and detailed... the brokers/agents of the PTW want to secure their piece of the pie... it is hilarious and reliable.

Question: Does anyone know if I actually owe $$ if I received products from the use a credit card?

Heather: credit cards work the same as promissory notes... each credit receipt is actually a promissory note that is then leveraged... but they can't produce documentation either that a loan was actually made... (chuckle)

Question: I'm looking for a remedy of not having the funds to pay my back taxes,, the only remedy that is offered is to sell my home at tax sale, and that’s not very appealing... so this would make their actions illegal wouldn't it?

Heather: AND who is asking for payment (purported taxes)? Did you require them to produce their standing, authority, law, and the accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature? They have to show those before they can demand something.

Question: Heather can you explain how the penal code (law) fits in with OPPT? Is there a hierarchy of law? Which law takes precedence over the other, which one is more important? Common Law or other Laws?

Heather: penal code... criminal code... all codes are private corporate rules operating under the guise of government, unless they can produce documentation of their standing, authority, law and your accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature.... "no one goes to jail without their consent" (from a retired judge).

Question: how can I use the CVAC to stop paying for the registration to the state on my car without having trouble with the so called police?

Heather: your car was still in the system prior to OPPT filings? there was a process to take it out of system (all car titles were held by agents of PTW... WB/IMF/BIS, etc.)... OPPT took care of all that in the filings... Courtesy Notices reference all of that and give them the terms and conditions to engage with you and your car (chuckle)...

Question: I have a mandatory invitation from the police for today - claiming something about purchase, possession and processing of some healing-herbs - that I NEVER "purchase" but FIND - NEVER claim to "possess" but merely >utilize and >share* - and the "processing" is more like an involuntary but definitely *desirable* occurrence.. I’ll just ignore that I guess.

Heather: Send them a courtesy notice with your terms and conditions to contract in order to engage with you...inclusive of condition to produce documentation of their standing, authority, law and original accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature.

Question: Hemp is a great resource for lot of things. This is no joke. I heard hemp make very good writing paper.

Heather: Hemp plant...hhhmmm....restricting nature? what is their standing authority law and the accommodation agreement...have you seen the patent and the former UN treaties on marijuana/hemp? Oh my gosh it is as hilarious as CHINA making it illegal for any one to reincarnate without prior government approval (rofl)...ahhh but the Absolute Data on THAT is interesting! ;)...and no it is not a China/Tibet only issue...

Question: If I understand the Doing correctly, in order to DO, it should be without reservation and with total and full BElief in what one is DOing; we have listened to many speak of this on the radio shows.

Heather: Not belief... just conscious knowing, willing and intentional responsibility and liability for what one is DO'ing... knowing is more powerful, effective and attracts more energy behind it than belief.... belief more than faith... all those are more when done consciously than unconsciously.

Question: You answered a previous question about Doing for someone else regarding the CN [Courtey Notice] and I got that; my question is, when and how will this cease to be an issue for BEings that may not have the ability to do this on their own?

Heather: That is where I would say... Caleb, Randall, and I were knowingly, willingly, and consciously responsible and liable for what we chose to DO ... BE responsible and liable for our respective BE'ing and DO'ing....but also consciously choosing to preserve that opportunity to BE and DO with responsibility and liability if they chose/choose to DO so, ASSISTING OTHERS TO ASSIST THEM SELF. I worked for over a year to make sure and refine my own process of assisting others to assist them self and NOT FOR BE TO DO ON THEIR BEHALF... wasn't perfect at it for sure... maybe still not... (heart)

Question: However, what if that person IS incompetent? We are paying my mother-in-law's mortgage and debts. She has stage 3 Alzheimer's and my husband has invoked the poa (power of attorney) for her. Can he send CNs on her behalf? Or should we have her sign the CNs, even though she would have no idea what she is signing (plus she is blind so signature, in addition to not being legible, would be nowhere near the line).

Heather: That is a different situation in where you consciously choose to be of service, with full responsibility liability.... same as what the Trustees did with the foreclosure and preserving the opportunity... the people may not have asked for us to do that, but we had access to the mechanisms, operations, and data that the people did not (those that did have it were either participants/beneficiaries/agents of PTW, receiving an unlawful and illegal benefit...and then there were a few who tried to force their way into the club meanwhile charging those of the people they deemed worthy of taking with them or saying "I’ll get you this if you give me the authority to act for you, but I can't disclose things to you or none of us get paid... same game PTW played with their agents.... THE PEOPLE DESERVED BETTER in our knowing... they deserve what is theirs)... sooooo DO consciously with full responsibility and liability... you are her [the mother-in-law's] co-custodians... DO'ing by preserving her opportunity to DO if and when she can.


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