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Bank Package #3: General. "Play" With Your 'Poker Face' On

This post is inspired by one of the women that i'm in a Facebook Group with.  Her experience lead me to think about 'playing' this game, as Heather often calls it, with our cards held well to our chest and with our 'poker faces' on firmly.  Of course, this is much easier to DO if we're not attached to the outcome.  We can take a leaf out of the OPPT book when they were lodging the original OPPT filings during 2011-2013.  I'm sure they had a goal in mind, but weren't sure what the outcome would really be nor what winding paths they would go down to get there... So they just went ahead and did it anyway.  

I think that's pretty-much the sort of 'firm intending' combined with having an open hand that we need to approach this process with.  Eckhart Tolle in "The Power of Now" talks about making a decision, or DO an action...  then you just leave it alone.  This gives the energies and entities the utmost freedom then to work on our behalfs.  If we keep 'poking' at it mentally with worry thoughts and so on, the energies and entities have to 'battle' through the wall of our thoughts first, before they can even start working on whatever the issue is.

Following are conversations from the last two days' discussions with a few people...

Image:  Bendigo Bank, Docklands, Victoria
Image source:

Bendigo Bank

Yesterday: on

Message from J.A.   
"This is the BENDIGO BANK PARRAMATTA response to request to meet after receiving the OPPT Flyer."

Good Afternoon J.

As per your below email could you please provide me with more information, where was this obtained from and when, and what information would you like discussed about this. 

We do not recognise the document presented. 
If you believe it has some legal basis I think it would be best seeing your solicitor for advice.

Thank you 

AN. Branch Manager 
Bendigo Bank, Parramatta Branch, 198 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
P: 02 8833 9800 I F: 02 8833 9850 I M: 0434 730 960
DATE 7.11.2013

Bronny NZ reply:  Thanks for this. It looks like pre-warning, ie: making an appointment and out-laying the purpose, may not be such a great strategy. I'm going to try cold calls this week and either just drop off the Foreclosure Flier, or if invited to a further 'walk-in' appointment, i'll use those Bank Foreclosure UCC's as back-up to the FF - that is: 

(1)  Commercial Bill 
(2)  True Bill
(3)  UCC Doc # 2012127914  (link here)

Note:  If you're still learning your way around go to:  OPPT Absolute:  OPPT Initial Investigation:  Original OPPT UCC Filings:  OPPT Commercial Bill UCC Filing or OPPT True Bill UCC Filing

Radio Show reference:

Conversations in The Raw: Banking Preparation for Accessing Your Value
Pull up a chair and listen in on a conversation in the raw I had with Helen Vita. We talk about the preparation work she has done with the mobile bankers in her area, Melbourne Australia, the next steps she will take infusing the system with the new banking energetics from the top and the bottom. And we talk about the importance of preparation and what we really are preparing for in making ready to access Our Value… Meeting ourselves.

I was thinking of this radio show when I woke up this morning...  What I wanted to highlight is that Helen Vita (a former bank employee) never told the Mortgage Brokers what she REALLY would be discussing with them. She told them that she was looking for some "extra funding" and got them to come to her home to discuss this, ie: as in a normal 'at home' appointment.

During the conversation, Helen began asking questions around people's savings and investments, and how the banks then lend this out at premium interest, discussion around derivatives lending, and then brought the convo. around to the monetisation of our signatures, then finally onto 'Bonds'.

It would appear that it's best to keep your cards very close to your chest until you get into the appointment, rather than lay all your cards out on the table even before you've got an interview.

As far as delivering the Foreclosure Flier, I think this can be done as an anonymous person... Then from the bank's point of view, they were delivered this mysterious flier one week, and here the next week, someone in an appointment starts to talk about the same sorts of things. Perhaps this is the way to go ??

Message from EG:  I was planning on putting all this paperwork together and mailing it to the CEO of the bank and their branch managers... Time is limited....  would this be a viable way of approaching them at first?

Bronny NZ reply:   I hate to disparage your idea, but I think it's best to go for the 'surprise attack' strategy. Please see J's experience on Aotearoa-NZ (OPPT) Group, link here:

Comment from LF:  "Know when to hold em", bring em in and up by level truth by innocence of sound inquiry to a plateau of undeniable prima-face' evidenced before them. Reminding them they are also us and have an opportunity to assist in changing the world like non other.

Bronny NZ reply: Aye ~ "Know when to hold 'em..." I think this is why i'm going to enjoy this 'game' so much LF. It's a 'theatre' ... just like the rest of the world's dealings... So you get to play with your 'poker face' on and enjoy the 'fun' as Heather and the others often talk about. I sure hope TOP like strategy games as much as I DO !!

LF reply:  It's sooo much easier to play the game when our minds hearts and souls are in sync to the jungle rules ...  I'm in !!  Ante up people !!  Let's play for sharing keeps !!

Bronny NZ reply:   Aye !!!

Here's some nice 'faery' and dance music to soothe one's soul whilst working on the UCC stuff.  Celtic: Middle-East fusion...  Nice UCC filing grooves  : )


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