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"The One People" Radio Show, 8/9 July 2013. With Transcript Notes.

Transcript Notes from today's radio show: 

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YOU are the Value, YOU are the Bank, YOU are the Business :)

Lisa - 05:30 It's been a busy week... It's ONLY been a week since Heather's update of the DOV (to release your Value) documents : )   06:10 Now is the chance to 'prepare' for the release of the documentation. 07:00 The 'energy' has cleared since the 'watchers' moved out next door to Heather. Heather has since produced 21 pages straight after this, editing it down into a smaller number of pages. 08:15 Heather won't release the papers until they are perfect and to her satisfaction : )

Chris - 09:00 Court updates... PLUS: A new show is coming up, called "The Re-Purposing" on Monday 10am Aussie time, Sunday 8pm US time. Chris and Scott will host the show. The aim is to discuss: "How do we get from here to where we want to go?" There will be different topics and speakers every week... to begin the burst of creativity... 

13:00-18:00 Chris and Lisa give an analogy on the irrelevance of money... 
18:30 A discussion with Scott Bartell and Uwe Schafer will commence shortly 
19:00 Chris described a bit about last week. Helen phoned Chris on Thursday last week... regarding Helen's appointments with a number of Mortgage Brokers. Uwe is an ex-financial services broker. 
22:20 Chris speaks to Uwe about his knowledge of corporatisation of governments and UCC-type processes including accepting 'promissory notes' during the time that he was working in Finance.
25:00 ie: At what level of 'role' does a bank employee find out about the 'secret' processes... Uwe was not entirely sure... But certainly is very high up... Possibly even above the Bank Managers' level... More comment on the banking system followed... 

31:00 Uwe: We need to REMAIN UNATTACHED to the outcome - ie: when we discuss the Value (DOV) with our banks.
32:30 Chris: Ultimately, when enough banks are realising what's going on, THEN the banks will begin to re-purpose itself... Softly softly approach required... It's a numbers game... ie: the more people who can get out to have these friendly discussions with their banks, the faster the banks will seek themselves to re-purpose.

37:25 Chris: It's important for all bits of information going out into the world to be consistent and in harmony with everything else : ) Particularly it needs to be in harmony with what Heather is putting out... Chris talks about having documents showing/ proving how much we are in hoc to the Federal Reserve (US privately owned). 41:00 We are all monetised...

42:45 Scott: While we wait for Heather to complete the documentation, this is a good time to really get a very good understanding of how these processes work.. Chris: The information may need to be adjusted slightly to suit that particular country... 
49:45 Lisa: On the Energetics... We have been in a phase for the last 3 months where there has been an influx of 'walk-ins' ... The light quotient on the planet has exceeded all expectations with the release of the OPPT filings. Those people who 'sit in the dark' are no longer being supported... They're experiencing a 'walk-in' process... which is the 'greater' part of themselves coming back into them and walking towards The Good, even to that person's detriment, such as arrest... 

70:30 Helen comes onto the show... She's had 5 appointments with banks at the end of last week - ANZ, NAB, CBA, a local Credit Union, City Bank... re: "Promisory Notes" and the "creation of money". It appears that bankers at this level, ie: Mortgage Brokers, just don't know how the process works, and they either denied or didn't understand what Helen was saying. Bob: If your bank gives a glib or unsatisfactory answer, ask them to show you what the process stipulates in their "Banking Regulations" or "Company Policy". 

83:30 Helen explains how the banks commit fraud on your mortgage documentation... 86:00 The money is being made from your signature, and they are monetising your signature... Let the banks know that YOU know. 88:50 The banks won't produce the documentation... because within the documentation, is the lie !! 90:00 Chris: The whole paper trail is never put under the scrutiny of the court. 91:55 Helen: The banks are using the excuse that they don't have to show the documentation because it's "commercially sensitive"... The court system is just a huge revenue-making tool... It's a business. 

94:00 Scott: There is an entity called, "The Constitution of Law Courts Limited" of New South Wales... Check out their "Company Objects", which sound very much like the objectives a bank would have, therefore, "Is it a court or a bank?" Chris: The court system is to settle accounts... Part of the game they play is to take property away and keep people under stress. 

97:00 Helen: If you're having troubles with your mortgage, ask the bank for a copy of the loan application forms... which they won't be able to do... Then put your complaint into FOS (Financial Ombudsman Services Ltd, Aussie & maybe elsewhere). This forestalls the bank's proceedings against you. 106:00 There were no reps. with the banks for Helen to speak to about Promissory Notes. She will now contact some investment companies to see they can address the Promissory Note questions. The suggestion is to pass the inquiry up through the Bank Managers and on to those who deal with Promissory Notes.

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