Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Getting Started # 6: "All Debts Erased"

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"All Debts Erased"
- by Colton Bach-oppt

Used with permission. Links have been updated from the original.

All debts ERASED! 

The "One People’s Public Trust" 
Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and 
Governments for Operating Debt Slavery

February 17, 2013 at 3:10pm

Here is a real working process by which WE THE PEOPLE can reclaim our power and put an end to the illegal and criminal corporate governments that are posing as governments, their illegal and privately owned banks and courts. 

There is information that applies to Cops [the police] as well as information that teaches you how to get the I.R.S. [tax department] off your back very easily!

Know your rights and learn how to peacefully and legally be set free from a corrupt system.

Beginners guide:

The "I Am the Universal Value" website  (formerly

Open Forum for people all over the world using OPPT to fight the criminal courts!

You are a slave, born into a Rothschilds system of slavery.

The powers that were are taken to court in South Africa:

Australia Northern Territory officers being served Courtesy Notices: 

Validity confirmations from the people.

What is the OPPT?

How to give a courtesy notice to your debtors that legally erases all of your debt!

Courtesy Notice Guidelines Video

CVAC Visualization


I.R.S. partial segment:

Other videos and articles of interest:

(more info. for the US Corporation on the link below)

Original source:

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