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Transcript of Key Points: "The Morning Brew Show" 13 Feb 2013

2/13/2013 An introduction to (OPPT) One People's Public Trust with Brian Kelly

Published on Feb 17, 2013

Gwen Caldwell interviews Brian Kelly on the OPPT.

Brian Kelly's reply when asked what the One People's Public Trust is:

"The People's Public Trust has been set up on behalf of all of the people of the world to create the framework for the largest redistribution of wealth that humanity has ever seen." (6:50)

Some history of the One People's Public Trust:
  • Heather AnnTucci-Jarraf was a BAR attorney who realised that the systems that control our 'reality' were corrupt
  • Her intention was to expose the corruption by tracing it back to a 'starting point'
  • She allowed her own home to go under the foreclosure process
  • In doing so, she was able to follow the money and the paper-trail back to the 'perpetrators' of the corruption
  • It took around 4 months to a year
  • It was discovered that the amount and level of the corruption was so much more than they possibly could have imagined

"The Paradigm Report" is the detailed investigation of their discoveries ~

  • The conclusion: The systems were too broken and too manufactured that there was no way for them to be repaired
  • It was decided that these systems had to go all together
  • Through Heather's genius, she was able to work her way through the intricacies of the law...  
  • The Trustees came together and founded the "One People's Public Trust" (OPPT) which every person on the planet is a beneficiary to

On October 24 2012 through a filing in the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) the Trust duly foreclosed on the UN, the IMF, The Hague, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the United States of America Corporation and all other corporate country entities...

  • It's a matter of Law
  • It's a matter of Fact
  • It's a matter of public policy
  • It was unrebutted because it's unrebuttable
  • These filings can be found on the UCC
  • Because of that, this is now our reality
  • Where we are today is that not everybody knows about this yet
  • The movement that we're creating is a process and a system that's being put in place to help people understand that we are now free
  • All of the gold in all of the world has been secured and is in a safe place
  • Systems are being put in place to redistribute the wealth that have benefitted the few and impoverished the many 
  • The people of the world will have access to all of the abundance that is truely rightfully theirs

GC:  The United States is a corporation...  They are All private corporations.
         Are all of these now null and void ?
BK:  That's correct....

BK:  Some say the tyranny has been visible since the 1930's.

BK:  Things are happening fiercely and with a lot momentum in the background, but it's not out there yet  for the public to see

BK: We didn't become aware of the One People's Public Trust until 26-27 December (2012) last year...  they wanted it to be done before they came out.... there was a lot of 'hush-hush' [until they were ready].

BK: The world is lining up in unison to take back our freedom

BK:  It's all connected  (ref: NESARA, Prosperity Funds, St Germaine Fund, etc.)


BK:  Creation Value Asset Centers (CVAC).  There's one CVAC set up for each country in the world...  enabling the wealth of the world to be distributed. The CVAC's are already developed...  It allows for all of the wealth of the world to be distributed to all of the people equally.

BK: It's up to us to make the decisions for how this money is used. We all have equal access to the abundance that is rightfully ours.

GC:  All of the assests are in one place to be equally distributed to the people under the supervision and the guidelines of that Trust.

The "Courtesy Notice"

These are served on people who are trying to continue to make us debt slaves, via arrest, foreclosure, etc.

BK:  The world we are living in is an illusion, a construct...

"Absolute Data"

BK:  When Absolute Data is released, every lie that we've ever been told is gonna be pulled from the shadows and be brought into the light.

BK:  Everything is going to be OK.

BK:  There is a 'positive military' behind the scenes.

Attachment to money, freeing up of the money. "abundance"

GC:  All [that] money is, is 'energy' and a 'debt instrument' that has enslaved this country since at least 1913 with the creation of The Federal Reserve [privately owned, Bank].

GC:  Live the life you want...  live in abundance.

BK:  What people want is transport, housing, food, travel... to have freedom, abundance.  Google "Bashar abundance"

BK:  Exactly how this works is being decided as we go...  by design, by the ideas, by the intuition...  of the people. There is no hierarchy...  these things are being written as we go.

BK:  Hold the space for this reality to be true, because you create the energy that allows for this to manifest faster.

GC:  What do people need to be doing in order to participate ??

BK:   We are the value...  We are the Abundant Value

BK:   We're avoiding telling people what to do.  If you feel like doing something, do it.  We are One.  

BK:  Work on being in "service to others" rather than in "service to self"



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