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E-mail addresses of NZ Politicians

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Hi there ~

It would be wonderful if New Zealanders could send the "Re-post this letter to your politicians" letter that I posted on this site yesterday. 

Here are the e-mail addresses for our Members of Parliament pasted below. NB. The first phase of selling off New Zealand's infrastructure begins today with a request from the government (National) for people to send in "letters of interest" to buy shares for the Waikato's Mighty River Power.

The dissemination of this OPPT letter among our MP's and the NZ media may very well forestall this process yet again... hopefully  ; )   I went on the April-May 2012 hikoi from Hamilton-Wellington for 10 days protesting the selling off of Aotearoa's infrastructure. What a wonderful experience !!  I am delighted that road blocks have been put in front of the Nats. at every step along the way...  The Greens and other parties have been madly collecting signatures to force a referrendum, Maori have stood on Te Tiriti O Waitangi and claimed NZ waterways as 'taonga', and other initiatives that i'm not aware of, but i'm sure have been going on.

Let's really put the stick in the spokes and get the sale of NZ's assets STOPPED FOREVER... We need to jam up the in-boxes of our Parliamentarians with the announcement to them that the "One People's Public Trust" has foreclosed on the Corporates...  including the IMF who we pay $50,000,000/ week to for our national debt !!  I look forward to our little country being able to stand again in the world without this debt over our heads. I visualise The Honourable Bill English (Minister of Finance) writing up a "Courtesy Notice" and handing it to the IMF big-wigs !!  "Sorry guys...  You're foreclosed on...  Our loan is wiped forthwith."  It's a great image to keep in mind. It makes me smile !!  :D

Oh happy day !!

Let's get sending that letter...  Here's the addresses  : )

btw.  I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to send the "Re-post this letter" letter to the members of the opposition party first. I suggest that we send this letter to the minor parties first (excluding Act & United), and the opposition this week.  And from next Monday 11th March that we send it to the National Party members and Act & United, and to the media - TV, newpapers, radio...  This gives the opposition and minor parties a few extra days to wrap their heads around what's going on, because they will need to rebutt any comments that the National Party members will undoubtedly make. Let's give OPPT the best shot on the governmental 'playing field' of Aotearoa.  Thanks all  : )

It's wonderful that so many Kiwis are coming here to read this blog. Thank you all.  Kia ora koutou katoa.  With heart-felt appreciations. You bless my heart...  

PS.  If you would like me to post your nation's PM list on this site, please let me know and send me the link, and I will post it here on your behalf for your country.  Blessings...  
We Are One

"We Are The Change"

 "Be the change you want to see"  
- Mahatma Gandhi

Contact Your MPs 

* Phone any MP at Parliament on 04 817 999
* Send a letter to any MP at Parliament Buildings, Wellington
   (no stamp required!)
 * Email MPs using the information below:

  • MP email addresses have been grouped according to their party to make it easier to send them all a message 
  • Government parties are listed first, followed by Opposition parties
  • In each case the email address of the party leader is listed first and highlighted 
  • It is advisable to copy no more than 30 addresses at a time into an email or else your message may be treated as Spam
    (the larger party lists have been split accordingly)

Scroll down the page for the full alphebetical list of all MPs, with links to 
other information about them.

*Please advise us if you find changes have been made to MP 

information since this site was compiled HERE

Three simple steps to send an email message to Members of Parliament:

1. Create a new email and write the message you want to 
send to MPs
2. Choose the MP list that you want to send your message to 
                         - or the individual MP addresses 
3. Highlight the correct addresses, copy and paste into the address bar of 
your email

Check it is all correct and SEND.


Please note - alternative email addresses that can be used are:

General MP addresses:           

Ministers addresses:



Alternative addresses that can be used: 





LABOUR PARTY MPs:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




Parliamentary e-mail lists found on:

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