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Thank you fellow Kiwis : )

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This site has now been 'alive' for around 12.5 days.  Visitors to the site have surpassed expectations with 1,024 Views in total  (26 Feb 9pm - 11 March 2:30pm) which is an average of around 82 Views/ day.  Thank you everyone for your support. It's great to know that i'm not just mumbling away to myself out here in 'cyber-land'    :  )

I am so delighted...  (and just had to let you know about my excitement) ...that SO MANY Kiwis are visiting this site.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Go the Kiwi's  : )    It's so wonderful to see my fellow country-men and -women following this information and becoming aware of OPPT with me  : )   I am absolutely delighted !!!  (stats at the end of this post)


I think back to 2011 when the little isolated country of Iceland broke free from the shackles of Debt Slavery. They certainly had a few things going for them that allowed this. I think NZ has some similarities with Iceland:
  • NZ'ers have "warrior blood" in our veins and in our collective culture.  Due to our wonderful location in the South Pacific and due to the 'fate' of history, European and British blood has mingled with Maori.  We are very much a 'mixed bloods' nation.  My own little grandson has Maori heritage - he's adorable btw ... a very loving and feisty little child. I'm sure that many people are aware that passion and honour run strongly in the veins of our Maori people. I personally know many WONDERFUL Maori activists who quite honestly go where 'no angel would dare to tread'. Maori boldly stand head-to-head with the new New Zealand Colonisers, the Corporates as led by our FOREX trading Prime Minister John Key, and Maori ARE NOT GOING TO LET GO !!!  This strength of spirit helps give us awake Pakehas (white people) the courage to stand in our convictions also, knowing that we are backed by Maori, as we fight together in any way that we can ~ for our mother Papatuanuku and all of this land's oceans, waterways, forest, skies and all life forms. 
  • This is also the heart-beat of the Vikings  : )  "I will NOT be put down !!! "


  • NZ is far, far away...  far away from the trappings and pomp of the 'polite societies' of Old Europe. Most of our poor English/ Scots/ Irish ancestors wanted to "escape" the aristocracy and the Class System in Britain. We have very few Royalists amongst us. We think like a republic. I think most New Zealanders would see themselves as FREE PEOPLE, and most would be horrified to know that our nation's LEGAL NAME in business is "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand"  as Registered on the New York Stock Exchange with Registration held in Washington, DC - Federal District of Columbia - ie: not a US state, but an autonomous little separate 'country' which is apart from the USA. Yup. Anything "Federal" in the USA is NOT a part of the US Union !!!  

NB. The US is actually a "Corporation" (1871) with all commercial transactions kept on account in Washington DC...  Quote: "The book-keeping and debt collection arm... and whose auditor is the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico... A defacto for profit corporation masquerading as a government" (from the video below).  Funds from the USA are presumably then siphoned offshore to the 'holders' of "The Company". 

In the video below, it is said that the money is collected for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Next question...  Who are the major share-holders of the IMF ??  I bet they're no "not-for-profit organisation"  ... so Who Is collecting up the profits from the sweat of the backs of  all these very hard-working Debt Slaves ???  Who Are the "scam artists" behind all of this ??  Guess who... No surprises here... 

... And this most certainly begs the question of why NZ has been sumbitting Annual Reports 2, 3 or 4 times a year, giving a  COMPLETE  break-down of  EVERYTHING  here.  Why would OUR GOVERNMENT  be doing that  !!!  ???    Links below for your further interest.

The New Zealand Corporation: "Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand"
NZ Registration in Washington DC, USA 
The "United States Corporation (1871)


  • Iceland was brought under the Danish rule from 1918-1944.  In 1944 the Icelanders said "No Way", voted to abolish the Monarchy in 1944 and became a republic.

  • We are at a far-off geographical distance, enough to be able to SEE...  We SEE you Greece and Portugal...  We SEE you Ireland and Italy...  We SEE your suffering. We can see the games that the politicians are playing with you... We have a pretty clear view from all the way over here...
  • And Iceland has much the same kind of view. Akin only to themselves... like us Kiwis...  and can see right past the BS.

(2012 figures)

  • NZ is resource-rich...  agriculture, fisheries, tourism. NZ'ers have got a lot to be proud of and a lot we want to protect
  • So has Iceland... and yes, the Icelandic people stood together day and night and fought head-to-head the dirty politics and the back-room deals being done WITHOUT CONSENT to their resource-rich homeland.



So after becoming informed Kiwis...  ARE WE READY TO STAND ??  Are we ready to submit our Courtesy Notices to those organisations where we have "loans"...   ie: no "loans" were made at all because their 'money' has no backing. They need to PROVE origination of the funds to 3 generations. Most banks won't be able to do this...  plus, they 'sell' your loan on into the derivatives market which means that you NO LONGER have a loan with that bank...  Their part of the agreement is broken as soon as they sell your loan on !!  Which means: You're FREE !!!

The OPPT option I think is a much 'softer' option than standing outside Parliament House all day and outside our politician's private homes all night at -5 below zero banging my pot or pan. This certainly got the job done in Iceland. We could  take such direct action...  It seems to be VERY EFFECTIVE !!  : )

Indeed, another "No Assets Sale" protest is planned next month ~ 27 April at 2pm nation-wide !!  Get involved. Get along to your nearest protest... Let your voice be heard. Let's take our country back for our grand-kids  : )   ... And let's all try to get our heads around the OPPT process.  I really do think this vehicle is the answer...  Early days yet    : )

With appreciation  ~  Bron


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To compare, my other blog "Co-creating Our New Earth" the stats stack up with 20,813 US. Views followed next by the UK with 1727 Views.  On Co-creating, the total for NZ is 901 Views.  By comparison, the 'Elucidated' site has taken off for Kiwis.

Thank you for being interested.  I really want us to take Aotearoa back... this year... and FREE OURSELVES from Debt Slavery.  All of this is pretty amazing    : )

~  Bron


Dermot Downes said...

Great job it's what the planet needed the adrenalin jab that will get to everyone and awaken them to the needs to themselves and their fellow human beings let's get this party started

Bronny NZ said...

Fantastic Dermot... Thank you for adding your Enthusiasm to this post : )