Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Energy of the UCC Filings - Read Them Out Loud - Wow !!

This is very surprising, almost SHOCKING information...  !!!    The UCC documents that were filed by the OPPT Trustees are emitting a very HIGH ENERGY FREQUENCY.  The one that was noticed to have particularly high readings is on "Removing the Shackles" linked belowD's website...  Oh My Gosh !!

This is actually being picked up by an app. with a "magnetometer" on it.  When people started cutting and pasting this document or when they started printing it, the magnetometer went crazy. This does not happen with other 'normal' documents... control tests were done by the people who notice their apps go off. It  only  happened on the OPPT UCC filing.  Wow! Wow !!  WOW !!!

Here are the recommendations from Brian Kelly (OPPT communications/ spokesperson) now that this "Energy Spike" phenomena has been noticed by 2-3 people close to Brian:
"The POWER of words. The ENERGY of thoughts tied to those words........ This is why I always recommend that you read the filings out loud, and with your heart!! 
"Our Hearts are super sensitive detectors - able to read energy and relay that current to our selves. When we say "Do What Resonates With YOU", we are asking that you listen to your heart detector and you will KNOW what is truth and you will KNOW when something resonates with a great big "YES!" in your heart. 
"When you read these documents and your heart begins to pound and your chest feels like it's going to explode..... that because your heart is actually READING the energy of the documents! 
".....The energy surrounding us right now is at an unbelievable pitch. The anticipation is literally palpable, and the air is buzzing with the energy of change. Take a moment to sit back close your eyes and drink it in. 
"..... don't be surprised if you see yourself surrounded by a sea of blue, swirling and dancing around you. 
".............Oh we are going to have so much FUN !!!!!!! "   - Brian
Found on:

Original source:

OPPT Filing on "Removing the Shackles":

OPPT Filings:
http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/original-oppt-ucc-filings/    (24 filings)
http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-tool-complete/   (Eternal Essence filing)

OPPT Filings of interest:
The One People Secured
Declaration For Order of Reconciliation
Military Order

Magnetometer App:

Note:  *Magnetometer and Compass require iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 or iPad


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