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Part 1: Heather Tucci-Jarraf (OPPT Trustee) with Brian from American Kabuki

A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People's Public

Published on Jan 3, 2013
by TheAmericankabuki
The One People's Public Trust

A discussion with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf with Brian from the "American Kabuki" ground crew and D. from "Removing the Shackles Blog" about Heather's early work as a banking fraud investigator and her introduction to the Trust and its action to accept the Gift of the UCC in trust for humanity and the Trust's foreclosure on the BIS and Federal Reserve.

Transcript of main points   ~  some is paraphrased but i've tried to not lose the meaning

Who is Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and how did you get involved in all of this?
  • I am just "one of the people" just like you guys
  • I got involved because I was searching for the Truth
  • When I was working overseas in high levels of banking, trade and finance, and international law and we all made a choice, we made a choice to go in and clean things up...  It wasn't just me, but a whole slew of people went into what we call the Slavery Systems.    
  • The choice of how it was all going to go was made in March 2009

What happened in March of 2009?

  • We were investigating "mirror loans" to do with the World Bank for around 3 months
  • It was to do with the Panama and the Freddy-Fanny paper
  • $50 million in securities based on property worth 10% of that amount
  • That was the start of it
  • It was a personal matter - one of 'the people' helping another one of 'the people'
  • We reflected on what we were doing, why, and what can we do about it ?  ... and did we want to do anything about it?
  • We were watching everyone suffer.  It causes suffering at every level
  • That was at the very beginning

The next phase in your journey was the decision to put out the "Paradigm Report"
  • We needed to figure out what needed to be done 
  • The Paradigm Report finds out whether the current financial system is 'saveable' - therefore why put energy into something that can't be saved
  • It took around 2 years to research

What were you researching, what went into it, what was the outcome and what were the objectives in getting that paper put out?
  • The goal was to identify the problems and to identify the solutions
  • Could the solution incorporate what already existed
  • Banking was the nexus-point of EVERY PROBLEM ON THE PLANET
  • We identified the markers and factors and we needed to create a paper trail where there currently was none
  • We used my house as a "test case"

You allowed your home to go into foreclosure so that you could accurately track the paper trail
  • There were a lot of different projects going on, eg: in acrigulture, in energy, in law...
  • In the end we realised that it all had to go back to 'the Law of One'

You found out that the system was broken, and that all of the people are managed by those at the top
  • On 11 December 2010 I was introduced to someone who was involved with the "Public Trust"
  • They moved my world
  • I had been looking for that 'clean spot' where we could clean it up, where it was unrebuttable
  • This is where I found the "Public Trust" to be an amazing tool
  • We needed to take it all the way back to "Prime"
  • It's a matter of creation  
  • Who is the architect?
  • I watch all of these patents and all of this technology get stolen... by the Patent Office
  • The fundamental question came up:  Who is the creator...  Who created people ??
  • Creator is the Prime
  • No-one can come up to you and say "I own your body, I own your mind" because first off, you do.
  • Second off, who are you a servant to?  
  • In the commercial world, either someone will claim you as a servant, or you will claim yourself as owning youself, you're FREE. If there's anyone you're going to serve, that will be your Creator.
  • It doesn't matter what you call 'Source'...  It's going back to "Prime".  It's unrebuttable.

The people have bowed down to Laws that have been put out illegally and without our consent. You did a great amount of research into the systems and how corrupt they are.  So what happens now with the "Paradigm Report".  What's your road map to get to where you want to go.

  • I wanted to make sure we were 'under the radar'
  • My job allowed me in the "Paradigm Report", to go in and ferret everything out and test out different areas of solution
  • I designed the investigation so that I could be 'under the radar' while I was trying to work out the on-ground part of the investigation from the bottom up - without banks knowing

Around what month and year was all of this going down?  What was going on in the background from when you put together the "Paradigm Report" until now?

  • We knew where the 'nexus' was, ie: with the banking structure
  • The next part was to go in...  where to go in...  how to go in...  and unwind their support structure -  ie: the BAR, the judicial and education. Also media...  but we didn't want to go there
  • With the judicial, that's where we went in...  from Street Level, to "Wall Street" Level.
  • My house was the 'test case', testing the judicial, seeing what the connection was with the banks
  • How much access did banks have with the courts office?
  • What I discovered was pretty mind-blowing
  • I ended up cancelling my BAR license during the investigation
  • We finished the investigation in the end of June 2012
  • The third part was coming over here (USA) and working with the "Powers the Were" to go in and implement a solution that was the easiest and the least stressful (?) for the people
  • I had been told before I went overseas that there was going to be a war like nothing that had been seen before
  • That was unacceptable to me
  • Out of the Trustees, I was the one who was most suited to going
  • And it was to let people know that it wasn't just about "America", but was about "People" all over the World
  • I never made it to Spain with some long discussion with the Trustees

You said that you were working with the "Powers that Were".  What does that mean?
  • We were opening our doors to be able to go in with the "Powers that Were" to be able to start the handover back to the people
  • They were very fearful of that - they didn't want to let go of the power and the control...
  • But it's done.  It's already happened.

What happened on the 4th of July, and in December?  [2012]
  • The Trustees said we can sit here and do something or else we wait
  • There was an order issued on July 7th and it was delivered to them on July 7th
  • It was registered into the system on July 4th
  • In October, we actually forclosed on all of the Slavery System, all of the corporates under the guise of government - UN, Hague, IMF, ICC, ICJ

Can you tell us who wasn't playing nicely?  ... and who was ??
  • That was the 'Texas camp'  - Bush Snr. and Bush Jnr, Clinton, Rumsfield and Cheney, and others...  No, not J.R. Ewing...
  • *muffled laughter*
  • The Zurich Rothschilds were just lovely
  • We had a fun time with Rothschild London, but they weren't having such a fun time
  • The "Old Man" in the Asian family wants everything to come out
  • General Wong was always interrupting and messing things up
  • Those were the main parties
  • We went to Switzerland 
  • General Wong was in the middle of that as well
  • Our presence was used to force the hand of one side of the family so that things could get in step
  • Everything was done - the people hold and own everything

Who do you mean by the "Old Man"
  • The "Old Man" is basically China
  • He was formerly seen last as an Emperor in China
  • The Communist regime is as much an illusion as Democracy
  • Anything that divides only divides for management and control
  • There is just the People and there is just the Creator...  and that is "Prime"
  • Heather met with his daughter in 2008

Give a background on all this money... How much is there...  Where is it sourced ??
  • The value itself, the absolute under-writing of the value is the People
  • The value and the power is what you guys are actually giving to them in order for them to underwrite what they call 'paper money, current funds, currency... '  So those are just representations
  • The gold and silver was a representation of value that was accepted within the Constitution of the United States of America
  • All the countries and all of the banks are all under one umbrella
  • There's different families that operate under that umbrella
  • The gold and silver was held in various locations
  • These have been in public view...  particularly in the last 4 months  (Sept-Dec '12)

How do you know how much gold there is out there?

  • There's more than what's been reported
  • There's a lot of tungsten, gold wrapped tungsten, out there at the street levels...  It's been in the banks 'forever'
  • The 'real' gold was ferretted away in different locations
  • We went to BIF (??)  22-24 October [2012], we went and inspected the gold holdings
  • The gold is safe, it's secure...  It's going to be released
  • The gold and silver is just a representation of the true value  which is inside every person

How can everyone know for sure that what you're talking about is 'real', ie: that it's actuallygoing to do some good... that it's actually going to come out?  Nobody's been able to see anything yet...  What can you tell people that lets us know that something big is about go down?

  • It's already out there
  • The best way we knew how to help was to secure everything
  • Nobody can contradict it
  • Every single file shows when everyone had notice
  • If you look at the filing dates then piece together those dates...  then go back and look at any intel...  and correlate what was happening...  including on the mainstream media, eg: all the government officials and bankers that were resigning

Can you talk about the Prosperity Funds, Heritage Funds, St Germaine funds...

  • Yeah...  I worked on most of those
  • It's really messy...  but the value is there...  the problem is with the structure that it's held in
  • In order to assist the custodians, we took it back to "Prime"
  • The value is still there... It's still all sitting there... 
  • Now it's in a clean spot...  in an absolutely impentrable spot where it's safe and can be used

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