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Part 2: Heather Tucci-Jarraf (OPPT Trustee) with Brian from American Kabuki

A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People's Public

Published on Jan 3, 2013
by TheAmericankabuki
The One People's Public Trust

A discussion with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf with Brian from the "American Kabuki" ground crew and D. from "Removing the Shackles Blog" about Heather's early work as a banking fraud investigator and her introduction to the Trust and its action to accept the Gift of the UCC in trust for humanity and the Trust's foreclosure on the BIS and Federal Reserve.

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When can we expect this to start effecting our current system?  What steps can we (body of states) take to make sure all of this doesn't get swept under the carpet?  Are there any possibilities of recourse from the cabal?
  • It already is effecting our current system
  • If you look at the governments who have been re-organizing or simply going away...  It's already started
  • It could be done in the twinkling of an eye
  • The monetary system knew what we were doing months ago

When is this information going to become public knowledge? When are the announcements coming?  There's a lot of people out there who are waiting for that moment of vindication...
  • If the people are going to sit and wait, are they standing in responsibility and liability?
  • In the whole complete solution that's unfolding now, we had to recognise "Universal Law" and accept it, and a part of that Universal Law is freewill choice
  • People impose limits on themselves or allow others to impose limits on them, so it's important that everyone can make a new choice, can make a different  choice
  • By setting up a time-frame, that forces people to make a choice to conform to that time-line
  • People are making choices within the Slavery System
  • People are becoming transparent
  • Those in that were in the slavery system are actually considering and making different choices now
  • It is unfolding right now as we speak
  • It's all those people who are Commenting  [on blog sites]
  • People are seeing the Energy of this acceptance of this 'new NOW'
  • The People choose...  the People decide
  • I would love to tell you the timing...  
  • We just decided to go ahead and "Do"
  • What tools can I "do" to help them move?

The "announcements" keeps getting brought up. "When are 'the announcements' going to be?" How is all this "Grand Language" going to be implemented?  What are the protocols and procedures that are developing behind the scenes that allows the people to take their freedom back from the corrupt Slavery Systems that have controlled us for so long?
  • The freedom's already back... recognise and accept that
  • Be free
  • Act free
  • If a cop pulls me over, what do I do...  Be gentle, be kind, be respectful...  Then ask the right questions:  What's your name? What's your badge number?  Perfect.  "Now can you write that down for me?"
  • Everything is already done
  • All you have to do is know the separation of facts so that you're able to incorporate it into whatever matter is in front of you right now
  • UCC number...  "I am free"   
  • It's already in the system

You can take the people out of slavery, but how do you take the slavery out of the people? Until this is all made public on a mass level, how can people be expected to take those kinds of actions to stand up for their rights
  • The "One People's Public Trust" met with "Occupy Wall Street"
  • We spoke with one of the architects of "Occupy Wall St"  
  • "Occupy" was started by the banks in order to incite riots so that they could implement certain agendas and protocols and policies that they needed in place
  • The plan was formulated decades ago
  • Basically he was a good guy
  • They used this guy with his good intent...
  • I'm free...  You are too...  How can I help you understand that?

The people don't know they're free yet. It's not an American thing... It's a Global thing. There's going to be a point in time where everything's going to come out. The old systems are gone...  from what you're saying. The new system is already in place. The media is still controlled and that's a big part of the reason why a lot more people don't know about this.
  • Go back and look at those dates and you'll be able to see that it's already started
  • Everything's already started
  • Go back through those filings for the dates
  • Look at the corresponding events around you
  • A significant one is all of these resignations  - Feb 2012, ref: American Kabuki site
  • Look at the arrests and the resignations within banking and finance
  • The rats are jumping ship
  • The last month it's been insane
  • We did something this last month (December 2012) that kinda sealed the New...  ie: "What can we do now?? "
  • We made sure that the People had a tool... a temporary tool... one that the other private systems could recognise and that they couldn't rebutt
  • We actually filed that on November 28 [2012] 
  •  December 1st - The People's temporary government was set in place

The big thing that everybody wants to understand is what the money aspect means to them. There's more than enough gold and silver...  How is this part of the operation coming together?
  • Hold on Brian. You guys...  It looks like  big numbers...  It looks like big numbers to most people, but it's not big numbers...  It's a fraction...  It's a very small fraction
  • This is "duly verified equity debt against the debtors"
  • "A statement of debt owed rather than a promise to pay..."  
  • Is everyone going to get a cheque...  how does this element of the operation come together
  • The "Debt" would be paid in gold and silver... recorded inside the constitution
  • The issuer is responsible for paying: The Federal Reserve issued the Federal Reserve Note therefore: the people responsible is the Federal Reserve

D. What can the people do to help?
  • The People's Energy is the value
  • The People are already Do'ing it
  • Every time someone writes on their blog, they show they want to help now
  • Just DO...  Don't be afraid
  • People don't have limits
  • Don't have fear
  • Heather:  When are The People going to Do and What are they going to Do ??
  • The People are important...  
  • The People are looking for some little guy who went in and did something...  because that means that "I" can go in and do it too.

  • Heather:  I really want things to be clear and concise. I really want the People to get what they want...  because they've never gotten it before.
  • And we haven't gone into the Spiritual part of this whole thing
  • Heather:  That's a KEY component... that's actually the FOUNDATION of it all anyway
  • This (OPPT) is from a foundation of spirituality, People "Be'ing" and having connection to their Source-Creator, and having the power to control themselves - not give away their power to anyone else...
  • It's time for The People to stand up and move forward as One United

  • Contrast actually helps you figure out what the solution is
  • the law, the legal system, is all a fraud...  therefore how can you go in there and try to find a recourse when you know that the system has been set up to provide NO REMEDY AT ALL... How do you deal with that ??
  • so "alleviate it", take it out... put it in a place of Truth 
  • that's what the actions we took did
  • the old stuff... ???  It's GONE !!
  • I wanted to make sure that people have what they need to 

In doing this process you need to approach it with the following internal state:

1)  Have NO FEAR
2)  Have the RIGHT TOOLS that back you up so that you experience NO FEAR

You need to ask the right questions:

What you need to say to people playing a 'role' (eg: judges, police, attorneys...)  is:
  • Show me your employment contract - I want to know who i'm talking to
  • Under what/ whose authority are you an attorney/ policeman, etc. ? 
  • Where's your BAR card?
  • Where's the agreement that says you're allowed to represent the State?
  • Heather is providing Brian with a list of questions...
  • A basic question to your bank: "Show me where the loan was made"

When are people not going to have to refer to this document anymore...  ie: when do we reach the 100th Monkey?  and for the whole system to 'flip over' into the new paradigm of its own accord
  • It's already done
  • The systems are changing themselves NOW
  • People go back and look at the documents
  • Connect the dots...  put the documents in a context, ie: chronology of events 
  • Build up your confidence by connecting these dots
  • The People need to shake themselves out of the slavery
  • Them Be'ing, Them Do'ing...  this will dissolve the systems that have enslaved them for such a long time
  • The only way they can do that is by going in and LOOKING  (at the documents)

  • Everything was done quietly
  • But you will find [online] evidence to prove that what was been done, HAS been done
  • "Put all the pieces together"
  • It's up to everyone to enforce it
  • Once everyone realises they have been set free, the Slavery System has no power
  • It creates the foundation....  where the System has no power over us

On a mass level, when is there going to be a realisation among the general population?
  • ...  It's already changing.  eg: in Morocco -  England, France & Spain all occupied Morocco.  All of the people of Morocco marched from North to South.  In their solidarity and unity, in a very short period of time, France left Morocco.  eg: in China, the people conducted an industrial rising... No army or police can hold back 1 billion people !!  There's too many of us.
  • Simply, the people need to UNIFY !!
  • People need to figure out a way to be a part of it...  How to DO !!
  • They (the 'slave masters') will run like a rat when they see The People coming together
  • They are scared crazy of The People knowing Who They Are and then Unifying for a common goal

Will the people be receiving actual currency...  How will that work ??
  • Everything has been set in gold and silver... to pay in gold and silver
  • There is to be no issue of "currency" -  only gold and silver
  • The People will decide what they want - a paper money currency, or gold and silver ??
  • You have to re-set the value for everything
  • Then you can issue a currency, if the People want it

When people get money into their hand, will there be a disclosure that there's actually no need for money at all?

Heather:  example...  the hospital system
  • The money will be put into other hands...  and the money will be re-prioritised 
  • There's so much excitement because of all the new technology that's coming available

When can I go quit my job and find an activity that is more aligned to my purpose here on Earth?
  • There will be so much opportunity out there...  When everything happens and all of this becomes the 'new reality' then everyone is going to have so much opportunity with these new technologies...  this will create so much excitement that there will be no shortage of jobs
  • People are worrying about rubbish collection, and so on...  but there is a thing called a 'Cooker' and you can put anything in there and it produces fuel.  This is actually old technology now...
  • eg: the Venus Project, where everyone trades goods and services back and forth and everyone can live a life of Abundance
  • I want to get to the point where we don't even need money anymore
  • Everyone gets all concerned about...  "What happens to loans... mortgages, student loans..."
  • NO LOANS WERE EVER MADE...  So there's nothing to pay back
  • The same goes for Governement Debt...  Show me where the loan was made.

1:52:00    Please continue on now to Part 3.  Thank you



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