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Prospects of Approaching the Lakota Bank or the North Dakota Bank

The idea of negotiating with the Lakota Bank to deposit our Value with them was tabled yesterday during the 2nd half of The One People's radio show.  There were a range of different understandings about the bank, so it was decided that further discussion needed to take place.  Chase kicked the ball of by posting the following on Facebook.  The People's replies follow:

CB:   I spoke to the Lakota bank. The guy was really nice. They only deal with silver. There is a Lakota mint, like a third party that will exchange other currencies for silver and deposit for you, but the bank doesn't use dollars.  I explained to him how banks create money with the "borrower's" signature, and he said "Yep thats exactly what they do." So I told him our plan to simply deposit that value instead of pretending it's a "loan". He recommended we go through the Lakota mint and exchange our "bond" signature for silver. Or we can use the OPPT filings in some way, since the value is securitized there as well. He wants to work with us, so we're going to keep in touch. Before I hung up the call, I said Have a good day! And he replied, "You too brother."

Anyone want to collaborate? What to DO next?


DA:  ... I sort of assumed the response would be positive lol -- they tend to have an inherent understanding of how the system is completely rigged and illusory, of course

DK:  I think they said last night on The One People show that the bank will deal with anyone anywhere, not just US


VC: Here are all the independant banks - probably only in the US.

CB:  I'm posting because we can really get this moving. It's not going to move itself. The next step could be negotiating with the mint to accept a "bond" or use the OPPT filings to show the silver is held in trust for the one people to use.

JD:  What is this bond??? It sounds like there is already a process for depositing value as a bond and then converting that into something else. WE should get that info and then we can investigate that instrument and see if it is in fact a conversion of value or just a dressed up Loan or PN.... IMO this is the next step...

DA: call them "doves" and not "bonds," perhaps, at least in casual conversation with whomever you spoke with, Chase, see if they dig that lol  "Declarations of Value!"

NL:  This is great news! One step in the right direction!  But I must say that, I do not want to change my value for silver (or any other stones etc).  I, we ALL, ARE the value. There is no need for any "things" to represent that value.

CB:  Yep, DOVes

FR:   I was thinking last summer to ask for Lakota citizenship since they are not involved with Wash D.C. Now that is great news, but a lot of details come to mind already, since they do not work with USD$, that wight mean if One gets a loan in Silver, he would need to sell it, exchange it for currency or trade it...
TM:  I as many others have written the bank. Yes they do deal in silver. Silver is bought and stored for deposits, withdrawals sell the silver. "interest" accumulates in silver. I am a bit wary of "ex"changing my value for silver. However these guys seem to want to deal. What will shake out.

CB: The thing is, we are infinite value, so if you invest your value/energy in silver, it's not like you could lose it.

JD:  has the "right of it" we are infinite value, you are constantly exchanging your value for other "things, ideas, energies, etc."  IMO it is the energetic component of converting absolute Eternal Essence in full transparency into a representation of value which is so important. The form of that representation has effects/affects but the message is clearly sent "this is not a loan, i am not repaying you, i am NOT contracting to provide my labor as repayment - I am converting my infinite value into a limitation for use as I see fit"

DA: Ultimately it shouldn't matter if it's silver or free-floating digits in a database, but we are in a way-showing mode, are we not? There is a need for measured steps and a transition phase, however brief it may be, imo Hard, historically recognized assets pegged to value are more than likely going to be a phase in the liberation process, as far as I can estimate (although I wish it weren't necessary, of course lol).

OT:  Ellen Hodgson Brown' s book concerning the debt system came to me the other day via an e-mail. Ellen also talks about the banks in North Dakota and that state being the only one having surplus. Yesterdays show also talks about this. Love when the synchronicity strikes...

DA:  Imo, most "mainstream" financial folks will likely need to conceptually revisit the end of the Bretton Woods system in the early 70s (final collapse in '73, the year I was born) -- if even for a few moments, weeks or months -- before they are able to leap ahead into where we have all been with the OPPT/IUV since December/January. Temporarily returning to hard assets at least begins the conversation about what value really is, anyway, and necessitates the biggest question: how is it assessed and allocated to begin with? We have an entirely new answer to that question, of course

CB:  On 7/16/13, at 12:53 PM, GC wrote:  Hi Bob! Are you online?
I need to talk to you ASAP! I'm just now listening to last nights archives and I am freaking out!!! Free Lakota Bank is BS> The guy who is behind this used to live in my house...I know him very well. He is a crook and has warrants for his arrest. This is craziness!!! RM absolutely separated himself from Free Lakota Bank and it's founder DM Sr aka Canupa Gluha Mani

CB: I'm not sure what's going on, but we'll keep investigating.

DA:  North Dakota State bank is also a great option to approach, due to precisely what Oliver posted above. They are "off the grid" and always have been. . . .

DA:  I meant "Bank of North Dakota" 

DD:  Maybe we should all get together and create our own bank

DB:  Anyone calling the North Dakota banks yet, or just waiting for others to do it?

CB: According to Gwen, the guy who started Lakota is not trustworthy by any means. There is no actual bank, just a PO Box.

DMM:  lets continue to call and speak to these banks and confirm that they want to work with us

DA:  This is a great testament to team vetting, regardless, lol, with most of the accolades going to Chase and Gwen in this case. It only took an hour to analyze the lead provided from that caller to last night's show and determine whether or not it was worth pursuing. Excellent, Chase! U iz a star -- gratitude for sharing your DOing with us! I'm hopefully off the computer for a bit and into the sunshine...later everyone!

RR:  Great post Oliver, thanks. How about a TOP bank in every "State" world-wide.

CB:  I never meant to say "this is the ticket". I only told how the convo went.  It's the right mindset though, the feeling that we are SO on our path (we are SO here).

RR:  Yes and I feel we will be conversing with Bank of North Dakota sometime soon. I think I heard that Seraph G. El spoke up stating he knows one of the directors on the Board.

MH:  Justin writes: "the message is clearly sent "this is not a loan, i am not repaying you, i am NOT contracting to provide my labor as repayment - I am converting my infinite value into a limitation for use as I see fit".  To me that is a start of the confusion of talking to a bank manager or account specialist.  Redeeming "value" will only be defined as money, gold, silver, etc., by the banks.  Duane Martin SR is not a bad person, he has been in trouble in the past for challenging the Pine Ridge Reservation council for abuses by the tribal council to families, elderly, and children.

JD:  Another point. A loan is a contract, wherein the bank "lends you money" and then you "work to pay it back" - in any contract there is value being exchanged between two parties.  In the present Paradigm, we the borrowers are a party to the contract, for which we bring nothing to the table; the vast majority of the "bankers" at bank manager level dont even acknowledge that what your bringing to the contract has value, your infinite value.

Therefore, we can understand all of this in terms of contracts, Express the loan as a contract 'my value of labor for 30 years' in exchange for 'your bank credit' - In the new system 'my infinite value' in exchange for 'your bank credit' - The big difference to a banker is that our infinite value has not been defined or "underwritten" by a evaluation process to determine "what its all worth." This latter process is what the banks do to 'underwrite our value' or ensure we can 'repay the loan' They check your credit history, debt to income ratio, etc. But how can a banker do this now? How can a banker put forth a contract if one of the parties to the contract cannot secure the value to ensure it is binding?? This is hopefully what Heather is addressing now.

The conceptual issue here is that a banker sees your value expressed as a repayment capacity, and if bankers cant see your value in that light, they cannot "see the forest for the trees" as such our challenge at present is to PROOVE or UNDERWRITE our infinite value as an exchange in such a way that your average banker can CONTRACT with you where in his eyes there are parties BOTH bringing value to the table. Right now, we have BEings walking into banks with "nothing to offer" because bankers cannot understand or "underwrite" your infinite value, there normal process of evaluation is turned upside down.

CKP:  my humble opinion: i think the creation of a bank of value is a must because 1. i can't trust a bank if all the banks were declared foreclosed and illegal, 2. how can i use my value in everyday life to buy what i need to live?

SMP:  NOTE: NO BANKS in North America are detached from, not aligned with, nor not chartered through the Federal Reserve. ALLLLLLLLLL banks in North America are Federal Reserve driven (including all canadian banks, and all Credit unions and all small mom and pop banks) . This is fact. Any bank trying to represent themselves - right now- as being free from the Fed are not being transparent.

[8:23:41 AM] D Breakingthesilence (aka. Removing the Shackles): I checked into several First Nations "sovereign" banks, and all of them were working through Switzerland.... which is chartered through the Swiss Central Bank, which is a Federal Reserve bank. What I don't understand is why we don't just educate the bank tellers and managers of their value and how to access it and let them take it up with their owners??? Wait until Heather produces the appropriate documents and Caleb puts up the new platform.

BNZ: Please check out BKS. Comment: "I spent a little time researching different 'instruments' this morning, and from what I found, the best approach would be a "personal line of credit" as opposed to a bond, letter of credit, etc. With the deposit of our DoV, the PLoC would be underwritten by us, for the bank, with their 'discount' (commission)."
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