Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Light Dawns....

OK      :-/

It takes some of us a little longer  :P

Everything has been done already...  

It's like a bonfire that got lit back in October 2012...  It got started with a spark and a bit of dried moss...  It's smoking a bit and the flame is still small...  But soon it's going to rush all over the world...  And then people will "get it".   

Hmmm...  We are free...   ????

So why am I still working and paying for my rent and the interest on my over-draft account ?? I think it's the theory vs. the practice that's got me baffled.  I do  believe that what they say is True...  It's the implementation and the MOVE into freedom that i'm not taking myself yet.  It feels like i'm being asked to cross an invisible bridge.  It feels strange.  I wonder when I will be ready to fully accept my Freedom ???  I wonder what will happen on the day when I embrace what has already been done for me ?? 


After sending the "Re-post this letter" letter (link below) to all the NZ politicians this week, I want to figure out how to use the "Courtesy Notices" and send one to GE who I still have around $300.00 owing to. I want to tell them that they have been foreclosed on and that through the UCC filings, this debt has already been cleared on my behalf by the "One People's Public Trust".  It's my little test case.  It will be interesting to see what happens after that   : )

"Re-post this letter" links:

NZ politicians' e-mail addresses:

If it works, i'm keen for my land lady to send one in for the mortgage on her house...  (I get on well with her).  Wouldn't that be wonderful if her mortgage goes "Poof"...  into the ethers  : )   Then i'll think about other bills i'd "normally" pay...  My car rego is due...  Maybe i'll only pay for 3 months worth this time... Then i'll send in my "Courtesy Notice" to the NZ Land Transport Authority... Well... They are simply a corporate agent of a corporatized government who has only been recognising me in law as a "legal fiction".  I find this somewhat distressing to know that my OWN GOVERNMENT has not been recognising me as a "NATURAL HUMAN BE'ING" ... since I was "Lost At Sea" at the age of 7 because my parents didn't know that they should make a Will for me before then. My parents thought we were under "Common Law" not "Maritime Law" ... silly us !!!  I was deemed "Lost At Sea" since no Will was lodged on my behalf by age 7.  At that moment, I immediately become a "legal fiction", not a "Natural Be'ing" made by the Creator with rights of my own as a Created Be'ing. I became the property of the Corporate System... the Slave System as Heather (OPPT Trustee) calls it.  

I am offended actually.  It's very de-humanising...  and explains very well how "Government" departments and agencies treat people like they do.  All of the laws and policies under-girding these departments and agencies ARE DE-HUMANISING because they only view People as "Corporate Entities" ... And they confuse us because the "faces" of these departments and agencies ARE very nice people. They are employed in "Customer Services" roles because they ARE very nice. I used to be one of them. So we think we're speaking to "People", but in fact, we're not... We're speaking to "PEOPLE" which when written in capitals are nothing but another Corporate Entity. Those nice people (usually unwittingly) are only the masks that the Corporations are USING ~ including "Governments" which are Corporations, being Registered as such in Washington DC - with only 4 or 5 exceptions globally.

Corporations including Governments, are using NICE PEOPLE to cover up their deceptions. They are using NICE PEOPLE to get away with their lies !!  And they NEVER told us that we, "the People" are NOT human Be'ings, but only "Lost At Sea faceless Corporate Entities". 

This is appalling !!

This realization makes me feel sick actually. OK. I'm really wanting to learn about the "Courtesy Notices" now and start serving them whenever a bill comes in. Genesis Energy is about to get a surprise too.  I do believe that I won't be paying for my power this winter and forever after (June-). I wonder how that will hit them in the "bottom line" and in regard to the "Asset Sales" agenda here in NZ, if enough of us declare ourselves "Free" and demand under the "One People's Public Trust" to still be provided electricity and gas as is our HUMAN need. Our energy companies have been paid for outright many times over throughout the decades and always make a profit off the People's backs. Look at the "Exit Packages" those CEO's get !! Paid for many times over !!!  Genesis Energy was last year, Foreclosed upon under the UCC filings. We are No Longer in Debt to Anyone.  We Are Free !!


I'm starting to see   : )

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