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Intentioning for the "New Zealander Stops Paying Alleged Mortgage"

Your help is NEEDED Please...

May I put a call out here for our brother and sister here in New Zealand.
Here is their Mortgage Release story...  They are in the final stages of the CN & Invoice process at this time, and are waiting for an outcome. For people new to the OPPT/ TOP material: Generally, this will be a silence and no further contact on the matter. Matter resolved.

I'm really feeling a lot of *heart* for this story.  I really want to get behind this couple and am making the invitation to you, wherever you are in the world, to come and join your energy and intention to get the final stages of this action which is happening here in Auckland, New Zealand, DONE !!  

Let it BE Done !!

My suggestion is that everyone who reads this Post and wants to join with me and others with this Intentional Action, simply visualise the alleged ASB bank abandoning the pursuit of this alleged mortgage any further, and let it BE DONE.

Who is joining with me in this intention ?? 


Let me get into a little background for people who might be new to DOing this Energy Work, but who are keen to participate in this   : )   My examples are taken from the 'health' area, and cite a couple of instantaneous healings. The same "Energy and Intentioning  Process" that we use to facilitate instantaneous physical healing also applies directly to the "Debt Remedy" process. The methods, feelings, verbal cues and physical feeling in your body, and the 'visioning' when you do this intentioning, IS THE SAME PROCESS...  And as you have probably already guessed, these methods can apply to anything in your life   : )   So what you learn here for this particular Action are tools you can take away and apply, and re-apply to any and all sorts of things that come up for you and the people around you   : )   It's a very sharing thing   <3

People may be tempted to think this is "The Secret", and you'd be right in a lot of ways...  but the "end mark" feels much different. The energy is less frenetic, less ego-centric...  The whole process is taken out of intellect and in to body.  It will feel different.  And it's certainly not all about 'getting' for me  ... but it's about 'manifesting' for the Greater Good, whatever that might look like at any given time.  Therefore, 'the circle' or 'the sphere' of influence has widened, compared to the fairly limited view as presented in The Secret, which tends to be all about "me"   : )  We know lots of phrases to the effect of, "What comes around goes around", and this is true. So be sure.  IF you are 'opening up', opening your heart to be able to do this 'work' for somebody else, a stranger, then you can be sure, that you are simultaneously changing things within your own environment and body (vibration) which will be automatically tuning in to the positive, as well  : )   It's a very giving thing  <3

These methods work for cancer ~ instantaneous healing, and these same principles will also work to bring about Debt Remedy. We have more resistance to receiving "Debt Remedy"... Afterall, wasn't it us that created that debt in the first place? Therefore, shouldn't we HAVE TO PAY... ???  as a kind of 'punishment' or a 'good lesson' ??   Well sure... as a 'moral' lesson, you probably ought to pay up. But this was never, not ever the intention, vibrational resonance or frequency that your bank or finance company was sending out when you signed on with them for your loan. So repaying any so-called 'debt' to them, is not a moral issue in this case. They did not make this loan to you to help  fortify your 'ethics', or to make 'a better person' out of you.  That was not THEIR intention.  Their intention was simply to screw you for as much as they can.  Afterall, it was the Debt Slavery system...  and it's wrong...  it's now been seen...  and the only solution for so many wrongs done is simply, "Debt Remedy".  

This IS the only options that banks now have...  to make it up to all of the humans who have been slaves under this modern system of banking and finance, for at least the last 200 years. The game is up.  The bankers are coming clean. They are wanting to clear their consciences so they can sleep well at night, once again.  The banks are very happy to provide Remedy. Nothing else gives the Bank Officers such a good feeling.  It's very addictive.  They are on a 'natural high' all the time, and can't wait for the next person to come through the door so they can bring them "Debt Remedy".  It fills the heart with delight !!  The "job" has never been so much fun !!


We see the body heal itself all the time. It is a natural, accepted, EXPECTED process for the body to heal itself, so instantaneous healing can be assimilated by our brain at some level. But it's not often that we see a finance company or a bank say to "customer" who has lapsed in their repayments, "There, there...  Doesn't matter... Let me fix that up for you so it's not such a worry or burden in your life."  Our "natural, accepted and EXPECTED" response to overdue payments needs to 'flip' and embrace the image of our bank managers smiling at us, and saying, "Oh, don't worry about that...  We can just draw a line through that document and it will BE NO MORE."   : )   In actuality, we very rarely, if EVER see this in practice, so yes, we have resistance to this.  But now, let's open ourselves to this possibility...  *breath in... breath out*    Relax.  Let's 
visualise this scenario...   
You are sitting across the desk of your bank manager...  He is smiling and takes some forms off you that you've been gripping in your hand.  He is looking at those papers, flicking through them....  Then he looks up at you and smiles...  and says, "No problem. I can deal with this."  He then starts tapping away at his computer keyboard and moves his mouse about. He reaches into the top drawer of his desk... and with a big smile on his face, takes out a large rubber stamp. The stamp is planted firmly on the front page of your loan document with a bit of a 'bang', for effect. You jump a little. The bank manager then signs off  next to the stamp, with his own signature, then adds the additional information, "Lending Officer".  It is done.  You will receive a letter of confirmation from head office in the mail...
*breathe in...  breathe out*
 Doesn't that FEEL good...  and 'natural' and 'normal'.  Good.

I will add some more "proofs" or "theory" of how this works... You've just received a 're-tune' to the possibilities...  You mind is now open to receiving this Good  : )   

btw. Don't worry about what your 'intellectual' brain is telling you right now.  Just tell it, "You are safe. You are correct, of course. But don't worry...  I am just playing a game...  Just for a little while."  If your intellectual brain won't stop jabbering at you...  just relax and think of something else.  Try this visualisation again tonight after you've had a nice hot shower, and you're tucked up all comfortable in your pyjamas  : )   You don't have to force anything.  It's all fine.  We are all at different phases along the way.  No judgement offered...  and please don't judge yourself for being in some way 'inferior' or 'wrong'.  That's simply a lie.  Just relax now... and try again a little later.

Here are a couple of very good examples of changing the quantum field to bring about manifestations of instantaneous healing.  Please enjoy these:

Cure all Illnesses in 3 minutes!!! Spread LOVE not HATE!!!

Uploaded on Dec 7, 2010

Gregg Braden - Quantum Healing of Tumour thru the Power of Though

Uploaded on Nov 7, 2010
Gregg Braden explains how the energy field of human emotions can manifest "miracles", whether it is healing or creating peace, when you apply conscious positive focus on what you want.

As an example he talks about a woman who had a 3" diamater bladder cancer who, by western medical standards, had been diagnosed as inoperable. She went, as a last resort, to a medicine-less hospital in Beijing, where they began simply by addressing the life-affirming ways that she could change how she was living her life, they taught her life-affirming ways to breathe and life-affirming ways to nourish her body, gentle movements to stimulate the energy centres in her body. She then underwent a procedure to remove it. Using a split-screen ultrasound monitor, the first showing a freeze-frame of her tumour, and the second showing real-time activity, three practitioners used energy work to facilitate the healing, which showed the tumour disappear within three minutes.

This is an excerpt from "Gregg Braden - The Science Of Miracles: The Quantum Language of Healing, Peace & Miracles".

Please also see my blog post entitled:  SPIRAL FRACTURE HEALED

It begins:  "I visualized the healing of a spiral fracture in my leg when I was a teenager...  It was instantaneously healed !!"   As you might be able to tell...  It's a good read  : )

Image source:

Gregg Braden's videos above and my spiral fracture healing experience verify that the Quantum Field behaves according to our Intentions... our Thoughts.  I hope you watched the videos and read my blog entry.  Please do this now before you continue reading   : )

Image source:

This stuff is TRUE. This is the POWER of Who We Are

To The People who are reading this post, let's put ourselves in the role of the "observer" in a quantum field experiment and visualise the alleged ASB bank and lawyers who are bringing these actions to our Friends in Auckland NZ, as stymied.  We visualise now that those lawyers and bankers have NO OTHER CHOICE  than to send this couple, a "Mortgage Release" verification. Let's visualise this outcome with this New Zealand couple, from THIS MOMENT.

Can we DO this please ??    : )

For a bit more background how the 'observer' effects the 'experiment', please Google:  "the observation problem quantum physics" and also "double slit observation problem" 

Affirming phrase:

We saw in the Gregg Braden videos that the three Chinese 'expert practitioners' used a very affirming "present tense" phrase when they were doing the healing with the woman who had the bladder cancer. I therefore propose that we all use a very similar phrase to help us, in a very AFFIMATIVE way, to INpower the visualisation that we read through earlier.  This is the phrase I propose we use.  If we can all use this same phrase all around the world as we send the vibration of our thought to Auckland, I think this will provide MAXIMUM SUPPORT to this couple    : )

It is !! It is !! It is !! 
Debt FREE !! Mortgage GONE !! 

Please repeat these phrases as a mantra so that we are all in sync   : )   Thank you  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

"Declare" and "Direct"

Can we please make a personal Declaration of the Action that we are now taking... that we: 

(1)  Stand Firmly with our brother and sister in Auckland right NOW 
(2)  that we understand that as the "observer", we are directing in the moment the quantum wave forms and particles that make up the quantum field.  We continue to "observe" these things as BEing DOne...  and SO MUST THEY BE !!  
(3)  that we, the Eternal "I" NOW Add our Energy and Direct our Thought to the above visualisation and mantra-affirmation ?? 

Thank you so much for your participation with me & us. This is how this stuff works. We need to DECLARE our backing, then DIRECT our intention. 

Here's my declaration. You are invited to write or verbalise your own declaration to join your energy and intentions with us for this particular matter.
"I" Bronwyn of the May* family "Eternal Essence Embodied" NOW declare that I back this Auckland Soul Family 100% in their pursuit of releasing themselves from the alleged bank mortgage that we read about. I now direct my attention to the bank officials and lawyers, that they be bamboozled and NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO as a next step. I envision that these agents of the Debt Slavery system see no other option than to DROP ALL PROCEEDINGS !!  I state as my mantra on behalf of my Family and Friends in Auckland, New Zealand, "It is !! It is !! It is !! Debt FREE !! Mortgage GONE !!" and I will continue to declare this as true whenever I am not using my mind for necessary tasks.

* This is not the name of my Strawman who would need to answer in a court of law. This is the name that is used by my biological family members.

Experiential update:

Update 4 July 2013

Last night as I was organising myself for work, I found myself repeating in my head, "It is !! It is !! It is !! Debt FREE !! Mortgage GONE !!" After a few times, I thought, "I'll do this out loud", which I then continued with for around 10 minutes... wash, teeth, organising food to take to work, etc... It felt really powerful !! And I DID hope that i'm not the only 'crazy person' out here doing this. WE ARE ALL Co-creators. I know i've co-created stuff very rapidly in the past when i've co-created with other people. Please let me know that you're doing this too... If you add a Comment below, I need to moderate first... so you will be able to have private contact with me by 'leaving a Comment'.  We Join our Energies together and very effectively, this thing IS DONE !! 

Who else out here is DOing this visualising with me and saying this mantra on behalf of our Friends?? Please let yourself be known  : )

Update 4 July 2013
Ongoing mantra... join with me:  "It is !! It is !! It is !!  Debt FREE !!  Mortgage GONE !!" 

Chinese Affirmation for bladder cancer:  San Hua...meh meh...   "It is Gone, It is Gone"

Gregg Braden, Cancerous tumor healed in 3 minutes

At 01:35 In regard to whatever your life situation is - 
"... It's a quantum possibility, and there are MANY possibilities... now we're going to choose another one... "

They [the Chinese healers] acknowledge What Is and invite a New Possibility... They're feeling the feeling AS IF another possibility has [already] occurred..."   ie: a past tense feeling. 

Arouse this feeling in your body/ mind:   It is already DONE !!  And It Is !! 

Thank you ALL so much, whoever chooses to participate  xx    Absent Limits.


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