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Discussion: "The One People's Transaction Centres" (OPTIC)

This is where the conversation 'flowed' to at the bottom of the Lakota/ Dakota bank discussion... People are still adding to this convo. and nutting out ideas, ideologies, the philosophy of what WE want as a "transaction" mechanism.  It's very interesting watching the weft and weave of ideas  : )   It's a very different process to the corporate process.  It feels very light and liberating ~  

Thread continues: Wednesday 18 July

JC:  A couple of years ago a business guy called Dave Fishwick became really fed up of the banking system and tried to open up a bank, a People's Bank. It was a nightmare for him but the people rallied around and supported him, he was threatened with chains, shackles an 40 lashes if he did. He was going to call it The Bank of Dave", eventually he did but was only allowed to open up a savings bank. You can find him on google for more info. But the best part was he was told that you needed a LICENCE to be a bank plus 2 million. The clue is in the LICENCE. All banks are owned my one bank and it is they that issue the LICENCE. Banking is a very secretive world full of dark rooms. I think I might take a trip to Burnley to see Dave.!

If you google the Totnes pound. It is a small town in England that started to print it's own money and has been very successful. About 5 other towns have all joined in. Check it out. My idea last week or so was for us to print our own money called the DoVe with a dove bird as the emblem. We could have transaction centres to exchange the value for cash (DoVe) to trade with. and cash machines. I think I will go to see Dave.

SMP:  You are the bank now. When you go to the bank you are the value. It is ten billion. You underwrite your bond.Which is what the banks have been doing all along just not telling you. Get it??  Your signature on any of their paper has given them access to your value and forced you to pay them for a so-called loan.  It is a matter now of letting them know the buck is up.

JC:  I do not want to touch banks. However, we need to access cash to begin with. My idea of the Dove note can be used as a tool to start us off until we sort the word currency problem out. All we need to do is use it as a tool to buy and sell.

SMP:  If you hang in Gary Carlyle Cook you will not have to lift a finger. As Heather said it will happen in a twinkling of an eye.
JC:  The banks that we know should only ever be a transaction centre to exchange our value to obtain cash so we can use it. They will ask for a fee, it has been suggested 10%. That's way too high for me. No depositing value into banks, that's a definite no no.

SMP:  Agree JC. They will be Transaction Centers Only cause there will be no need to pay anyone a fee. Everything will be digital. No workers as such.

JC:  I think Gary is on the same drift, a new system is almost certain. Einstein stated "to start a new system you must first remove the old one" or something similar.

SMP:  Yes and this is what the One People are doing if anyone is paying attention.

JC:  I'm sure Heather has a plan worked out. But we like the idea of our own money. And, it's legal to do it. (is theres such a thing as legal anymore?)

SMP:   It will be your own money? What are you saying? Heather's plan is that all will have their own value that no one can steal. It is up to you who you want to contract with. Caleb's Project will free anyone who does not want to transact with the banks.

JC:  Savinia That video is really good. The Courtesy Notices are similar.

SMP:  The word legal is a bank and corrupt court term. The only thing that makes anything the Cabal does legal is your signature which is your consent to their terms or contract. But it is not "Lawful"  ... no one was promised ten billion. In fact what was said is that ten billion is your share of all the world resources. It is your natural borne inheritance. We created government to share our resources fairly amongst the people. But they hijacked it through your birth certificate. The name on your birth certificate belongs to them instead of being a birth registry it is their Slave Roll. Whenever you sign with that name you consent to being their slave and give them your value to do with what they want. This is why Heather is saying if you sign anything tickets, contracts, whatever you also write "without prejudice" beside your name. This takes away their authority over you.

JC:  I agree, we need to be cautious. Project X111 is a platform. I understand it will be similar to face book where you will have your own page. It is not connected to I-UV Inchange but is one of the tools you can use to access it, just like your mobile. I guess we need to sit and wait to see what happens. I'm sure Heather has all this organised.


SMP:  Actually the original hijackers of the financial system was the VATICAN. They are also responsible for all of the corruption in the world.  YOUR NAME PUTS YOU ON THE SLAVE ROLL

Dean Clifford - Making it Simple (Part 2)
Dean Clifford speaks in Chilliwack BC educating the power of knowledge. Once you know what's going on - game over for the bad guys. The good guys win again! ...

JC:  Absolutely correct. Look up Kevin Annett, he served a writ on the last pope that's why he resigned. Accused him of child trafficking, satanism and refusing to hand over the accusations of rape, abuse on young children etc committed by the priests in the Catholic Church. There's lots more revelations about money laundering etc. They also house most of the gold and possessions, money etc that they stole off the Jewish people during the WW2. They raped their bank accounts. That's why they had to kill them all. .

What OPPT did was give the power back to the people. That is it. So what is not to agree with? We can do something now about it all or not. It is individual choice....  If the people don't heed the info then they loose. No one to blame but self!  ... Educating. And that is what OPPT is. Nothing else so it is impossible that it is a scam. We each just need the appropriate approach so no one gets hurt...  Only difference is the OPPT UCC Filings are now LAW.  All are personally liable under the Law and no more scapegoats or extortion. To IN-force the Law we also must set up Common Law Courts this is the main thing people need to do.

We are organizing to establish a Common Law Grand Jury in all 3,141 counties in the United States of America, if you chose "Yes I would like to be a county organizer", your name and phone number will now appear on our State leaders page. If you decide at a later time that you would like to be a county organizer call J.  We are organizing to establish a Common Law Grand Jury in all 3,141 counties in the United States of America, if you chose "Yes I would like to be a county organizer", your name and phone number will now appear on our State leaders page. If you decide at a later time that you would like to be a county... 

National Liberty Alliance
Welcome to National Liberty Alliance meet-up the purpose of our meet-up is to facilitate and unite the people and to take back the Republic by becoming jurist and committeemen and learning how to think

Find Meetup groups near you - Meetup
Find Meetup Groups in Menlo Park, CA, us


LF:  Unlimited liability and full responsibility as it should naturally be. The filings are law un rebutted and have supreme standing. Join in or stay stagnate.. Rise beyond doomsayers into real liberty of heart mind and soul.



MH:  Money has the VALUE based upon whatever people agree it's worth. A DOVE can be worth whatever we agree it's worth. Just as the value of a dollar is determined by what people agree it's worth. We Can Grow Our Own Banks

MH:  Description: Individual states are adopting measures to produce their own independent banks. This idea will arise from the coming massive budget cuts required in order to make up for large shortfalls in federal funding support in 2012. Economically it will behoove the states to stand on their own in this crisis created by the greed of banksters and corporations; the top 1 tenth of the 1 % who 's kleptocracy has reached sociopathic proportions. They like the Dogs of War will have to be brought down and chained or put down for the good of all concerned about a sustainable future for humanity.

Example of states creating their own banks:

Public Banks are ...
• Viable solutions to the present economic crises in US states.
• Counter-cyclical, meaning they are capable of reducing the negative impact of recessions, because they can make money available for local governments and businesses precisely when private banks decrease lending. 
• Potentially available to any-sized government or community 
able to meet the requirements for setting up a bank.
• Owned by the people of a state or community.
• Economically sustainable, because they operate transparently according to applicable banking regulations
• Able to offset pressures for tax increases with returned credit income to the community.
• Ready sources of affordable credit for local governments, eliminating the need for large “rainy day” funds. 
• Required to promote the public interest, as defined in their 
• Constitutional, as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court
... and are not
• Operated by politicians; rather, they are run by professional 
• Boondoggles for bank executives; rather, their employees are
salaried public servants (paid by the state, with a transparent pay structure) who would likely not earn bonuses, commissions or fees for generating loans.
• Speculative ventures that maximize profits in the short term, 
without regard to the long-term interests of the public.

MH:  Perhaps these Public Banks would be more approachable?

MM:  Just for clarity, who had the original idea to call the declarations of value 'doves' ? A great idea According to the above posts, it looks like Dan did..or was it June ?

MH:  Should the US Dollar suddenly lose more of its Value, the States would have their own banks to create their own currency (the value of which) would be based upon a committee majority vote.

DA:  Chris Hale mentioned it in passing on a show once, and I've been signing off with it on all of my correspondence for about 13 years or so, so when I heard him say it I started dancing around and am hoping we make it all stick lol. Doves and gratitude! X-)

WS:  Declaration of Value and Declaration of Deposit were coined by Heather in a blogtalk

MH:  Each state would have it's own Doves valued at whatever it is decided upon for that State. Exchange rates for Doves could occur when purchases for goods and services are made state to state, or when traveling state to state.

DA:  Mark, are there any local currency models in the US that you are a fan of? I know there are numerous ones out there in use, and have been for years....  None, I am aware of. Although, vouchers or stamps, such as valued stamps or vouchers have been in use for many decades. The Dove could act as either.  Allotments of Doves based upon Value in a market environment would - for the time being, while other currencies prevail - be based upon agreed upon value of the Doves.

MM:  Thanks Walt I was aware of that..just wondered about the idea of naming a new currency for The One People called 'Doves' I still have not had a couple hours of free time to catch up on last night's show..a really wonderful Idea Dan ! The symbolism of the dove for peace and prosperity is fitting on many levels.

MH:  As Gandhi said, “When the people lead, the leaders will follow.” We the people can beat the Wall Street bankers at their own game, by moving our legislators to set up publicly-owned banks that create credit using the same banking principles that are accepted as standard and usual in the trade by bankers themselves.

MH:  What do YOU deem a DOVE is worth???

WSJr:  The ever present NOW suggests that a DOVE may be worth one DINAR

GT:  I think Bond isn't the term we want to use. It is bondage all over again! DOV...yes! Deposit of value! DOVE...Deposit of Value Energy?

WSJr:  No, you do not need to be a resident of N. Dakota, you may open an account with Free Lakota from any country. We should not assume that Lakota is immediately responsive to our new found value, however the state of N. Dakota differs from the other 49 in that the banking system does not adhere to the stifling practices commonly associated with the Fdr Resv system. There are other options.
Declaration of Value (DOV).

We don't need to reinvent the wheel, just connect with others who are already out in front of us and simply bring our new information from the last six months to them

LF:  DOVE is deliciously righteous! I agree no reinventing the wheel as Dan Alvin spoke, yet the drivetrain needs tlc, a suspension upgrade to handle any standard terrain isn't BEyond DOing. As Bronny NZ is "gathering" an sharing we should follow suit in unison.... Did doves ever carry messages like the carrier pigeons I wonder? . Hmm

MH:  Yeah, that's the idea! To create a currency of value determined by a consensus of agreement on the value. Since it is a common practice to do so - community banks could be established that issue no debt, but only the elected value currency of the #OnePeople's choice. Should a majority of community citizens elect to create a local currency, they would impact the economy of the entire community through the savings created by that new debt free currency. That would begin an adoption of that model in every region. Thus, the intent is to demonstrate that value exists in what we deem valuable for goods and services. We stand for our own value and control our own valued currency.  Standing Value...or Value of good Standing

MH:   It occurs to me that companies that agree to accept the new currency would prompt other companies to do the same. All local businesses would soon adopt the currency as well for goods and services while still accepting standard FRC = Fiat Reserve Currency.

WSJr:  "Dove" to identify a unit of value is positively brilliant and deserves priority consideration, in my opinion.

MH:  Henry Ford once said, “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

WSJr:  The revolution is active. They just won't televise it.

DA:  doves and carrier pigeons are indeed aviary brethren, Leonard Adds even more depth to the linguistic and symbolic ethos of the proposed currency -- good call!

DA:  Plus pigeons are ubiquitous and overlooked, easily accessible, right in front of your face lol...  marrying the pedestrian and downtrodden (scorned, even), to the noble and elevated -- the pigeon and the dove....

BNZ:  Hahahaha.... You guys gave me good laughs Are there 4 Pigeons in a Dove ?? Pigeons might come in rather handy for smaller items.   It might be a Dove to buy a loaf of bread off my neighbour, but a pigeon to get the 4 ounces (125 gms) of butter to go with it.  Well... "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", right ???   lol !!

Additions: 17 July 2013

AK:  Ok after spending an hour reading this nail biting thread I think the symbol of the Dove is incredible. Spiritually it represents peace and freedom. It could be used in all aspects of the holistic changes about to take place. But, I have to agree with Savinia's words. Creating a new currency could leave future generations back to what we are trying to change. I can honestly see everyone's intentions are incredible and is so amazing to watch but still feel that to keep everything stable we have to exchange a real form of value like Silver, Gold or our DoV. This can never be misinterpreted, modified or used against any of us ever again. The Bank of Dakota is trading silver because IT IS VALUE in itself. Yes, maybe call the new receipts of that gold and silver the Dove receipt or note.

MH:  Hologram DOVe on plastic already flown...

AT:  Thanks to S. for posting the clips on Dean Clifford. He certainly through DOing and believing in himself has Canada by the short and curlies.  There seems to be two freedom movements in all of is creating a new supportive banking system and the other is knowing our rights and getting our true freedom back from the corporate Governments. We need support here in the UK for both sides but I'm personally more interested in getting my power back from the UK government. So if any of you live close to London I'd be keen to gather thoughts and actions.

DA:  AT, retiring the DOV when it is no longer serving its transitory purpose would be great for the collective legacy of the global populace, I think, wouldn't it? I'm more than eager to embrace a reality without any abstract representation of worth/value necessary, I just don't think most of humanity is there yet -- I could be wrong, of course. We could all change in the twinkling of an eye 

BNZ:  Yes DA. I was feeling this too when AT. was talking about the 'real value' being in the gold and silver. I mentally refer back to convos. we've had about "I AM the Value". If I want a cup of coffee and ask the silver coin sitting on my table to make it for me, will it happen ?? No. Of course not. If I ask my spouse? No. Of course not (just joking) !! But you get the picture. The silver is only a representation of what we already ARE - WE ARE the VALUE. When I present myself anywhere and DO an ACTION, I AM the VALUE. On this computer screen that i'm typing on, I AM the VALUE. Am I getting paid for participating in this discussion group?? No. Do I ADD VALUE ?? Yes. When I do my 'paid' job, I AM the VALUE (by boss is ripping me off btw. but at least i'm a Conscious Slave now). Whenever I play music with my mates and provide entertainment for other pub-goers, I AM the VALUE. The flute won't play itself... even though the 'silver' value on it is around 50 Troy ounces. That means nothing until a musician picks it up and blows into it. I AM the VALUE... not the flute which has a silver-value equivalent, but apparently, not me 

Sorry if I started ranting too much... but I agree so much with what Dan is saying that our new DOVE (Declaration of Value Eternal) transaction tool can simply be "backed" by a number in a computer, ie: our 5 Billion/ person,  At least until people "make the shift" and realise that accumulation of wealth/ 'working hard' is only about ego and fear. If people globally have nature's-own food, clean water, clean air, a nature's-own shelter, natural fibre clothing, warmth (just like my 2nd grade teacher taught me away back in 1967 !! - but without the necessary adjectives that I have to add now) ... and safety, friendships and a 'life purpose', we would all be abundantly happy with this simplicity. If a man lives near an ocean and enjoys fishin, give him a boat and a few mates, and let him share the fish to the community. If a woman loves skiing, give her a mini-bus and the neighbourhood teenagers and send her off to the mountain. 

WE ARE the VALUE It will ALL BE Alright !!

AT:  I can see what you both are saying and yes, these representations of value are just that, representations! That true value is YOU and can never be anything outside of that. But I think part of my statement was about keeping that representation stable and incorruptible so therefore the avoidance for more paper currency. The question all of us, including me, is asking... How do we exchange that value energy? As Dan says, are we ready to exchange energy without some representation of sorts? If not then silver or Gold not another paper note regardless of what it's called.  This is a process of mental and spiritual evolution for all of us. 

But what I'm liking is this discussion and therefore ask B. to give a real life example of how an exchange would work without a currency of some sort..... Maybe between a woman who's skill is to knit jerseys then requires a house built. Is it fair the builder gets a Jersey for his intensive hard labour? Are the exchange of energies balanced? How would this exchange work if we have to truly exchange our value?

BNZ:  Hi there AT. Thanks for the questions. You know I don't 'have the answers' but I just let the answers 'flow through me'.  We all have the capacity to "know" what the answers are - simply by "reaching" into the etheric realm/ akashic realm/ collective consciousness (however you want to term it), which is made up of all the thoughts of people and events from all ages. No thought or action is lost. You know the answer to your question A. You don't have to go too far to find the answer to the scenario you've set up:

"Habitat for Humanity" gives us the template for building a home. It's a community effort. We ALL work for each other's benefit out of the love in our hearts for each other. Since we don't go to work to line the pockets of 'da man' any longer, we have plenty of time to help each other with our larger projects. 1 or 2 master builders and a dozen hammer hands will make short work of the job.  Everyone has an enjoyable pleasurable experience. The master builder will undoubtedly have a personal or other crisis at some point (this is life), so the community around him will attend to his needs if/ when they arise... even if it is finally, to look after him in his old age...  And what an honour it would be to look after the aged master builder who built so many houses within that community... Much Love extended. "Money" can't compare with genuine human affection for somebody...  Or perhaps you still prefer the current model of 'the old folks' home'/ Retirement Villages A. ?? 

"Money" is only about "keeping score".  But for so many, this 'game of monopoly' can only end as THAT... A Monopoly where someone else wins. Because for many people, the VALUE of themselves that they share into the community has NO monetary value... A Grandmother holding and settling her unsettled Grandchild for 2 hours while the baby's mother gets some sleep... A person who shares their great sense of humour and love of life with everyone around them and who needs 24-hour support to care for them physically. This sense of humour has NO monetary value... But it has VALUE !!  Right ??  So you see what I mean ?? 

Applying the old money paradigm of 'trade' can not be carried with us into our New IN-change paradigm. If we DO carry the Old philosophy about 'trade and exchange' with us into the New reality, we remain in exactly the same place as we were in 2012 and have made NO Shift. 

The Shift encompasses ALL of our life... including the willingness to apply principles of trade and exchange that are rooted in 'giving' and 'sharing'. If I am able-bodied or able-minded or otherwise talented, I share and give from that abundance to the people around me who may not have these gifts. I can't exchange my gifts equitably if I am bound to using a system of paper or metals exchange (ie: money), because I also want to share my gifts with the person who has the great sense of humour who may not have the paper at their disposal to pay for my services... And even if they are humourless, I would want to share my gifts anyway.  So you SIMPLY take away the paper/ metals, and DECIDE to GIVE 

It's a fundamental internal paradigm shift in your OWN thinking A. It's not a question that can be satisfied by 'externals', only by our own 'internal' process. Are you ready to give up the game of monopoly ??  ... and just give ?? 

BNZ:  btw. A.... This is the intent in heart that we go into this new exchange-relationship with. There needs to be an intermediary step first... because the Whole World is up to its neck in thinking that paper/ metals exchange is the ONLY way, so we will very likely need a transitioning tool. That's what the banking minds here are DOing. I know very little about this sort of stuff... so i'm following the convo. with interest. But i've held in my mind the images of exchange without "payment" per se for a couple of decades now.  It's so good to see my 'dream' is probably going to realise itself before my time here on terra firma draws to a close 

Also:  The only representation is ME ... so I could make an Oath to those I Share and Exchange with that I remain as stable as possible and act ALWAYS with incorruptible intent. We are exchanging "that value energy" right now in this conversation A  ... there's infinite ways of exchanging  : )

GT:  Yes Dear, the portal is through the Heart space. Only through love and acceptance of what is, can bring forth the transformation that we as One are seeking.

SMP:  I think this may be closer to what we need, just have to introduce them to OPPT:

JC:  Here is my response to this earlier post:
I think this may be closer to what we need, we just have to introduce them to OPPT.  
I just don't see how combining the old system of banking and the new system can work together. Please someone tell me why do we need banks. What for? There will be no loans, no credit cards, no mortgages, no shares, why do we need banks. Will anyone be depositing their VALUE into a bank ??  NO.  I certainly won't.  People only want to operate banks to make profits and more profits. It's the same girl in a different pretty dress. I just can't seem to see how they would fit in. WE will be our own bank. The only reason we will NEED banks is to obtain a tool (cash) to buy items, until the world is fixed and in a place of sharing. It's a simple system. Government, businesses, organisations will have their own systems of buying and selling. WE do not need banks, just a place (Transaction Centre) to turn our value into cash. The documents that Heather will release is a tool that we can trade with without the need to turn it into cash. 

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